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Speculation: Has a Massive Spoiler Concerning the Mysterious “Bacta Tank” Scene in ‘Rogue One’ Been Revealed?


As our very own Grant Davis pointed out in a recent article, we may now have some more insight to the mysterious “bacta tank” scene from the first Rogue One trailer.  Read on for more…






When the shot shown in the title image above was seen in the first Rogue One teaser, speculation on what we were actually looking at started to roll in from rabid Star Wars fans from every corner of the Milky Way Galaxy.




Many fans have made mention of the similarities between the large capsule in the center of the frame and a bacta tank (a medical rehabilitation capsule used in the galaxy far far away to promote the healing of serious injuries).  The first of these tanks was seen in The Empire Strikes Back after Luke’s encounter with the wampa and his subsequent rescue by Han Solo (above). In the Kanan: The Last Padawan comic, both Kanan and his master, Depa Billaba, were also seen in a similar healing tank (below).




Because of these similarities, several fans have concluded, or at least theorized, that the glowing cylinder seen in the brief shot of the trailer is in fact a bacta tank, although this has not been confirmed by anyone at Lucasfilm. The presence of the red clad Imperial guards and the kneeling acolyte in the foreground seem to suggest that someone of great importance may be within the tank (if that is indeed what it is).




In a recent behind the scenes video focusing on the creatures of Rogue One, a brief shot of actor Ian Whyte, who plays the alien Moroff, is seen running in the bottom half of his suit towards the camera.  The possible spoiler here actually sits in the background of this shot, and fans are starting to get super excited about the implications.




Just behind the actor and to the right, you can see the naked torso of a bald human character (above image) with a breathing apparatus, similar to the one Luke wears in the bacta tank on Hoth. He also looks as if he is in some sort of stasis as he appears to be in an unconscious state. Also, if you look a little further to the right, you will notice a concept image on the board of the figure (below image).  It is clear from the image that the character here is intended to be without his limbs, and the similarities to a character that is very familiar to Star Wars fans has not gone unnoticed.




I believe that we are actually looking at the body of Darth Vader himself, stripped down to everything that remains of the body that was once the famed Jedi knight, Anakin Skywalker.  But what could this mean for Rogue One?  Time for some speculation…


So, if the prop in question is actually the body of Darth Vader in stasis, and he is actually within the capsule that we see in the trailer, how does he get there and how does this play into the film?




Could it be that the injuries Vader received from his former padawan Ahsoka Tano in the season 2 finale of Rebels have taken their toll on the Sith Lord, and we find him at the beginning of Rogue One in a state of healing?  It should be noted that Vader has not made an appearance on Rebels since his epic duel with Lady Tano.




We know that the film will be taking advantage of flashbacks for exposition of important plot points and backstories.  Could this be a flashback scene to Vader’s condition closer to the time of Revenge of the Sith? We know from the opening words of the Lords of the Sith novel (see excerpt below) that Vader eventually grew to embrace his armor and the constant pain of his disfigurement, as it gave him strength.  Yet, perhaps there was a time in his life, in the early years following the Clone War, when Vader sought to be free of his imprisonment within the suit that relieved him of his constant pain and suffering.




(from Lords of the Sith):


Vader completed his meditation and opened his eyes. His pale, flame-savaged face stared back at him from out of the reflective black transparisteel of his pressurized meditation chamber. Without the neural connection to his armor, he was conscious of the stumps of his legs, the ruin of his arms, the perpetual pain in his flesh. He welcomed it. Pain fed his hate, and hate fed his strength. Once, as a Jedi, he had meditated to find peace. Now he meditated to sharpen the edges of his anger.

He stared at his reflection a long time. His injuries had deformed his body, left it broken, but they’d perfected his spirit, strengthening his connection to the Force. Suffering had birthed insight…


…Once, he’d found the armor hateful, foreign, but now he knew better. He realized that he’d always been fated to wear it, just as the Jedi had always been fated to betray their principles. He’d always been fated to face Obi-Wan and fail on Mustafar—and in failing, learn.

The armor separated him from the galaxy, from everyone, made him singular, freed him from the needs of the flesh, the concerns of the body that once had plagued him, and allowed him to focus solely on his relationship to the Force.


