Two New Jedi Masters Step Forward in Star Wars: The High Republic

Well, with the news of a further delay for films, it’s good to know we still have The High Republic series to look forward to in 2021. Today we get a look at two more Jedi who will be fighting the good fight in the pages of The High Republic. Lucasfilm has already announced these novels and comics will cover and unexplored part of the Jedi history taking place roughly a century before The Phantom Menace. shared an exclusive look at two Jedi in this impressive lineup.

First up, Sskeer! While you may want to pre-order whatever stuffed animal incarnation Disney no doubt has in store for this Trandoshan Jedi it sounds like he might be more keen to stand at your door with a lightsaber offering protection.

From Cavan Scott, writer of a forthcoming The Hight Republic Marvel comic:

Sskeer plays a major role in the Marvel Comics ongoing and is an absolute joy to write. He’s a gruff, opinionated Trandoshan who has been around the block more times than he cares to remember. Loyal, but brutally honest, you can always be sure Sskeer will tell you exactly what’s on his mind…or so Avar Kriss and his fellow Jedi think. That’s all about to change. This is a Jedi Master with a secret that is tearing him apart.

I’m already a fan. Jedi like Sskeer who don’t try to hold back the existential troubles of what it means to be a demigod in the galaxy far, far away. They’ll probably let you know each and every time. Matt Martin, part of the Lucasfilm Story Group lending editorial guidance to writers of Star Wars, referred to him as “my sweet lizard boy” which is a promising sign. I feel like we’ve found our Chewbacca of The High Republic!

Kriss has been introduced before as “the best of the best” and is very much affected by the cataclysm we’ve been promised will open this new era. Kriss has a little more exposure to fans than Sskeer, but we should be very excited. It sounds like she has a promising backstory from the “Hero of Hetzal” story that’s been teased, but beyond that we really don’t know much.

One thing that’s very interesting is it’s mentioned the San Tekka family are an aristocracy helping out the Republic.

From Charles Soule, speaking to

…the San Tekka clan has become a dynasty, at the forefront of technologies and techniques that let Chancellor Lina Soh’s great galactic Republic continue to expand safely to new areas. Overseen by scions Marlon and Vellis San Tekka, the clan operates in close conjunction with the Republic, and becomes crucial to its response to the Great Disaster. But the San Tekkas have a secret…their rise did not come without cost.

Sounds like we are going to be doing some unpacking this January! The High Republic is set to debut across multiple publishing platforms in January 2021.

All of these books are available for pre-order. You must do what you feel is right, of course.


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Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.