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First Look at Star Wars Resistance Surfaces at French Disney Presentation

Star Wars Resistance
Our very first look at the cast of Star Wars Resistance has been unveiled, featuring Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma alongside a host of new characters.


At a French presentation being labeled Disney Rendevouz, some new information about the premise of Star Wars Resistance was unveiled.



The tweet roughly translates to the following:

Star Wars Resistance, Lucasfilm’s new animated series, will arrive in October on Disney XD. The series is resolutely turned to action and humour with the strong presence of BB-8.

In addition, there’s a – sadly not high-definition – picture of the artwork for the show, which features several new characters and a few returning ones (including what appears to be Captain Cardinal from the Phasma novel):


Yakface shared a color-corrected version of this image through their website:



With the show set to premiere before the year’s end, we should probably see more on Resistance in the next few months. It’s exciting to see more about the Sequel Trilogy Era and this show fleshing the backstory out should do a lot for world-building of the setting.