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Kathleen Kennedy, George Lucas and Daniel Day Lewis Had a Meeting?

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OK, this is just a rumor. It really sounds incredible, but oh boy… if this is true…

The latest rumor coming from Twitter. According to Latino Review’s El Mayimbe:

FREE STAR WARS (maybe) TWITTER SCOOP! Kathleen Kennedy & Lucas had lunch w/DANIEL DAY LEWIS @ Bistro in San Rafael this past Thursday. RT
— elmayimbe (@elmayimbe) September 21, 2013

I know it’s just one post but this really deserves a separate article even if there is a slightest chance to see Daniel in Star Wars.

Still I think it’s fare to post one recent reaction to all Latino Review’s rumors that have been pouring the web in the last few weeks.

From Meghan O’Keefe:

Okay. It’s time to unleash insider knowledge.
The Latino Review is so despised amongst high ranking producers that they let their minions unleash batshit crazy rumors to the Latino Review for kicks. Oh, and I have it on good authority that one big nerd studio hates this site so much that should a big story actually leak to them, the studio head purposely kills whatever the casting call or plot leak was and has his team go for Plan B. To FUCK with Latino Review.
They can be on sometimes, but only if the film studio doesn’t change their mind or or if the film studio isn’t fucking with them.
Now, they can be right. So, this could be true. But much like a tarot reading, it could change tomorrow.
So…just know that when you read or reblog Latino Review? Like they do have spies…but their spies are up against more than the usual ones. I’m totally going to read their scoop…but with THE BIGGEST GRAIN OF SALT. As should you.

Whatever people say Latino Review scored some pretty impressive scoops regarding the Marvel’s movie universe. 
You should take this as you like. Still it’s better than nothing. And rumors and speculations always make the time past quicker. 🙂