Jimmy Smits Talks Star Wars.

In a recent interview Jimmy Smits aka Senator Bail Organa from Episode II & III talked briefly about the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm:

Having been a part of the Star Wars universe with the prequels, what are your thoughts on the Disney purchase and whether you’d like to be involved in the new movies?
SMITS: Wow. That’s interesting because my kids were the ones that told me. They started texting me because I didn’t know. They must be on blog sites, or something. You know, congratulations to George [Lucas] because that was a mega-deal. It’s great that it will live on in a different kind of incarnation. He built that, in so many ways, and not only built that franchise, but because of the success of the franchise, he was able to do so much for the film industry. One of those films was the prototype of that HD camera that we were using. He pushed the envelope, in so many technical ways, and not only with regard to the film industry. He’s got a lot of balls that he’s juggling, so it’s a good thing that he was able to find a way to pass that franchise on. Of course, there are more stories to tell. You look at the 007 franchise, and it’s gone on for 40 years. There are a lot of people that have grown up watching that, so I know that he didn’t just pass that on without a lot of caveats. There will be involvement with George, down the line. As far as I’m concerned, my character was gone. But, if they want to call, let them call.

 Source: collider.com

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