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AtGames Announces Classic Star Wars Games to be Featured in Future Products

Popular retro arcade maker AtGames recently announced that iconic games from Disney and Lucasfilm will be featured in their various upcoming product lines after acquiring rights.



Fans can expect classic games from beloved properties like Disney’s Donald DuckTron, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ The Jungle BookThe Lion King and Wreck-It Ralph, as well as games from Lucasfilm’s legendary Star Wars games portfolio. The games will appear on AtGames products including the full-size Legends Ultimate Home Arcade machine, Blast! family plug-n-play micro-console and wireless controller bundles, retro consoles, and portables. More details, including pricing, full game lineup and availability will be announced soon.

The Legends Ultimate Home Arcade features more than 250 built-in arcade and home games, including a range of classic Disney and Star Wars game properties and other legends from iconic publishers. As a full-sized home arcade machine, the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade offers a gameplay experience like no other. Each game plays just like at the arcade thanks to an authentic control panel that features a matching set of premium joysticks and six buttons for two player fun, a trackball controller, and a built-in, low latency, high definition LCD. The built-in software is similarly impressive, with scan line filtering, an intuitive menu system, save and resume game functionality, and the ability to rewind a game in progress to recover from a play misstep.


Although the majority of Star Wars games are available to purchase on Steam on PC, the potential collection coming to AtGames products will provide the opportunity for a larger audience to enjoy the various classic Disney and Star Wars titles. Will you be picking up a new retro console to play some classic Star Wars games?