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New Rogue One South Korean Trailer With New Footage!


Just a few minutes ago we posted an article with a new TV spot and now we have yet another new international trailer with new footage of an attack on something that looks like a window of a planetary shield.





Here are some spectacular shots:


U-wing in hyperspace



Jyn has a collapsible batton.



Spacemonkey doing his thing.



AT-ACT getting hit by an X-Wing.





The Rebel fleet.




A very good suggestion here:
 had some previews in the past from the kids book Rogue One Mini Build, which mentioned this docking station:

The construction of the Death Star takes place on the distant world of Scarif. It would be a beautiful tropical paradise if there wasn’t a military installation. Whole districts were mined to build ships and materials for the Death Star. In near orbit there is a large docking station, capable of housing several Star Destroyers. The world is secured with an impenetrable planetary shield and is heavily guarded.


Rogue one international trailer