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EW Reveals Latest ‘Solo’ Deleted Scene: Han Solo Crashing a TIE Fighter (VIDEO)

When we first met Han Solo we got used to seeing him blow TIE fighters into dust, well now we finally get our chance to see the to-be rebel flying one! Thanks to the Walter Cronkite of Star Wars, Anthony Breznican, we get our first look at the deleted scene “Han Solo: Imperial Cadet” from the upcoming home video release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Check out the video below.


In an article he wrote at Entertainment Weekly, Breznican breaks down the cut clip which has Han Solo disobeying his Imperial orders – opting to crash land his TIE fighter. The commodore quite simply sums up Han Solo as a character in their exchange.

COMMODORE: I still can’t decide if you’re brave or stupid.

HAN SOLO: I like to think I’m a little of both.

Check out the scene titled “Han Solo: Imperial Cadet” below:



While the scene was not imperative, and an understandable cut by Ron Howard, it is awesome we get a chance to see Han Solo as an Imperial pilot, flying a TIE fighter, followed by being his typical rebellious snarky self to a snooty Imperial officer!


Solo: A Star Wars Story will be available for purchase on digital in two days on September 14th, and the 4K/Blu-ray physical copies will be available on September 25th.