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UPDATE! Behind the Scenes of The Force Awakens – Things You Might Have Missed!

07 Crashed elite TIE

I am sure that many of you still can’t get enough of the exceptional footage, J.J. Abrams and company shared with us, during the Lucasfilm panel at Comic Con. I am sure you’ve already watched the behind the scenes video numerous times, but still read on for some minor details that you might have overlooked…







NOTE: This article will include some of the leaked concept art that was confirmed by the BTS video.




It’s really remarkable to see that most of the things that were revealed, actually leaked in the past, one way or another.


01. Very recently we exclusively showed you that Admiral Ackbar and Nien Nunb will appear in The Force Awakens (HERE). And here comes the official confirmation:


55 Nien Nunb

54 Admiral Ackbar


And while this was pretty obvious, another quick shot from the video confirmed another story we recently shared with you. As you probably remember we revealed that actor Ken Leung is playing a Resistance general in the movie (HERE). Take a look at the next screen capture:


44 B Ken Leung


The person in the foreground is Ken Leung’s character we told you about. We had a much clearer look at the character, but we can confirm that this is him – the same uniform, the same belt and the same hair cut and color. And as you can see, he indeed appears to be of high rank since he is talking with Leia (next to him).


And this image is another confirmation that C-3PO’s left hand is red in the movie.




02. Who is Maz Kanata? Well we know that Lupita Nyong’o is playing Maz Kanata and that she was doing a motion capture for the character. Recently two concept arts with the character leaked, and while they both looked similar, the BTS video showed that these are 2 separate characters.


Concept Art


One of the concepts is a perfect match with this creature shown in the BTS video:


32 Creature


This is obviously not Maz Kanata since it’s a puppet with an actor inside.


Before we proceed I suggest you first read THIS info from one of our sources from 5 months ago. According to him Lupita filmed her scenes on her knees with CGI markers on her face. Also Lupita’s scenes were filmed twice, once with Lupita and once with a “little person”. That little person was probably operating the animatronic puppet shown below (that also perfectly matches with the second concept art):


12 Maz Kanata


Notice the software being used, it’s called FaceShift. It’s used to do a very basic mocap using a stereo camera (seen above the computer screen). The mocap data can then be remapped in realtime on any type of different character. This data is then used to control the animatronic. (via Cantina member Altgr0160).


Keep in mind that this technology is different from the actual mo-cap equipment that Lupita was wearing:




The creature from the second image also matches with one of the early leaked concept arts:




Of course there is always a chance that they decided to use another concept for Maz, like they did with Kylo Ren (further below). But this was the initial plan of how Maz will look. And really although just partial, the second teaser still has the best look at Kanata, and she doesn’t look like either of the two creatures from above:


Maz Kanata


By the way during the LFL panel J.J. Abrams revealed that they didn’t write the roles of Finn and Rey to be any color, meaning that both characters are most likely not related to any of the old characters, since race was irrelevant. The concept above supports that, showing Finn as a white guy. Still I wouldn’t read too much into this. While this could have been the initial approach, things could have changed during the writing process.




03. After numerous reports on whether Simon Pegg will appear in The Force Awakens or not, finally comes the confirmation that he is in the movie:


37 Simon Pegg creature


You probably remember THIS report from 2014 when one of our sources told us that Simon Pegg will play an alien in the movie and will get his hand ripped off in a Cantina sequence.




04. Some cool creature concepts from the video:


40 Wolf character


The first concept in the top left corner reminds us to the Wolf characters the same source told us about HERE. And is that a Bossk art in the far left?


And even more cool designs:


28 B Pit CU


Is the one to the right a new version of the Pit Droid?




05. In one of the desert shots, you can see Rey with BB-8 (operated by the guy in green) and something that looks like a big dog droid:


Dog droid


The same droid can be seen on the cover of the upcoming “Look and Find” Star Wars book:


Robot Dog 02


It looks like a funny character that Rey and BB-8 are probably playing with?




06. Interesting progression of Rey’s position in the Millennium Falcon.


First she is in the co-pilot seat:


62 Ridley co-pilot


Then she flies the Falcon:


48 Rey Piloting the Falcon with some crazy moves


Obviously it was Rey who did those crazy moves from the first teaser. Also notice the IMAX cameras on the rig. This is definitely the one IMAX sequence they recorded.


And finally Rey is in the pilot’s seat with Chewbacca as the co-pilot:


29 Chewbacca & Ridley


And no Han…




07. Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers land on Jakku:


25 Kylo Ren enters


Poe Dameron is there too with his X-Wing:


24 Oscar Isaac and X-Wing


Poe Dameron is captured. He looks tortured. This could explain the bruises he had in the first teaser trailer.


14 Poe Dameron on SD


Also notice the jacket he is wearing. It’s the same one that later Finn acquires:




I would suggest you read THIS story from January for a better understanding of the whole situation.




08. You can see the exact same images that leaked last year behind TFA Production Designer Rick Carter:


35 Rick Carter and art


Now we are not saying that Rick leaked those, but it was probably someone with access to this room. 🙂




09. These guys look cool:


46 Running creatures


Their look highly resembles this unused Kylo Ren art:




And they look to be involved with this sequence:




Could these be the martial art guys from Indonesia?




10. And last but not least, here’s an exclusive first look at the R2-KT, pink Astromech droid. 🙂


30 B Pink R2-D2



(click on the images for bigger version)








There are lots of other bits that I left out from the report thinking they are pretty obvious. But due to the many requests, I will post them too in this update, risking to make this report too long and boring. 🙂




11. All the following shots were taken in Greenham Common. It’s where the Resistance base is:


57 Oscar Isaac rocky

56 B Leia rocky

52 C-3PO in CC


04 R2-D2 Rock compound

13 Mark Hamill in rocky compound


As you can see the walls completely match with the hangars seen in Greenham Common:




The BG behind Mark Hamill looks similar like in the other shots. It would be curious if Hamill was present during the Greenham Common shoot.




12. The Stormtroopers in the following shots are chasing some of the creatures from Maz Kanata’s Pirate Cove:


49 ST chasing

49 C Lizard creature

49 B Lizard creature


You can see the Puzzlewood forest in the back, where the scene was shot.





13. Bobbajo operator. (the creature from the Force for Change video)


36 Bobba Joe




14. The Carousel blueprint aka The Millennium Falcon.


42 Carousel




15. From concept…


07 Crashed elite TIE


…through miniature…


08 Miniature model


…to an actual prop!


09 Actual prop




16. Some AT-AT feet in the back:




Confirming Rey’s hideout, seen in the leaked concept art:






17. We have a reason to believe that this is actor Kiran Shah inside that costume:


Kiran Shah





And we can’t just move on without posting the following magical images in hi-res. 🙂


Mark Hamill


Han Solo


J.J. & Larry


Thank YOU J.J!