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New ‘Lego Star Wars Holiday Special’ Coming to Disney Plus

Disney+ is planning to pay homage to the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, which premiered on CBS November 17, 1978, by releasing a new version exactly 42 years later, featuring some of our favorite characters in Lego form. USA Today is reporting that this new project, called The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, will reunite beloved characters like Rey, Poe, and Finn, to celebrate Life Day, a holiday introduced back in the original Holiday Special. It will be 45 minutes long.


Executive producer Josh Rimes confirmed to USA Today that they wanted to “give a wink and a nod to the original,” and that it was inspired by beloved holiday movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Christmas Vacation. He also teased that it will bring back some of our favorite actors from Star Wars to voice their characters, though he did not confirm any names.


The story will take place after last year’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and when it comes to the plot, here’s what we know:


Rey and droid pal BB-8 head off on a quest to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force, but their visit to a mysterious Jedi Temple sends them careening through time and space. Rey interacts with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and other characters in some of the franchise’s most beloved moments, as they try to return in time for a Life Day feast with her friends on Chewbacca’s Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk.


Rimes went on to emphasize that this new Holiday Special is nothing but a celebration of the saga, and will have many characters from different timelines interact with each other, and maybe even different versions of characters at different ages. This part is very interesting – could we see a conversation between Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker? Could we even see a Last Jedi‘s Luke talk to Return of the Jedi‘s Luke? That could be interesting and even cathartic for some fans (and infuriating for many others). What if we had a conversation between Padmé and Leia? The possibilities are endless, and just thinking about it reflects on the tragedy that the story told by these nine films was.



However, the tone will be much more comedic and less serious than the weight some of those encounters would bring. In fact, Rimes even teased that Emperor Palpatine, Vader, and Kylo Ren will meet and interact with each other, saying that “It’s really hilarious with what’s going to happen with those guys.”


Nonetheless, the heart of the story will be in the relationship between Rey and A New Hope‘s Luke, something that will certainly bring a new perspective for Rey on the old and depressed Jedi Master she met. Rimes said:


It becomes a much different take on a teacher and apprentice with the more seasoned Rey and a younger Luke.


The original Star Wars Holiday Special did feature this version of Luke, played by Mark Hamill, alongside Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia (Carrie Fisher), and centered around Solo and Chewbacca running away from the Imperials to try to get to Life Day with Chewie’s family. Even though that Holiday Special is infamous among the fans, it’s starting to get redeemed in the new era, with this new project, and last year’s The Mandalorian, which did reference the Life Day holiday.


The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special will premiere exclusively on Disney+, November 17, 2020.