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Star Wars: Episode IX Set Photos Suggest A New Snowy Planet

Episode IX
Some photos of filming for Star Wars Episode IX reveal that the movie will be taking us to a snowy deciduous forest for the second time in the sequel trilogy. However, there’s a key detail in this set that suggests that we won’t be getting a flashback to Starkiller Base, but that we’ll see a new planet entirely.


Some set photos revealed through Instagram give us another idea about where the climactic Star Wars movie of a generation is going to be headed. The photos show what appears to be a dressed-up Black Park, which isn’t located far from Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom, indicate that Episode IX is going to another snow-covered planet:



One key detail indicates that this is not a return to Starkiller Base (which was completely obliterated at the end of The Force Awakens and would only appear through flashbacks) or even Hoth is the presence of a white, alabaster building. Not only is the structure and color of the architecture in these photos completely different to the kind shown on Starkiller Base, but its location is in the middle of a forest instead of in a relatively clear area like the castle in The Force Awakens. The wording on this set of photos seemingly indicates that there will be some kind of demolition occurring on the buildings, which appear to be filming predominantly for exterior shots from the looks of things.


The operating philosophy with Episode IX is one that seems to indicate that we’ll be getting a movie that takes us to a diverse set of locations, allowing us to see Star Wars on a truly massive scale. Like you, we can’t wait to find out more, and we’ll be scouring the internet for details as we approach this movie’s release date.


Star Wars: Episode IX will be released in the United States on December 20, 2019.