It would appear that in the early years following Order 66, Vader would have desired to find healing and be free from the armor that he found “hateful” and “foreign”.  Perhaps he underwent a series of treatments in attempt to heal his broken body, before eventually coming to embrace his condition.  Whatever the case, the medicine does seem to have done him some measure of good, as the tissue on his torso seems to have healed tremendously from the last time we saw his charred flesh.




So, if Vader is in fact seen in a bacta tank in Rogue One, why is he there?  Is this is a result of his battle with Ahsoka?  Does he receive further injury in Rogue One that forces him to seek medical attention?  Or is this just a glimpse at the ongoing therapy that Vader has subjected himself to over the years since his dismemberment and abandonment by Obi-Wan?




The “injuries received from Ahsoka” scenario is probably an unlikely reason for Vader’s time in the tank as this would require a lot more explanation to the general audience, most of which have no idea that Anakin ever even had a padawan.  While the scenario is still possible, I think the flashback scene idea is most likely.  Even if this speculation is true, we still don’t know who the mysterious cloaked figure is in the shot, so there is still much more to be revealed about this scene when the film hits on the 16th. What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments below.



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  • Petar Ramljak

    That would be freaking amazing!!!

  • Mike

    Dudddeeee this is the stuff we need to see. More lore, more story, connectivity between old and new flicks.. Please be true

  • Aaron King

    I called something like this months ago as a subtle way to explain why Vader moves and fights so slowly in A New Hope. Still, the idea is beyond awesome and what a huge freakin’ leak for this to show up in a BTS video? Honestly, if you think about it, this feels as blatant a plant story as Disney has ever pulled.

    • Lugh

      Maybe Vader is near his best when we first see him in RO but then he gets injured and ends up in the bacta tank. If that’s the case then this scene will be near the end of the movie.

      • StoJa

        He probably goes into the bacta tank quite a bit. He’s permanently injured so he likely goes in the tank as a sort of rehab, like an athlete, regardless if he’s been in a battle or not.

        • Lugh

          You could be right, I’d also say Snoke helps him into the tank and then dries him off when he gets out.

          • OneMoreCoffee

            Supreme assistant Snoke

            • Hard Case

              Assistant to the Regional Governor

    • Uncle Deadly

      Lucas said in commentaries it’s b/c Vader is basically crippled.

  • Lugh

    The question has to be asked then, who’s the cloaked figure kneeling to Vader. I highly doubt any of the Imperials would be allowed to see him in such a vulnerable state. Could it be a secret apprentice, such a person would have to be a very SNeaky blOKE indeed.

    • StoJa

      Oh, shut up with the Snoke shit please. They already said he’s NOT in the movie. It’s a GALAXY far, far away…not a high school in a small town in Indiana where everyone knows everyone.

      • Lugh

        Oooohh get you, watch out everyone StoJa’s in town and he’s swinging that big handbag of his.

        • StoJa

          Right upside your stupid head. Maybe knock a dose of sense into it.

          • Lugh

            Nah, I’d easily evade you, and you’d never catch me in those high heels of yours, ya big raging queen.

            • StoJa

              Sounds like you have some homophobic issues you need to work out, kid.

              • Lugh

                Sounds like you have some comprehension issues. I simply referenced the anger you display in so many of your posts, which I happen to think stems from feelings of inadequacy – you don’t love yourself or the world and you feel the world doesn’t love you – probably because you haven’t been able to make enough money to afford the operation. Chin up kid, it’ll get better.

                • StoJa

                  You sure have a vivid imagination. Really invested in me, personally. Your not so veiled insults referencing gay and transgenders…..classy. High five yourself in the mirror. You’re awesome.

                  • Lugh

                    Oh dear, yet another tantrum throwing SJW, hysterically accusing anyone with an opinion they don’t like of being stupid or homophobic or whatever. Yawn!

    • Andy

      I always thought the cloaked figure kneeling in the first trailer was actually someone descending steps which you can’t see in that shot because of the camera angle. With this new info, I would theorise that the cloaked figure is Vader having removed the bulk of his suit on his way into the bacta tank.

      Alternatively the white cylinder may be a movie-screen and the bad-guys have just fast-forwarded the movie to see what happens next, but arrived at ‘now.’

    • Mik jacobsen

      Vader,about to get naked for the tank

    • Cw

      Maybe Snoke was Valders apprentice?

