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The Last Jedi: Teaser Trailer Breakdown + Rian Johnson on the Planet Crait


The first trailer for The Last Jedi is finally here! Check it out below followed by our complete breakdown, including screenshots.


The trailer starts like every Star Wars movie starts – with a star field. The stars fade out and reveal that we are actually looking at a rock, we see Rey’s hand come down on the rock, she is on the ground gasping for air, then the Lucasfilm logo, and we hear Luke (FINALLY!):


“Breathe…..just breathe. Now reach out. What do you see?”




We see two shots of Ahch-To.




There are rocks swirling around Rey’s hand. She speaks:




“Light” (image of Leia from behind). Is that the map to Luke from TFA?



“Darkness” (image of Kylo Ren’s destroyed mask, we hear Vader’s breathing)



“A balance” (light shining on old books). The books are surrounded by something that looks like wood.



Between the teaser poster Johnson just revealed at the panel, and now this as our intro to launch the trailers, this movie seems to be entering a new tone for Star Wars, where the lines between light and dark are blurred more than ever. Rey sees the light with Leia, she sees the darkness with Kylo Ren and Vader’s legacy looming, and says “a balance.”

While she says light we hear a whisper in the background:


Princess Leia: “Help me Obi Wan” (0:47)
Obi Wan: “Seduced by the dark side” (0:54)
Yoda: “Surrounds us” (0:59)


The books appear to be sitting in tree roots, which might be the roots of that Rebel symbol looking tree we’ve seen  on Ach-To in previously released set photos.


Force Tree


We also see a book with a symbol that looks like the symbol used to depict the Jedi Order. Obviously this symbol will be important since it’s also depicted in the newly released teaser poster.


Luke – “It’s so much bigger”



Thank to Cantina member AngelEyes here’s a great shot of the Journal of the Whills:



So there is definitely a chance that we see it implemented in the story. The Journal of the Whills was a journal that referenced the Jedi. A verse within the journal labeled 7:477 contained a poem concerning the dark side and the light side of The Force.


“First comes the day
Then comes the night.
After the darkness
Shines through the light.
The difference, they say,
Is only made right
By the resolving of gray
Through refined Jedi sight.”
―Journal of the Whills, 7:477



We then see a montage of action shots, here’s a breakdown:


  • Rey practicing with the lightsaber with Luke watching.




  • New Resistance/Republic fighters screaming towards approaching First Order walkers on what looks like a very dry, rock based, dehydrated planet, which has a strange red soil. It’s significance is unclear but it surely looks beautiful.



You probably remember the leaked image from a set located in Bolivia with the same ship:



Also EW spoke with director Rian Johnson, who revealed some interesting bits about this new planet, which name was confirmed to be Crait (first revealed by MSW):


It’s way out there. It’s uncharted. It’s a mineral planet and so there are mines on it.

According to Johnson, Crait is the site of an “an old rebel base there that’s now abandoned” and the planet was one of the first things he had in mind when planning The Last Jedi.

“It ends up playing a key role in the movie,” he says, adding that the Resistance fighters — flying in the skimmers seen in the trailer — “show up where they have to deal with a very pressing and immediate.”




  • Finn resting in a healing chamber, likely where we first see him at the beginning of the film. Could this be the now super famous Bio-Hexacrypt? 🙂




  • Poe and BB-8 running down a hallway (a Mon Calamari on the right), then towards his black X-Wing when an explosion seemingly engulfs it. What’s interesting is the very next shot is the Millennium Falcon shooting down and outrunning TIE Fighters. I think Poe Dameron is going to take over the Falcon!




  • Rey sprinting with her lightsaber




  • Kylo Ren pointing his lightsaber, a massive fire burns behind him. His right eye is scarred (from Rey in TFA) so this is present time, he still has his same rickety red saber, and he may use his mask/helmet less often.




  • Luke with R2 watching something burn. This looks a lot like the shot from Rey’s vision when Luke put his hand on R2 with a fire off screen. Perhaps this is a flashback to the moment The Knights of Ren destroyed Luke’s new Jedi Academy? Or maybe Rey’s vision was seeing the future and this event is happening in The Last Jedi!




  • Captain Phasma marches in with several First Order stormtroopers. This seems like a hanger of some sorts. Perhaps the same place where Poe’s X-Wing got destroyed.




  • We see stationary resistance ships set up above a planet, which looks a lot like Ach-To. A-Wings and X-Wings go flying by into battle.



Luke gives us the last line:


“I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end.”



If you lighten the image you will see a similar texture with the shot with the books. So this could really be inside the Force Tree.




Now Star Wars trailers haven’t always been chronologically accurate, to keep us wolves at bay, so it’s possible Luke says this early on and is convinced otherwise later. Time will tell.


What do you think of our breakdown? What else do you see in the trailer? Sound off below, let’s dissect this thing to it’s roots, to it’s rebel symbol shaped tree roots! I absolutely loved it, and I am sure you did to! The Force is with us all today!


“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”


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