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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Soundtrack Deluxe Edition Revealed

Solo: A Star Wars Story poster


John Powell, the composer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, has revealed that a deluxe edition of the film’s soundtrack is on its way via a post on Instagram including #MakeSolo2Happen.


The album is called Solo: A Star Wars Story (The Deluxe Edition) and will be arriving November 2020, so fans of the film’s score won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it. It will contain over two hours of unedited and original music from the film, so fans will get to experience the score in its original format.



The original soundtrack was released back in 2018, shortly after the film was released, so this announcement is a pleasant surprise. In addition to the music composed and adapted by John Powell, the soundtrack will also include the Han Solo theme and original Star Wars music by classic Star Wars maestro John Williams.


John Powell also confirmed in the post’s comments section that the track ‘Chicken in the Pot’ – the song played by the band in Dryden Vos’s barge – will be included on the soundtrack, as well as ‘Imperial March’ in a major key. He also confirmed that the ‘Duel of the Fates’ adaption will be included.


It doesn’t appear that the soundtrack will be getting a physical release anytime soon, but it will be available to buy digitally and on digital streaming services when it releases in November.