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Billy Dee Williams Shares Touching Tribute from Harrison Ford

Lando Calrissian may not have picked up any fancy medals blowing up the second Death Star but Billy Dee Williams has got his own collection of earned gold. Back in February, Mr. Williams was honored with the Hollywood Legacy Award from the American Black Film Festival in Los Angeles. But the distinction came with more than just an award – it also included a tribute from Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford.


Williams tweeted the touching tribute from his account on Thursday morning where Ford praises his former co-star on their time working together.

I just wanted to say how much working with you was a pleasure, a revelation – your vision, your professionalism, what you brought to the character, the ideas that you had – that’s a pretty package, my man. Beautiful.



Ford then becomes emotional recounting their time together on and off set – “I miss seeing you more often” – before congratulating his friend on his achievement. It’s a moving dedication between two old pals that will make any fan yearn for that Han and Lando reunion that never was.


Tip back a Colt 45  and raise your glass once again to the smoothest man in the galaxy: congratulations again Mr. Williams – we’ll be seeing you this time next year for Episode IX.