  • Kevin George

    That’s strong evidence for Vader being in the bacta tank. I just hope the scene hasn’t been cut. We haven’t seen it agin but maybe they decided they had shown too much. Fingers crossed that we see that scene in 11 days!

  • Paul

    If it is Vader, and the evidence seems to be going that way, I don’t think it’ll have anything to do with his fight with Ahsoka, as that takes place a couple of years before RO. The evidence also seems to be mounting that we won’t actually see Vader engage in a battle but he will just be there to oversee the final construction of the Death Star and won’t engage the rebels directly.

    I think it’s possible we could see Vader healing at the beginning of RO and the story of what put him in the bacta tank could be the basis for either a novel, comic, video game, or another stand alone film. Which would be interesting.

    I was personally hoping for a knockdown drag out fight featuring Chirrut and Baze versus Vader, that would be responsible for taking Vader out of play, and putting him in the tank, for the rest of the film, but that’s not happening.

    • StoJa

      What “evidence?” And how is it mounting? MSW showed leaked storyboards of Vader in action. There’s been reports that they may have had to “tone down” some his scenes because of the violence but nothing has said they’ve been scraped entirely. You also think Chirrut and Baze are taking out a Sith Lord to the point he has to be in a bacta tank? Come on….

      • Paul Slim

        if one person could do it it would be donnie yen! and we do know he doesn’t make it out of the movie

        • Paul

          And that was my thinking. If you’re going to take out Donnie Yen, who’s playing a character that is crafted to be a character that people will gravitate toward and will probably become a fan favorite, you have him taken out by the biggest baddie in the franchise, and that’s Vader.

          It also allows a nice little show of how BA Vader is, as a fighter in the suit, something we haven’t really seen in the movies, up to this point.

        • StoJa

          Yes, a blind man with a stick who, at best, has an ounce of force sensativity in his finger, is going to make Darth Vader even break a sweat. This isn’t a Donnie Yen bio-pic or Greatest Hits DVD.

  • David Michaels

    Uh…maybe its NOT a bacta tank? All the bacta tanks I’ve seen are surrounded by medical droids or equipment that go along with treating injured patients. This glowing cylinder has no visible silohette inside, and is located in an empty room. I can’t explain the bowing though…maybe Vader (or the Emp) is seated behind the glowing cylinder which is a power core of some source, like all the crystal energy being collected? I dunno, I just think its weird for someone to be bowing before someone in a bacta tank. I would think if Vader was in a vunerable state like that, it would be taken care of in a secret closed off section of a medical area.

    Plus, do you really want to submerge something that is “more machine than man” in water? It’s like putting a huge toaster in a bath tub.

    • StoJa

      You realize they take his suit OFF first, right…??

      • David Michaels

        His “suit” is one thing, but if you notice how they built him in ROTS, he is a cyborg and the machine parts are “part” of his body. Who knows though, they could totally disassemble him and put him in a tank before they rebuild him. All I was trying to say is MAYBE it’s not Vader in a bacta tank in that scene. We’ll all find out soon enough.

      • Andy

        yeah, I think that’s him in his bathrobe approaching the bacta tank. i wonder what he sings in the shower. Probably hums the Imperial march.

    • skygremlin

      That would be an interesting twist… Say what if it’s some kind of sith relic… Like a holocron in storage that will start another journey? Emperor, or vader is bowing…. Come on Bane or Revan… LOL

  • Pretty sure Krennic will betray and try to kill Vader, an obstacle on his way to the top. Unfortunately Vader will recover and seek revenge.

    • OneMoreCoffee

      If Tarkin prevented that it would go some way to explain the mutual respect in A New Hope.

    • Andy

      I don’t know, I figure Krennic just gets choked to death for losing the death star plans.

    • Uncle Deadly

      Krennic doesn’t have the sand to betray Vader.

  • Matex

    well the most puzzling thing is the fact that they made a wax prop for the scene, I mean couldn’t they get Hayden in make up for the scene to keep continuity in tact? plus, the body looks like a 20-25 yo to me and Vads is 41 in RO/ANH.

    • Remy Verhoeve

      Yeah…it actually looks like Hayden

    • OneMoreCoffee

      There are some rumors on Episode VIII that the bacta makes Finn even better than before. So maybe this is an extension of that. Also, when we see Anakin’s face at end of ROTJ it is after he has had the lightening treatment – which had a notable effect on Palpatine’s appearance in ROTS.

