Exclusive: J.W. Rinzler on the Status of "The Making of The Force Awakens", and George Lucas' Vision For The Skywalker Saga - Star Wars News Net
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Exclusive: J.W. Rinzler on the Status of “The Making of The Force Awakens”, and George Lucas’ Vision For The Skywalker Saga


Yesterday, author J.W. Rinzler, author of The Making of Star Wars;The Making of The Empire Strikes Back; The Making of Return of the Jedi; and The Making of Revenge of the Sith; took some time to sit down with SWNN and discuss the Star Wars franchise, as well as the process of what went into making each book. As we discussed the Original Trilogy and the several conversations he had with George Lucas while compiling his books, I thought it would be interesting to see what he thought of The Force Awakens and if he’d ever had conversations with George about the sequel trilogy he envisioned. Because of the current status of the manuscript he co-wrote for The Making of The Force Awakens, Mr. Rinzler didn’t feel comfortable divulging anything specific, but he did mention something interesting. Take a look at the transcript below.


Link to the full interview HERE.


SWNN: Were you working on a “Making of…” for The Force Awakens?


Rinzler: I was with them (Lucasfilm) right up until the release of the film. My last day was December 31st. And um, yeah, I did a manuscript of The Making of The Force Awakens with Mark Vaz. I’m not the spokesperson, you know, I’m not sure what the last thing they said, in terms of what’s happening with the book. I think they have delayed it. For, you know, whatever reasons.


SWNN: Were you on The Force Awakens set as much as you were on Revenge of the Sith?


Rinzler: I wasn’t on the set at all. Mark Vaz was. We kind of split up duties in a way, that’s one way of putting it. He was on the set, I forget exactly, but at least a few weeks, and so he got a lot of eye witness stuff. Aside from that, probably better if I don’t say anything.




SWNN: I was wondering if you ever, in talking with George, obviously before he sold the company to Disney, if he ever talked about his intentions for the Sequel Trilogy? You know, what his broad strokes would have been for the Skywalker saga, essentially.


Rinzler:  He did, but given how he’s said they didn’t really follow his ideas, it’s for him to say. Because the book has been delayed, I really don’t think I can talk about it–except to say that when the book does come out, if it’s as originally written, fans will learn a lot more.


SWNN: That’s fine. I just thought I’d throw that out there. You said that from December 31 you no longer work at LFL. Does that mean that the book will be finished without any further contribution from you, and will you be still listed as one of the authors as it is right now on Amazon?


Rinzler: I’ll still be one of the two authors, me and Vaz, at least that’s my assumption.  When they are ready to go I assume I’ll be asked to help finish up, etc.


SWNN:  Is there any chance to see you back working with LFL and doing some future Star Wars projects, or your divorce with them is final? Is there a place for compromises?


Rinzler:  I wouldn’t call it a divorce; it was just time for new and younger folks to carry on and time for me to go freelance, for personal reasons, too.  It’s possible I’ll do another book or two with Disney/Lucasfilm, yes.


We will have a transcript of the interview early next week, but we thought it would be fun to share this interesting bit. Pretty cool to think we may one day learn what George’s intentions for the sequel trilogy were. I’ve been interested if any of George’s ideas ended up in The Force Awakens since I heard his original treatments were passed over in favor of the Arndt, Kasdan, and Abrams script. Looks like that’s a very strong possibility!


Stay tuned for our full interview next week with many more interesting bits from Mr. Rinzler.