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RUMOR – New Details on Star Wars: Episode IX Filming in Jordan

Episode IX
New details on the filming of Star Wars Episode IX in Jordan have been revealed, indicating that Lucasfilm filmed in a location that was previously used in the 1962 epic film Lawrence of Arabia.



A poster on r/StarWarsLeaks recently traveled to Jordan with a friend, with a shared interest to visit Wadi Rum with the help of a business associate. The associate in question was a logistics specialist who actually told them that filming for Star Wars Episode IX had wrapped there, so they stopped by the filming location. To prove they were there, they shared multiple images of the area where the crew resided off-set (which had yet to be taken down), which includes a logo containing the movie’s production code name, “trIXie”:


SW9 Jordan set



In addition, the associate apparently showed the user some raw footage of various takes, which one of the crew members was able to record in secret. There were three brief scenes described, which are as follows:

“A Shot of Rey and Chewie being tossed in the air after an explosion (this was filmed against a medium sized green screen that hung in the air) the explosion was a practical effect and Rey was wearing a similar costume to (The Force Awakens); an almost identical shot of Finn and some other guy (maybe Poe?) no green screen this time and the explosion wasn’t as big; [and] Rey doing some solo running, jumping, and swinging her lit lightsaber.”


What’s most interesting to me is the detail about the presence of a blue lightsaber, as this invites speculation. It’s listed as being ignited in the scenes that were filmed, and while the color could be changed in post-production (since this is a prop and not a finished visual effect), there’s a strong possibility that this could be a reforged Skywalker Lightsaber. Perhaps it thematically could serve as the overall arc of the sequel trilogy: The Force Awakens is a movie about the revival of the franchise (symbolized by the sudden reappearance of the Skywalker lightsaber), The Last Jedi deconstructs its mythology and is built around the idea of letting go (symbolized by the Skywalker lightsaber being fractured), and Episode IX could be about reconstructing things while learning the past (symbolized by the Skywalker lightsaber being rebuilt).


As of right now, we’re only going off of this user’s word with the footage description, so only time will tell if the information given is accurate. While the information should only be taken as a rumor, the photos from the location which include the production logo lend the poster a bit of credence. With about 13 months or so until Episode IX, we’re sure to get more stories on the movie soon instead of having to deal with the current drought of information.