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UPDATE! New Star Wars: Rebels Plot Details and Characters Revealed. Meet the Stubborn Droid Chopper!


Several new Star Wars: Rebels plot details and character names have been revealed. Also meet the new droid character called Chopper and check out what Dave Filoni said about the upcoming series…

One of JediNews‘ sources shared this interesting info about Rebels:

On board the Ghost we will encounter:
– Kannan Jarrus
– Hera Syndulla – a Twilek whose family we have met before, and may well meet again.
– Zeb – the gunner, and trusty sidekick.

On board the Phantom we will encounter:

– Ezra Bridger – a renegade Imperial Cadet, who learns of their Force sensitivities through a highly sought Holocron – the very item The Inquisitor is commanded to retrieve by his Emperor. Bridger dresses in some customised Imperial gear.

It looks like Hera Syndulla’s family will be the bridge between Clone Wars and Rebels. Anyone remember her family’s part in Clone Wars?


A video introduction of the new Rebels character Chopper:

And here’s a new interview with Clone Wars director and Rebels producer Dave Filoni where he discusses the much anticipated TV series. 
(The Google translation is from German.)

What will be the biggest difference between the new series and Clone Wars?

I think that the animation style has most changed. The look of Rebels is more similar to the original Star Wars trilogy, while Clone Wars refers more to the new trilogy. We will see many things that are popular in the Star Wars universe, but long gone were seen. The Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, and the stormtroopers – basically back the empire and that is the big change that we’ve seen for a long time only the Republic in action. The whole tonality is thus different. Clone Wars was just towards the end, with the fall of the Jedi Order, more and more gloomy as we get with the old joke Rebels and the geschwindikeit the original parts.

Will there be any connections to the new Star Wars movies?

One can not say difficult. It is all still in the process. The stories are temporally considered just too far away from each other to make a direct connection. Connected, they are of course the fact that they are all part of the universe and of history strand.


What is so special about the new character will be introduced today – Chopper?

We always say that if Artoo resembles a dog, a cat chopper accordingly. This means that chopper does things on which he has just lust. He’s a little stubborn and irritable. I think Chopper will provide a nice change from R2D2. It is really like Chopper – at least cat people will love him.

Why you should watch the series?

I think you will like the characters and their adventures. It is simply a classic Star Wars narrative structure. Our heroes are nevertheless pursued by the mighty galactic empire and I think you will really immerse yourself in the story and want to follow what is happening week after week.

Source: moviepilot