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The Resistance Broadcast – Why Did the Jedi’s Ability to Use the Force Diminish?

Watch or listen below! On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we turn our attention to a pivotal moment in Star Wars, when the ability to use the Force diminished within the Jedi! We get into the varying reasons this happened, and what we each ultimately believe caused their downfall.

We also run through five topics in our segment WILL OF THE FORCE like – what did Kylo do with his blue lightsaber and WILL he ever use it again?

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Why Did the Jedi’s Ability to Use the Force Diminish?

On this transmission of The Resistance Broadcast:

John HoeyJames Baney, and Lacey Gilleran!


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  • We have gone over the rumors that IG-88 and Boskk may appear in The Mandalorian. So with that possibility, let’s bring it back, Will Boba Fett return in The Mandalorian?
  • This one needs a bit of a set up. So the Darth Vader Marvel series has ended, flirting with some wild storytelling dealing with Sith resurrections and even a portal which was depicted as an out of body experience for Vader – which ambiguously showed him that Palpatine may have been the one to cause Anakin’s creation. So the question here is: Will Star Wars story-tellers ever fully go there, that Palpatine was responsible for the creation of Anakin Skywalker?
  • Everyone is speculating on WHO Richard E. Grant may play in Episode IX, but nobody is speculating on what. So let’s throw this out there, Will Richard E. Grant play a non-human in Episode IX, perhaps an alien or a droid?
  • ****From our patron Ryan Sime and his son!****
    “My son wants to know what did Kylo do with his blue lightsaber and WILL he ever use it again?”
  • Thanks to listener Sarah Sahim for this one, Will we get special editions of both the prequel trilogy and an updated version of the original trilogy to release alongside Episode IX?


DISCUSSION: Why Did The Jedi’s Ability to Use the Force Diminish?

Towards the end of Attack of the Clones, Jedi Master Mace Windu suggests to Yoda that it might be time for them to admit their ability to use the force has diminished. What caused this? Was it the Sith? Palpatine alone? The Jedi losing their way? Multiple reasons? Let’s talk about this pivotal moment in the franchise, the disconnect between the Jedi and the Force.



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