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Winners! SWNN Giveaway: Celebrating the Home Release of The Force Awakens with 8 Awesome Prizes.


The time is finally upon us. The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a monumental event for all Star Wars fans. Being able to see the film in theaters, enveloped in the soft glow of the screen, and surrounded by cheering audiences was a great return to the previously dormant franchise. But, now what many fans have been waiting for is within our grasp.


Now we get our chance to own the movie. Our chance to get the number of viewings from the tens into the hundreds. To dissect every frame, to freeze on every new species and location, to examine every special feature and behind the scenes tidbit. This is where we take The Force Awakens from new, to familiar, to ingrained in our minds for all eternity, and I for one can’t wait.


So, in honor of the occasion, SWNN will be doing what everyone likes best. Giving away free stuff. And we have some real good stuff to give away this time. There are no restrictions for your geographic location and you don’t need any social accounts. Just answer a simple question and you’ll have a chance to win one of the following 8 items.



Sphero BB-8 – This little guy is $150 worth of awesomeness and is supplied by our friends at! Wellbots is the go-to online retailer for drones, cleaning robots, wearables, home automation, smart audio & video products, and more. Wellbots have not only 1, but 2 Sphero BB-8s for our readers. The second one we will give away in a later contest on SWNN.



3 TFA Blu-rays (Special Target or Disney editions) – 1 of the Blu-rays will be given to a member from our Cantina message boards, who is actively participating in our Cantina party thread, celebrating TFA Blu-ray release HERE .

The other 2 Blu-rays are part of the main competition that you can enter below.



2 TFA Soundtracks – Every fan should have a physical copy of John Williams masterful work! (1 copy for the Cantina)



2 The Original Trilogy Graphic Novels – Witness the OT like you have never before with this newly released graphic novel. (1 copy for the Cantina)



To enter the competition please sign in the form below and tell us in the comments section which of TFA Blu-ray special features are you looking forward the most, and why? (you can read our review and see what the special features are HERE)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Again there are no restrictions for your geographic location, and you don’t need to have any social accounts. The Twitter option from the form is optional and you can do it each day. The contest will run until the release of TFA Blu-ray on April 5. Good luck.


Note: This contest is our idea, and we’re in no way affiliated with anyone to promote the home release of the movie.






The six lucky winners have been picked. You can see their names in the form above.

Livvy T. gets the big prize – Sphero BB-8 supplied by Wellbots
James T. – gets TFA Blu-ray from Target or Best Buy
Josh M. gets TFA Soundtrack
Josh gets TFA Soundtrack
Jake A. gets The Original Trilogy graphic novel
Justin S. gets The Original Trilogy graphic novel


The winner from the comments section who gets TFA Blu-ray from Target or Best Buy is

The winner from The Cantina who gets TFA Blu-ray from Target or Best Buy is @Qui-GON29


Congratulations to all winners. We will contact you for your shipping details.


Stay tuned for a brand new giveaway contest in just a few hours time. Also in about a week we will run yet another giveaway with the second Sphero BB-8 unit!