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Editorial: About Rey’s Two Lightsabers In Star Wars Battlefront II.

Recently, it came to light that the kickass footage we just saw in the Star Wars Battlefront II Assault on Theed stream featured shots of Rey with two different lightsabers, leading to loads of speculation that she’ll be making a new weapon of her own in The Last Jedi. Here’s a quick explanation why you shouldn’t look too much into it.



Let’s start off with the actual pictures themselves that outright show the two lightsabers (as observed by BrandonTheComicMan of r/StarWarsLeaks) – or rather, lightsaber icons:







Aside from the obvious differences in Rey’s costumes, two different lightsabers can be seen as weapons icons. From the looks of things in this handy-dandy image chart below, we can see that the “before” image resembles Anakin’s second lightsaber (which is also Luke’s first, Finn’s, and Rey’s), while the second one looks like either Obi-Wan Kenobi’s second lightsaber or Luke’s second:



We can likely rule out it being Luke’s second lightsaber, since it’s blue and not green, but that still leaves the possibility of it being Obi-Wan’s lightsaber – or possibly a new one that Rey herself has constructed – on the table. Now, before you go on about claiming how this obviously confirms that she’s a Kenobi or a Skywalker or whatever, I’d like to direct you to two important words in that first picture – “PRE-ALPHA-BUILD”. The game being presented here isn’t the one that’s going to hit the shelves in November, and there are still bugs that need to be ironed out and assets that might be misplaced. So that would explain the big inconsistency here.


Even presuming that this isn’t some glitch of an early version of the game, there’s another, more important element inherent to Battlefront II‘s gameplay that makes me think that this has no impact on the actual story of Star Wars whatsoever: unit customization, which will also apply to heroes this time around. Presuming that the skill icons aren’t different graphics from individual builds, we might actually be looking at evidence that it’s in place right now (what with the whole “change cards” thing being there) – and as such, it could also apply to lightsabers. This is probably the best evidence that there’s less to this than meets the eye.


Finally, the last thing that makes me think that this whole two-lightsaber thing is a wild Bantha chase is that we’ve already seen Rey with Luke’s lightsaber at a later point in the story than what was shown in TLJ’s teaser – this still from the marketing:



It’s all there, black and while, clear as crystal – Rey stole Anakin’s second lightsaber from Kylo Ren! Poe Dameron blew up Starkiller Base’s thermal oscillator, which now meant that Kylo Ren had to go back to Snoke for more training while Finn and Rey made an escape on the Millennium Falcon, so he got – NOTHING! She WON! GOOD DAY, SIR!


…Alright, humor aside, I will play devil’s advocate for a moment here – marketing can be deliberately misleading to hide certain story elements. We all remember that the marketing for The Force Awakens misled a lot of people to think that Finn was going to be the main Jedi hero of the story (and there’s still a chance that he could still be a Force wielder, for what it’s worth) because he was the one holding the lightsaber. Pablo Hidalgo recently told us that Captain Phasma’s appearance in the Vanity Fair photo shoot does not reflect what the character actually looks like under the helmet. So what if they’re hiding Rey’s second lightsaber right under our noses, you might ask?


I’d like to note that at this point, they’ve made a clear point of Rey’s lightsaber being hers – at least from a marketing standpoint (since Rey merchandise will move more units than Luke and Anakin merchandise these days), though Maz’s speech suggests that it goes beyond one person. So while it’s not unthinkable that she could build a new lightsaber, it would go against the current marketing strategy as far as this movie goes (though Episode IX could be a different story). Also, those LEGO images that leaked not that long ago suggest that she has the same lightsaber that she did at the end of TFA. Granted, it’s possible that Rey could be building yet another, but considering that her outfit from The Last Jedi is going to be a pre-order bonus, it seems unlikely that they’d drop another Rey lightsaber before the movie actually comes out.


One other thing worth mentioning is that Pablo Hidalgo also chipped in on this with the following, which will most likely put an end to this debate before it actually starts (his comment was posted after this article was done and scheduled for posting):



Anyway, these are my thoughts on the situation. Whether you agree on my take on Rey’s two lightsabers or you don’t, be sure to let me know your take in the comments.