      • Uncle Deadly

        That would be weird b/c bacta didn’t make Luke better than before in Empire. It’s just for healing.

        • OneMoreCoffee

          Perhaps a few things were learnt from the empire after ROTJ. I mean the bacta tank in ESB was in a make shift rebel base in a snowy hell hole. It might be the lowest of the low when it comes to bacta.

          • Uncle Deadly

            Maybe, but when putting forth theories, you have to use what’s in the text, not what you imagine to be. There is no proof of bacta doing anything like that, so…I tend to dismiss it.

  • Remy Verhoeve

    All this speculation is for naught if it’s not a bacta tank! It certainly doesn’t look like the tank in ESB.
    Limbless Ani is interesting though..

    • Uncle Deadly

      It doesn’t have to be identical. The Empire might have different, better models than the Rebels.

  • OneMoreCoffee

    As posted elsewhere, I think that is Vader in the cloak without armor about to get into the empty bacta tank. He’s just kneeling to take his shoes/legs off. Imperial guards necessary because nobody else can be trusted to watch over him while his is regenerating. Youthful appearance of the wax model due to the hyper regenerative effects of bacta.

    • Remy Verhoeve

      How would he walk about without the armor? :)

      • OneMoreCoffee

        Use the force or some robot to levitate into the tank – for example. I am sure the dark lord of the sith does not just struggle crawl to the edge and kind of flop in.

      • Sid Vicious

        The force, oops, as mentioned below. In another Zahn book I read, Vader is chasing the rebels around the galaxy trying to find Luke, in between action scenes hey has this special bacta sauna he sits in and tries to stand using the force. And then gets out of the sauna and uses the force to hold his breath for like a minute or whatever. If he loses concentration of his hate, he fails. Eventually he would like to be out of his armour.

        • Uncle Deadly

          Was that Zahn? I thought that was the Luceno book, Rise of the Dark Lord?

          • Mr_Crankypants

            I think it was Shadows of the Empire….

          • Cw

            Really enjoyed Dark Lord…

      • John Taylor

        He has one of those cool-ass floating deals like Cliegg Lars in AOTC. He calls it over like a dog after he kneels. Or maybe he force calls it over or whatever.

  • 0315715

    I seriously doubt it has any connection to the animated series. There’s still a lot of people that don’t watch that show (me included) so it wouldn’t make any sense to include anything that would be connected to the Rebels cartoon that would be of any significance. As for a Vader flashback, I’m not convinced either, since I don’t really see how it would fit into the movie. But we’ll soon find out..

    • Bobby Sharp

      I hope there’s very little connection between Star Wars movies and any animated series going forward. I like Rebels enough – my boys and I have a great time watching it – but I like them existing in their own storytelling spheres. All of this stuff takes place in the same galaxy. And it’s all canon. We get that. So they don’t really need to be legitimized on film.

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      they could allude at it without going into great detail and those who want to learn more could watch the show to get the full scoop.

  • 0315715

    It could be that Vader still needs Bacta tank treatment and that’s him in there without all his cybernetics.

  • OneMoreCoffee

    Or maybe it is Palpatine in there. Master I am sorry to interrupt your bathtime but the rebel spies have stolen the plans. Then we will have the emperor not being as “forgiving” as Vader to Krennic. “You will pay the price for interrupting my bacta tank session…”

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      except that we didn’t see anything about ian mcdiarmid or even sam witwer(voice of palps on rebels) in the leaked credits.

    • Andy

      It’s not a bacta tank. It’s the death star ‘men’s room.’ That’s why the Imperial guards have such long robes, they’re hand towels for the Emperor.

  • James Bond

    My theory is that Vader will sustain some type of injury after kicking some rebel ass towards the end of the film….I think that would be a good transition as to why his lightsaber battle with Obi-Wan in ANH was so lame.

    • Bobby Sharp

      Nah. We don’t need that type of explanation. The fight was “lame” because it was filmed in 1976 between a big dude in a clunky suit and an old man. Let it be. It doesn’t need a backstory.

