More Concept Art Revealed for Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars: Duel of the Fates

Duel of the Fates

No matter what your thoughts on the leaked story details of Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX, it’s always great to see new Star Wars concept art. At the end of last month we got our first look at Trevorrow’s Duel of the Fates and now we get an even more detailed look as 28 new images have been revealed.


Like last time these images come courtesy of the Star Wars Leaks Reddit and are based, primarily, on the first draft of the script from December 2017, before Carrie Fisher’s passing required the story to be reworked.


Going in story order, at least as much as possible, the first images showcase the shipyards of Kuat, where the Resistance heroes have gone undercover to try and sabotage the First Order’s new fleet of Star Destroyers. Of course, things go wrong, but our heroes are able to steal a new Star Destroyer as they make their daring escape.


A disguised BB-8 infiltrates the First Order shipyard on a Kuat moon
The orbital ring that delivers ore to the Kuat shipyard
Stormtroopers walk among a migrant worker village on Kuat
Rey, Finn, and Poe fight their way to the Eclipse Star Destroyer
The crew detonates the orbital ring and steal an Eclipse Star Destroyer from the Kuat docking bay


The next image shows General Leia Organa at the Resistance’s new base on Korilev;


Leia at the Resistance base on Korilev


From here, the story was to break into three threads as Kylo Ren seeks out Tor Valum on Remnicore, Rey hunts for a seer on Bonadan with Chewie, Poe, and BB-8 whilst pursued by the Knights of Ren, and Finn, Rose, R2-D2, and C-3PO head to First Order occupied Coruscant to light a beacon for aid under the Jedi Temple.


Kylo approaches the Sith temple on Remnicore
Kylo and his droid navigate Remnicore
Kylo sucks the life force from a tree
Kylo inside a cave on Remnicore, as Tor Valum describes it, a “vergence in the force”
The docking array on Bonadan
Razer Sails docked on Bonadan
“Chewie grabs this Knight of Ren, throws him into the air, and shoots him out of the sky like a clay pigeon”


The final battle is split between two locations. The Battle of Coruscant, where the forces of the Resistance and the First Order clash on the ground and in the skies above the former capital of both Empire and Republic. And Mortis, where Rey and Kylo Ren finally come face to face in a duel that will determine the balance of the Force.


New Resistance ship
TIE fighters chase the Falcon through the Coruscant citadel
BB-8 flees from oncoming fire
Stormtroopers fight against Coruscant citizens
Rey gazes at the temple of Mortis
Rey and Kylo face off at the peak of the temple of Mortis
“Rey lays on the stone slab still injured. “Light fills up the space around her. Particles of energy floating up. She rises with the energy. The light engulfs the frame until we reach a place beyond what we know. The Astral Plane. Yoda, Luke, and Obi Wan appear before her. Rey: “Is this death?” Obi-Wan: “In this place, there is no such thing as death.” Yoda reveals Rey succeeded were they failed. Luke: “You choose to embrace the dark side and the light. To find the balance within.” They offer Rey a choice to stay in the comfort of the Astral Plane or to return to the living where she will experience both love/loss. The spirits fade. Obi-Wan: “You are a Jedi, Rey Solana, but you will not be the last.”


The film would have ended at a ranch on Modesta, where Finn waits with a group of Force sensitive children, as Rey arrives to train the next generation of Jedi.


On Modesta, BB-8 sees a familiar face
Rey arrives to train a new generation of Jedi [Final Shot]

In addition to these images, the new leak also has concept art identified as coming from the second draft. You can read more about this draft, and how it differed from the first, at Making Star Wars.


[2ND DRAFT] On Moraband, Wommels treat a near-death Kylo
[2ND DRAFT] With the Knights of Ren hot on their tail, Poe pushes the Falcon into lightspeed and crashes it into the ice planet of Wavett
[2ND DRAFT] The crew, stranded on Wavett, sit around a campfire

“Finn reads a story to the young kids and they ask if they really think Rey is gone. Finn believes she’s alive because of the force. Poe and Chewie are flying and they find a beacon on a planet. Rey is alive, on the Wavett planet, pulling the Falcon out of the icy water.”


There’s also a new image of Finn, working in a First Order labor camp on Coruscant. The image is said to be from an early draft. The December 2017 draft we know about is said to be the first and that features Rose being captured, not Finn, so it’s possible this image is based on earlier story ideas that predated that first full draft or perhaps a draft between that one and the final one that Making Star Wars provided the details for.


Finn is captured and imprisoned in a work camp on Coruscant (Early draft)


And finally there’s this image of Kylo receiving a new mask. His face is not injured and it’s not the Mandalorian mask that is smelted to his face in the first draft, and seen in other concept art for version of the story, so this is likely to be either an early idea or something from a later draft.


Kylo gets a new mask


Be sure to share your thoughts on this new artwork in the comments below and in the Cantina. And remember to check out  The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by Phil Szostak when it is released next month, featuring art from J.J. Abrams’ first day on the movie right through to the end of the saga.


Source and image descriptions: Reddit


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Chris is a lifelong fan of Star Wars, Disney, and super heroes who can’t quite believe this golden age of movies and TV we’re living in. Having written blogs dedicated to Disney’s Aladdin musical and Star Wars Celebration, Chris is excited to be part of the SWNN and MNN teams.

Chris Lyne

Chris is a lifelong fan of Star Wars, Disney, and super heroes who can’t quite believe this golden age of movies and TV we’re living in. Having written blogs dedicated to Disney’s Aladdin musical and Star Wars Celebration, Chris is excited to be part of the SWNN and MNN teams.