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New Star Wars Book Reveals Snoke’s Force Powers, Canto Bight, & More!

A series of scans from the updated edition of Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know reveal some interesting information about some of the new content that will be seen in The Last Jedi, such as what kind of Force abilities Snoke can use. Click ahead to see what’s inside…


Eight pages in the book are dedicated to The Last Jedi (scans provided by chem072117 at r/StarWarsLeaks). The first pair of pages are explicitly just a cover image, which features the cast photo above in different lighting:




Nothing really new on this front, but that’s the exception and not the rule here. The second pair of pages are focused on Ahch-To, Rey, and Luke Skywalker:




So the new details we can gather from this particular set of pages are as follows:


  • Rey isn’t on Ahch-To to train with Luke, she’s trying to recruit him for the Resistance effort.
  • Luke has spent at least two years on Ahch-To; if we expand upon this bit with what we know about the canon, then this means that the time between Ben Solo’s betrayal and Luke Skywalker’s decision to set up shop on Ahch-To is as great as four years (since Bloodline mentions that Luke and Ben are still teacher and student six years before The Force Awakens), and as little as a few months. There seems to be a deliberate amount of vagueness here so that storytellers have a good amount of creative freedom with these stories.
  • Chewbacca fills in the emptiness in his life that Han’s death created with a bunch of puffin-penguin-guinea-pig things.


On to the third pair of pages, which don’t focus on any specific characters, they just highlight what life on Cantonica and specifically Canto Bight is like:




Not too much worth pointing out here other than that this gives us some technical details on what the things in these places are called.


Finally, the fourth pair of pages focus on all things related to the Dark Side… Oh, and Finn and Rose are there, too:




And these are the most illuminating of the pages. To wit:


  • Kylo Ren wants revenge for his humiliating defeat at Rey’s hands.
  • We have explicit confirmation that Snoke can use the Force, with abilities in telekinetically throwing and choking people and telepathy emphasized. That last one is important for those who have read the novel, as it’s hinted that Snoke tries to tempt Rey into killing Kylo Ren after besting him in single combat.
  • The Praetorian Guards are humans, not droids or aliens, and are armed with all sorts of unique weapons.
  • The Praetorian Guards are eight in number, ruling out the possibility that they’re the other six Knights of Ren in fancier armor.
  • The Resistance labels bombs with messages to the First Order.
  • “Crankypants” is apparently a word used to describe Rose Tico, because of course it is.


There’s nothing hugely spoiler-filled here, but it’s interesting to see how this addresses a handful of the questions that we’ve had about the plot for a while. We’re coming up close on that trailer, so hopefully we’ll get more and more answers as the time comes.