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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Rumored to be a Realistic Spiritual Successor to The Force Unleashed

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Unleashed
According to a new rumor, EA and Respawn Entertainment’s new video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is going to be a spiritual successor to the kind of gameplay seen in The Force Unleashed, but don’t expect to pull Star Destroyers out of orbit – the scale of they player character’s powers will be kept in-check to fit in with existing canon instead of giving us a ridiculously overpowered character strong enough to defeat Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine in quick succession.


A new report from Overclock 3D (who are paraphrasing information from the Making Star Wars podcast), the game that is being described is one that’s akin to The Force Unleashed, “without the Mountain Dew”. In gamer-speak, this means that we’re not going to get ridiculously over-the-top, canon-breaking versions of existing Force Powers. Perhaps more encouraging is that EA is not forcing a multiplayer element to this title in spite of previously insisting that single-player games are on the way out (they aren’t), meaning that Battlefront II will remain the focus for multiplayer Star Wars titles.


This development likely shouldn’t be all that surprising, given that The Force Unleashed was one of the highest-selling Star Wars games ever made when you account for it being a multi-platform title. While older fans of Star Wars games might prefer an experience that’s closer to Jedi KnightJedi Outcast, and Jedi AcademyThe Force Unleashed is pretty memorable as a Star Wars gaming experience in its own right, and may even be a little more accessible to new players than any of the Dark Forces sequels/spin-offs.