Lucas Talks About His Involvement With Episode 7.

Access Hollywood caught up with the legend at the Governor’s Awards on Saturday, where he explained what his duties as a “consultant” on the highly-anticipated seventh film will be, following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms.

“[If the filmmakers ask],‘Who’s this guy?’ I can tell them,” he told Access at the event in Los Angeles. “I mean, they have a hundred encyclopedias and things, but I actually know a lot. I can say, ‘This is this and this is that.’”

But answering questions about the more remote characters of his beloved galaxy may be where George’s involvement ends.
“Basically I’m not — I don’t really have much to do,” he said.
George’s longtime friend Steven Spielberg previously told us he wouldn’t consider directing “Episode VII” as it’s not his “genre,” and George — though he said the “Lincoln” director is “probably the most brilliant director working in the business today” — laughed at the idea of Steven helming the sci-fi giant.
“I’m pretty sure he’d never want to do that!” George told Access, when asked if he’d give his blessing for Steven to direct a “Star Wars” film if the director ever has a change of heart. “I don’t think he’d want to.”


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