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Star Wars Resistance: New Images and a Clip From Sunday’s Upcoming Episode “The Core Problem”

The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The Core Problem”, airs on the Disney Channel this coming Sunday. We were sent a new clip and some cool images from the upcoming episode which has Poe and Kaz discovering some concerning activity from The First Order, getting themselves into a bit of a dog fight on there way home!

In “The Core Problem,” Poe and Kaz seek out an area of the Unknown Regions that their intel on the First Order is pointing to. After the unsettling discovery of multiple cored and broken planets, they must evade a series of First Order pilots in order to make it back alive.
The new episode – “The Core Problem ” – will also be available SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17th (12:01 a.m. PT) on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD, giving kids and families access to the series wherever and whenever they want to watch.



If you have cable, you can download the Disney NOW app to watch episodes of Star Wars Resistance before their normal Sunday air time. You simply need to link it, for free, using your cable provider login information and that’s it! Based on the air time of this Y-7 series and the option to see the episodes earlier, it is clear Disney is steering audiences more towards streaming and using apps, perhaps to get customers used to the upcoming streaming service set to launch this year. Either way, it’s new Star Wars, whether you watch it early or right on schedule!




The First Order appears to be looking for the right planet to turn into Starkiller, though one would think this close to the events of The Force Awakens the weapon should be near built. Either way devastation is on its way as Resistance speeds toward impending climactic events.