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Review – Star Wars Resistance Trades Momentum for a Powerful Lesson in Humanity in its Return

Off the heels of a dynamic trailer which drew positive attention from critics of Star Wars Resistance, the first episode of the second half was a peculiar choice to me. “Bibo” puts supporting character Neeku front-and-center as he comes across a creature he becomes attached to emotionally. The episode centers around this, which frustrated me until I was reminded of one of this series’ bigger purposes.


I heralded the first half finale of Resistance for setting us up for growth from our main protagonist Kazuda Xiono. He was face-to-face with General Leia Organa realizing his importance in a growing Resistance. Flash forward to now, and it appears as if we’ve gone back to the silliness of Kaz slipping and falling all over the place. I didn’t expect Resistance to take a full turn to serious-town, but I also am a bit surprised they didn’t pick up where we left off to set the tone for what looks to be an intense conclusion to end the season.

With all of that said, I do understand the choice. The show is still a kids show at its core. You should maintain your established target audience after a lengthy break in episodes.

This episode was a test of faith for Neeku, which served as a lesson for the rest of the crew. While the ACES (with Kaz) spent most of the episode trying to destroy what appeared to be a menacing aggressive sea creature, they didn’t think to understand what it wanted or where it was coming from first.

Our instincts as humans is to be defensive. Let me rephrase that – Our instincts as human adults is to be defensive. Long ago, at some point, all of us lost some sense of innocence and trust in the world around us. We’ve become jaded to assume the worst and prepare to protect. This is where Neeku plays a pivotal role in the lessons of morality for the series.

Neeku knew nothing but his adoration and love for this creature he called “Bibo.” He unconditionally refused to waver from parting with him regardless of the pressure placed upon him by the crew and everyone around him. The act was seemingly selfish, as it appeared to be causing destruction and chaos around Colossus, as the sea creature seemed fixed on having Bibo.

Being that this is a kids show, even I was able to figure out the twist in this story (which I rarely do. The Prestige blew my mind into a billion pieces. If you haven’t seen that movie, see it), but that is not the point. The point is, sometimes it is okay to remind ourselves to not always assume the worst, and perhaps there are other solutions, more obvious solutions to problems beyond violence once we remove our jaded filter. Neeku is annoyingly naive, but perhaps we all need a little but of that back in our mindsets.

While this wasn’t the episode I was hoping for, it still delivered when I think about my son potentially watching it in a few years.

We live in a dark and disturbing world, but maybe once in a while we can open our eyes and not always assume the worst. Perhaps better outcomes will present themselves. My eyes are certainly open to Star Wars Resistance, let’s see what they have for us next week.