Kyle’s Review: Poe Is Back On the run in Marvel’s Poe Dameron #15

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Poe Dameron is back this week to lead the Black Squadron in a crucial mission for the Resistance. Unfortunately for Poe and company, the First Order is back as well, and is about to make things even more difficult for the Resistance than the problems they already face. Once again, the search for Luke Skywalker takes the back burner as Poe must face the challenges directly in front of him. SPOILERS AHEAD…



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After last week’s somber issue where L’ulo was put to rest and Terrex was outfitted with a First Order restraint, things aren’t much looking up for anyone in the galaxy. Leia informs Poe that the Resistance is facing a desperate situation as they are running out of fuel. This crisis makes it clear that the New Republic’s support for the Resistance must be quite limited, as Leia explains they’ve had to negotiate their fuel supply through a back channel of smugglers Han Solo helped provide. The Resistance has lost contact with their smugglers, save for one. Leia suspects that this is not just some random coincidence, but that someone is taking out these smugglers.


marvelpoe15- not xeto morphs


The remaining group of smugglers is a compliment of Xetos, lead by a Captain Perrili. When we meet this band of smugglers, they are puzzled by the imminent arrival of someone claiming to be the Resistance. Perrili mentions that up until this point, the Resistance have been extremely cautious, and the rendezvous in progress is very uncharacteristic of them. The usual plan is a drop-off of fuel, but this time the Resistance appears to be directly engaging them by sending a ship to make contact. The crew definitely feels that something is up, but are not concerned enough to completely withdraw. The decide to proceed with the meet-up and see what it is all about.


marvelpoe15- terrex and a new friend


You no doubt remember Terrex as a newly christened cyborg, but this mysterious female officer has no name. If anyone reading has any idea who this is, please sound off in the comments. She is not given a name, but it’s clear she is large and in-charge of the First Order squad sent to deal with these smugglers. She’s been leading the initiative by the First Order to knock off the Resistance fuel supply and seems to be doing a great job. Terrex only serves as an informant, his mind held prisoner by whatever device the First Order chained him up with.


marvelpoe15- black eye


Once again, she is not named, but hot damn…I’m all in. I want to know more about this officer. Looks like she either lost an eye at some point or had it replaced with an artificial one (somehow I suspect the latter to be true). It’s very strange to me that this officer is unidentified, but I guess she must be of some significance since she is not only Terrex’s keeper, but also leading a crucial mission against the Resistance. Predictably, the First Order makes short work of Captain Perrili and crew, finishing off the checklist of fuel providers identified by Terrex.


marvelpoe15- black squadron arrival


The Black Squadron arrives not too long after, dispatched by the Resistance to ensure the fuel is delivered. It’s made clear that the fuel just for this mission is scraping the bottom of the barrel for the Resistance. Once aboard, the crew disembarks from the X-Wings and Poe makes his way to the cockpit of the freighter to pilot the much needed fuel back to D’Qar. BB-8, along for the ride, realizes something is wrong as soon as he connects to the ship’s computer.


marvelpoe15- it's a trap bomb


Just as soon as the ship starts up, Poe is informed that the fuel onboard has been replaced with explosives, charged to detonate as soon as the ship decelerates. No doubt the First Order planned to detonate the vessel in close proximity to the Resistance ships eagerly awaiting fuel. Poe is now tasked with the job of piloting the speeding vessel through all the dangers of space.


marvelpoe15- 50 miles per hour


The Black Squadron departs the smuggler vessel and tries to clear the path for Poe. Just as he starts to get the hang of it, BB-8 makes another discovery within the database of the smuggler vessel.


marvelpoe15- bb8 powerpoint


Poe and company are informed that the First Order took their fuel and they’ve been set-up all along. The immediate mission to survive piloting this craft goes out the window, and now Poe has a new initiative.


marvelpoe15- blasted fuel


Poe and the Black Squadron are now on course to collide with the First Order. It should be interesting to see the approach they take, since Poe is literally piloting a bomb. I’m going to be anxiously awaiting the next issue.


Overall, a solid issue. Charles Soule has set up this “Lost Legend” arc nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Restating to the obvious, I really want to know who this female First Order officer is. I’m also hoping we get some more Captain Phasma and perhaps a few more glimpses into the infrastructure of the First Order. Poe Dameron has certainly taken the lead of Marvel Star Wars comics I look forward to each month. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am.


And…wow…look at the cover of the next issue! I think my questions may get some answers.


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Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.

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    She is Commander Malarus. Remember when I thought she was Phasma without helmet? The art is a bit different, that might have confused you.

    I wonder if Poe is going to drive the ship-bomb in the midst of FO. He is maaad,

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