      • James Bond

        I would agree as an old school fan…but since the original trilogy, Lucasfilm made Count Dooku an old man who was a badass fighter, & Disney has cashed in on Vader through other cannon making him much more of a threat than in ANH. I agree with you 100% we dont need that, but Disney may disagree

      • Kicker2

        Kinda hard to do flips when the ceiling is 4 feet above your head.

      • The Original Drew #BAEROD

        But there was a guy in a suit in 1978 when they were filming ESB and Vader seemed to be powerful and quicker with his actions. I think this a really clever canon way to explain the fight in ANH. Just like one of the new canon novels explains why Carrie Fisher spoke in a posh accent in ANH. She was trying to mock Tarkin and his proper way. I think it’s really clever, to each his own though.

        • Bobby Sharp

          It’s tiresome. It seems like a real waste of energy attempting to explain and reconcile every little idiosyncrasy found in these old movies.

          • The Original Drew #BAEROD

            The whole movie is an attempt to reconcile half a sentence in the opening crawl. I am okay with the movie, and I am okay with it if it’s the direction they decide to go in.

            • Bobby Sharp

              Rogue One is an elaboration of half a sentence in the opening crawl, not a reconciliation.

      • The fight may appear lame now but there was nothing like it in the history of cinema at that point. An awseome black armored giant fighting an old wise man with lazer swords. I still love the dialogue exchange between them. A new hope and empire are masterpieces to me.

    • Uncle Deadly

      The fight was lame b/c it was an old man and a crippled dude in a suit.

      • James Bond

        That used to be the story to cover up a low budget 1977 sci-fi film’s action sequence…but now Disney cashed in on all this new Vader cannon that has him doing crazy shit…not to mention Dooku was roughly the same age as Kenobi. I wish they had just left it to your description, but all this new canon dilutes the films

        • NYJD21

          Precedent was already set with Dooku and Palpatine in the prequels.

          (Why hasn’t anybody done a Yoda remix of “Age Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Number”? Internet has been a failure).

        • Uncle Deadly

          It’s very important to remember it’s a movie as well.

    • The Original Drew #BAEROD

      This is my line of thinking as well. Yes there was an old man and a guy in a suit filming in 1976 but Vader seemed to be much more powerful with his movements in ESB so this definitely has some credence to it. I want to see Vader kick some ass in Rogue One and this definitely has given me some hope on that front.

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      lame if you hate subtext.

    • Mr_Crankypants

      How does that work if R1 ends minutes before SW begins?

  • Bobby Sharp

    If that’s actually a bacta tank and we see Vader in it, I’m not sure if it needs to be because of some recent fight. I always figured that Vader’s injuries, being so extensive as to necessitate permanent life support, would require something like this on a regular basis. If the movie shows this. Whatever. Fine. What I’d be concerned about is the individual that seems be bowing to the tank. As someone mentioned below, I’d be very much surprised if anyone were to be allowed to see Vader in such a precarious state.

    • Steven Lewis

      I agree, it could be simply Vader in the healing process akin to ESB. If so it makes the character in the cloak more interesting, after all Vader is at his most vulnerable like that.

  • Andy

    Nice detective-work there. I think they always said Vader was in the background on Rogue One. I don’t expect to see him doing any fighting outside of choking one or two senior staff members. I would suppose that when resting resting he might prefer to do so outside of the suit. Because he can’t live without the helmet he would possibly have to rest in a bacta-tank. I’d be surprised if he lets a couple of guards stand and stare at him while he’s at it though.

    Isn’t the Asokha duel a couple years before Rogue One? Not sure of the timeline as I don’t really watch Rebels, but I had thought it was set a few years prior to ANH.

    • Paul

      It is.

    • Yes. The Ahsoka duel happens 3 years before the Battle of Yavin. So Vader would have certainly healed from whatever injuries he sustained from that duel by the time we get to Rogue One.

  • Beau Franklin

    I don’t think it needs to be something like a flashback or even have a reason why we’re seeing it. I bet it’s just a quick scene like the scene from Empire where he’s informed they’ve arrived at Hoth. Someone probably walks in to report something, we see him in the tank, then cut to Vader appearing in full suit to receive the report.

    • Uncle Deadly

      This is most likely.

    • Robb

      Yeah. From the first time I saw that clip, I assumed it was Vader in the tank going through a routine bacta bath.

  • Mik jacobsen

    Mabye vader is a fish-pedicure enthusiasts

  • WackyBantha

    It’s a BANTHA tank, not bacta. I invented it.

