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Collider Jedi Council! Special Star Wars Celebration Day 1 Report


On this Special Edition of Collider Jedi Council:

Kristian Harloff interviews Perri Nemiroff on the first day from Star Wars Celebration, extensive discussion on the all-new Rogue One: A Star Wars trailer’ and sizzle teaser, a breakdown of the incredible Mark Hamill panel, information breakdown on the ‘Visual Dictionary’ panel, talk about the ‘Rogue One’ panel spoiler regarding a certain duo of characters and much, much more on a special edition of Jedi Council!





Don’t forget to send your questions on Twitter to @kristianharloff. Keep in mind the shows new hashtag of – #ColliderJediCouncil.




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  • Xtraflo Xsane

    I don’t understand the reason of having a Trailer at the event but not released officially to the world?

    • For people who paid their money and traveled there. They should have notified people that were streaming that they weren’t going to stream it or show it on ABC though. That supremely p****d me off.

      • Xtraflo Xsane

        I understand them having 1st look but it could have come out at some point today..
        Yea, very disappointing. .

    • Disqus729

      Ya I saw someone make a good point how people who go to the Superbowl aren’t pissed that they air the game live everywhere else. They went cause they want to experience the atmosphere and festivtiies and be there in person, and I doubt that because the game or in this case a trailer at star wars celebration gets released that the people who are there are going to feel that their experience was diminished in any way.

    • Weston Konik

      MAy be saving it for SDCC?

  • Robert

    I completely agree that the people who paid to get in to see the panels should get first look, but There has been so much information floating around as to when the rest of us fans would see the trailer that it’s a wild goose chase at this point.

  • facecheeks

    They may be waiting for the re-shoots to be finished before putting together a trailer for global consumption. Everyone probably lives now.

  • ob1adobe

    I had no idea about the falcon interior being larger than the exterior

  • Kenny Ritchie

    I don’t think we’ll see the full trailer until around September/October.

    • Hard Case

      Maybe mid-October when the advance tickets go on sale like they did for TFA?

      • I reckon around Force Friday, gotta sell that Vader merchandise

      • Kenny Ritchie

        Most likely I reckon. Wouldn’t surprise me if their marketing campaign mirrors last year.

        We got a really cool kick-ass Rogue One BTS. That should tie us over until the fall.

      • StoJa

        A month and a half before the movie? WTF. No.

        • Hard Case

          That’s what TFA did and it was non-stop tv spots until December 18th. I expect more of the same with Rogue One.

          • Kai Chen

            TFA had two teasers, though.

    • StoJa

      The first story trailer for TFA came out in April. The movie is in 6 months. Less than, actually.

      • Kenny Ritchie

        The full TFA trailer came out in October.

        • StoJa

          You’re right. I’m thinking of something else

          • Kai Chen

            You are thinking of the second teaser, which was basically a trailer. TFA had a short teaser in November, a long teaser in April and a full trailer in October and, a few days later, an international trailer, with some all-new footage spliced in and more story.

  • Dani Català

    The mentioned Darth Vader shot is a genuine Gareth Edwards style shot: Monster movie guy: suggests rather than showing. He did a fantastic job in Monsters, then he showed Godzilla as we never seen before, and now he will do the same with Vader.

  • Weston Konik

    They could be saving the Trailer for Comic Con?