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Star Wars: Episode IX – Kevin Smith Talks to ‘Lights, Camera, Barstool’ About His Week-Long Visit to the Set

Writer, director, and most importantly super Star Wars fan, Kevin Smith sat down with hosts Jeff Lowe and Ken Jac of the popular movie podcast Lights, Camera, Barstool, where he spoke briefly about his week-long visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode IX. Here is the clip of the discussion as well as a transcript of his quotes.





Here is a transcript of his quotes from the interview:


I went and visited J.J. Abrams on Star Wars and that was incredible. I saw things. I was there for a week, so I watched two things get filmed. The things I saw blew my mind on a Star Wars level – All universe, all (Star Wars) movies. Like ‘WHOAAA!??’

Then some details I heard about the flick that were ‘WHOAAAAA!?’…because this is it. They’re wrapping it up with Episode IX. This is their conclusion to the entire Star Wars saga.

What I saw was massive, the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I was on the biggest set I’ve ever seen in my life. I did (cry). I watched a performance that was a career best performance on set that made me cry. But it’s gonna be amazing.


As you might expect Kevin Smith is not spoiling the story for Episode IX, but it is always great to here his takeaway from being on set for that long. I can’t imagine being able to be on a Star Wars set for five minutes, let along a week! So to summarize:

  • Two segments he watched being filmed blew his mind.
  • He was awed by specifics he was told about the movie’s story.
  • He saw a set bigger than any movie set he had ever seen.
  • One performance in particular is a career best, and one that brought him to tears.


As a side note, Smith revealed that Lucasfilm ever asked him to create within the galaxy far, far away, that he would want to do a story on young Luke. But before you start screaming for Sebastian Stan, Silent Bob admits he would rather just watch the movies and read the comic books as a fan.



This set visit summary is a bit of deja vu. As you may recall, Smith had a glowingly positive review of his visit to J.J. Abrams’ set for The Force Awakens. By all accounts Episode IX is sounding like it is shaping up to be an epic film that will leave us in awe to close out the Skywalker saga. There is no bigger Star Wars fan than Kevin Smith, so it’s always great to hear this kind of feedback from him.



SOURCE: Lights, Camera, Barstool