  • Ramesses Brydson

    or the same place could also be working on SW 8 ?

  • Paul Hamer

    Maybe Vader is on Jedha when Krennic orders the firing….Vader uses the force and survives. Krennic thinks Vader is now dead and out of the way. Vader goes to recover from his injuries whilst Krennic at the end of the movie is having a bad day after losing the plans in the battle of Scarif….Krennic walks across the battlefield (as seen in the trailer through the water) knowing he has failed then hears Vader voice turns and Vader is stood there..and Vader deals with him..then an officer comes up to him and says several transmissions were beamed to a Blockade Runner during the battle…Vader commands his shuttle to take him to his Star Destroyer and begin pursuit……..Vader surviving the Death Star test fire would add more to the line ” the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force”

    • Mathew

      Great theory!

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      very interesting, thumbs up.

  • Kicker2
  • Kicker2
  • johntothepowerof10

    If this turns out to be true, I swear, I’m going to scream like a little girl in the cinema.

    • johntothepowerof10

      I did.

  • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

    One big problem with this theory: why would Disney let something this huge slip in the background of a video? If true, this would be the scene most heavily guarded.

    • Yoichi Masuda

      I believe they ‘PURPOSELY’ slipped this in the video.

  • vincanss

    Wish I’d leave these sorts of articles alone.

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      its too dang enticing to ignore unfortunately.

  • Quarax Toa

    I tweeted this to them last night, but if they’re not going to link to it: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/5gjvwu/could_this_be_vader_without_his_armor_on/

    • What does that mean? I can assure you that the author of this hasn’t seen this post. Is there more info there?

  • Kenobi


  • DiVader

    It’s a prank by Gareth.

  • Jerry Conaway

    I have thought since the beginning of the rumors of Vader’s armor being upgraded that it was him in the Bacta Tank. If he can’t live without the suit, then he would have to be in Bacta while his suit was being remanufactured.

    However, there is another possibility. It could very well be Palpy in the Bacta. He was what, in his 80’s or older during Ep. 4-6, and being burned by force lightning would have caused a lot of scarring and possibly internal issue over the years. Bacta treatments could have been a regular part of his regimine to keep him young and handsome while running the Empire in his senior years.

  • Mithrandir Olórin

    Remembering from interviews and theorizing a bit, I can put together:

    -Not much Vader in the movie

    -Krennic finds himself in a situation “they or us” regarding his position within the Empire.

    -There’s no Krennic in ANH

    -Vader in the Bacta tank

    -Vader in ANH (and I remember this line particularly pointed out by makingstarwars.net) : “There’ll be no one to stop us this time”

    I believe that early in the movie Krennic will fire the Death Star on Jedha knowing that Vader is on the Planet. In-universe, this is explained by his rivalry with the formal hierarchy of the Empire. Out of Universe, it’s a clever plot device to get Vader (a great screen-thief) out of most of the film, since most of the time he will be just floating in a Bacta tank recovering, only to reappear at the end to get revenge on Krennic (who “stopped him” from recovering the plans) and chase the Tantive.

    • Steve00020

      So Krennic is going to move up the Imperial ranks by killing the Emperor’s bestie? I think that’s not the wisest of plans.

    • Jerry Conaway

      The Emperor himself periodically tries to kill Vader to test his Sith-Manhood – it is their way. So if Krennic did it, it would just show Vader as weak and unfitting of the title. Next apprentice please.

      As for Krennic’s fate, I though he was the old dude sitting to the left General Tagge during the infamous Disturbed Faith scene in ANH.

      • Grand_Admiral_Dux

        i believe the old dude in the white uniform has been ID’d as wullf yularen, former admiral during clone wars and now ISB big wig.

  • Grand_Admiral_Dux

    no wonder vader looks so cranky when he pops in on krennic. they interrupted his soak.

  • Antonio

    Then who is the hooded figure? Palpatine? they said Palpatine is not gonna be in this film? did they lie about it? or is it someone else? Who knows. Cant wait to see this film.

  • botop

    Could be a large kyber crystal. Vader might’ve pulled it from a temple and the guards are watching it. The person kneeling could even be Erso. If you read catalyst, he develops a real devotion to the crystals.

