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Rumor: A Second Unit Star Wars Crew Had a Helicopter Incident in Iceland?

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An Interesting story appeared on a few Iclandic news sites. According to the reports a second unit crew had a small helicopter incident while filming shots for Episode 7…

It’s interesting that the incident happened weeks ago.

From (via Google Translate):

The helicopter landed in a mishap at Eyjafjallajökull. Crew were not injured. 
The helicopter , which is of type TF – HDW Ecureuil was in filming on the glacier. According to sources Dab Trés here to discuss taking a team of Star Wars VII under the direction of Marc Wolff , specializing in film grips from the air. Last Mission Everest Wolff was directed by Baltasar Kormákur.

And some interesting tweets:

The Star Wars filming crew had a small helicopter accident here in Iceland. Nobody was hurt. Happy May the 4th!
— Omar Hauksson (@Oswarez) May 4, 2014

@slashfilm A second unit helicopter crew has been shooting Star Wars in Iceland for a few weeks…
— Jóhannes Tryggvason (@josi_josi_josi) May 13, 2014

@slashfilm One helicopter crashed on a glacier. The crew was fine, but the chopper was wrecked. Unlucky start for SW.
— Jóhannes Tryggvason (@josi_josi_josi) May 13, 2014

@slashfilm hmm. Try this: aren’t any pictures of the wreck, anyway. Prod. co. kept a tight lid on things.
— Jóhannes Tryggvason (@josi_josi_josi) May 13, 2014

@slashfilm news item says that the crash was the SW crew and names the 2nd unit director, Marc Wolff.
— Jóhannes Tryggvason (@josi_josi_josi) May 13, 2014

Source: SHH Forums 

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