'Good Morning America' Teases a Big Announcement Tomorrow for Star Wars' 40th Anniversary. - Star Wars News Net
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‘Good Morning America’ Teases a Big Announcement Tomorrow for Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary.

Just 4 days before Star Wars Celebration Orlando starts, Good Morning America is teasing a big announcement coming tomorrow for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. Read on for the details…






The video mentions that:


“Tomorrow Luke Skywalker and Rey together with a Star Wars announcement 40 years in the making.”



So most likely both actors will be there making the announcement. GMA airs between 7am – 9am EDT.


Last year a Rogue One trailer debuted during GMA. It’s obvious that this time it will be something about Star Wars in general. As we know The Last Jedi trailer will debut at Celebration Orlando, so it’s definitely not a trailer. So what could it be? Share your speculations below.