    • botop

      But the evidence with the Vader body is pretty good. Maybe it’s a leftover Bane from Batman :-P

  • rebelgb

    The hooded figure is NOT Vader. Surprised noone picked up on this. Vader has never had a cloak covering his head, never. Even if he wears a different cloak in this movie than in others there is no practical reason for him to ever wear it up over his head.

    • Skywalker

      I don’t think anyone is saying it is.

      • Fazz

        Although Vader rocks the cloak in ROTS. But only his grandson needs a helmet and a hood.

    • Jerry Conaway

      I thought it was Krennic going to see Vader, The Emperor, or whoever else is in the Bacta tank. But then again, if the Director is up against ” a brick wall” in the Imperial heirarchy, then he would not be privy to seeing the uppers in their undies.

      WHAT IF, and a very large leaping stab what if, the person in the Bacta is Krennic at the end of the movie, after Vader has disected him. We don’t see him again because he becomes – wait for it – Snoke! It would explain a lot, such as Snoke not using the Force in TGA, and being familiar enough with Vader to recount first hands event of the Dark Lord’s disappointing turn from the Dark Side.

      Carry on.

    • Kicker2

      I think it’s too difficult to see and then maybe they aren’t done with the painting process yet.

    • Edward Canale

      It seems you forgot about this below. John Molo’s Concept for Darth Vader. And it can absolutely be re-used, cape with hood.

  • Steve Martin
  • GeekOut

    Man, I gotta get me one of those hot tub / bacta thingies!

    If this is truly Anakin, which it would seem to be based on the lack of limbs, why isn’t there a huge scar on the top of his head like we see in ROTS and ROTJ?

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      … the force? ;)

  • randyjdavis

    Cmon guys. Clearly this is vader in a sith robe entering the bacta tank. What do you think – he goes into the tank wearing his full vader garb? No, he disrobes and gets in.

    • TUD

      Considering the fact that his suit literally sustains his life AND has to be removed and replaced by machines, droid, I doubt that Vader could just casually take off his armor and get in the tub.

  • Steve00020

    My best guess…Vader summons Galen to chat about why the laser is taking so long because he knows the doctor is stalling. Maybe Vader motivates him by threatening to hunt down his daughter. Why Vader does this while in the bacta tank is a mystery. Then again, he hasn’t been shy about revealing injuries to subordinates in the past (or I guess it’ll be the future).

  • The guy in the scene is Smeagle, the giant not so sith dark lord. This scene us where he decides to embrace Vader pain and jumps into a duct system with fans. After that he is dark Smeagle. Bring he the girl, so I can make little skywalkers. Oh the power we will have.

  • GeekOut

    LFL does not release anything without a great deal of scrutiny, thus I cannot imagine that this slipped passed them and was released by mistake. They have to have done it on purpose. Now the question is why. Did they do it to give an Easter egg to die hard fans in advance of RO’s release? Did they do it to throw people off because this really won’t be in the film?

    I don’t think LFL plays games with their fans. They play straight. Thus, I don’t think it was to throw people off. That would disappoint a lot of people who now expect to see Vader without his armor. That leads me to believe this is for RO. Will we see an armorless Vader in a bacta tank? In a flashback? Injured from a battle in the movie? Who knows? At first I was disappointed to have seen this spoiler, but now it has made me more excited to see this movie!!!!

  • ob1adobe

    You guys have always been good about not spoiling to much. Because every time I click on one of your spoiler/speculative things, it’s so long I do not bother reading it

    • Hard Case

      Just look at the pictures. That should be spoilerific enough for you. :)

    • StoJa

      Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just….not click the link at all? MIND. BLOWN.

  • WackyBantha
  • Cw

    I agree with another comment that the hooded figure is vader preparing to go into the tank. He nor Palps would let anyone near him in this state. I don’t think it’ll be a flashback, but more like his sphere in ESB…

    • THEM!

      Unless Vader had a secret apprentice?

      • Tim

        That’s what I’ve been wondering all along!

      • Alexa Custard

        You mean like Snooki, or Snoogle (whatever his name is) from The Force Awakens?

  • MaxboxOne

    I think it’s the emperor coming to visit his monster apprentice he created. I don’t think we will really see the emperors face but just the back of him talking to the stasis anakin. I have been wanting to see this version of Vader for a really long time.