Collider Jedi Council: New Character Cards from Star Wars Resistance + Matt Smith and Dominic Monaghan Join the Episode IX Cast

On this week’s Collider Jedi Council, Kristian Harloff, Ken Napzok, and Emma Fyffe discuss: Matt Smith joining Star Wars: Episode IX; Rian Johnson’s Tweet that mentions the progress on his proposed new Star Wars trilogy; The scenes from the Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s novelization that didn’t make it into the film; Pablo Hidalgo‘s new book Scum and Villainy; Facebook questions and more. Also we get some more details about the heroes from Star Wars: Resistance via several new character cards.





Also Collider shared an exclusive look with some new details at the characters from Disney’s upcoming new animated series, Star Wars Resistance.



For the rest of the cards, make sure to go to Collider.



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