Lawrence and Jon Kasdan Reveal Why They Decided to Replace Michael K. Williams With Paul Bettany

In a new Q&A session hosted by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, writers Lawrence and Jon Kasdan discussed their experience writing the script for Solo: A Star Wars Story, revealing some interesting behind the scenes information about the troublesome production and sharing interesting details about some of the movie’s story elements.


The Q&A is really interesting. The two writers spoke about a variety of topics regarding the production and story of Solo: A Star Wars Story, including the director change, Kathleen Kennedy’s role, Darth Maul, and more.


Perhaps the most interesting topic was why they decided to recast the role of the villain Dryden Vos. As you know, initially the role should have been played by Michael Kenneth Williams, but later he was replaced by Paul Bettany. In the initial script, while Chris and Phil were still involved, Vos was a lion-looking alien. As the script evolved after Ron Howard came aboard this concept was changed since it would have looked strange for Qi’ra to fall for a “cowardly lion” opposed to the good-looking Han. They knew they were going to shoot all the scenes with Vos again, and they went for Paul Bettany, who on the other hand was too good looking, and that’s why they came up with the scars.


Also, Rian Johnson spoke about his experience on Twitter after the mixed reactions to The Last Jedi and talked briefly about his upcoming Star Wars trilogy, which obviously is very much still happening.


Check out the full video below:



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