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Exclusive: First Look at Luke Skywalker from The Force Awakens!

Teaser Trailer

If you were wondering how Luke Skywalker will look in The Force Awakens, we have the answer. (“Chewie… punch it!”)








Note the light color scheme. Now granted, it may be a bit of a visual red herring (there was much talk during pre-production of ROTS about giving Grievous a white cape, to reflect the use of the color white to symbolize death in certain cultures) but perhaps this lays to rest rumors about Luke having lost his way or turned outright evil. It certainly brings to mind the light-side Jedi garb from the old Knights of the Old Republic video game.


However, it also doesn’t resemble the costume worn by whomever is seen putting his or her cybernetic hand on Artoo in the second teaser, so… speculate away, friends!



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  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like Jesus. Or Moses.

    • Anonymous

      I think they’re gonna go for that wise-man feel with Luke

      • JAH

        You think?

        • Disappointed

          Pretty lame effort if distraction is the goal… Just makes Luke look dumb. I thought JJ cared about these characters?!?

          • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Makes sense. One fictional character looking like two other fictional characters…

      • Ignorance at it’s finest

        You are aware that Jesus and Moses were both real people…right? Whether or not you believe the stories, they were living, breathing people.

        • Your mom was great last night

          Fucking douchebag

        • Gabriel

          we have the same evidence to support those 3 characters existence, only books and movies.

        • Babajoe Must Die

          I have strong evidence that Spiderman is a real person too… it says so in comic books!

          You Jesus and Moses believers cannot dig up a scrap of evidence that historically links these two people as real, and I’m not talking about documents made years after both individuals had died.

          • khanthiilas

            um same can be said for most ancient people, prove to me Julius Caesar actually lived or Ghandi, or Ghengis Khan, thats a week argument.

            • Anonymous

              Um Ghandi wasn’t ancient, there are photos of him

              • Clumsy Thumbs McCoy

                Whoops tried to hit “like while using my iphone, and hit “”report comment” instead……Sorry ’bout that, bro….Hopefully they’ll see it was a mistake.

              • Anonymous

                Fakes all of them!

        • The Cohen

          I’m not wading into the historicity of figures in the Tanakh, but religious Jews most definitely believe that Moses was a real, living, breathing person. I’m a cultural Jew, and I know very well what religious Jews believe. You’re spouting terrible misinformation about Jewish people, friend.

        • Reality Check

          Doesnt take much brain power to do some research into if Christ or Moses existed.


          The intolerance of the non-religious kids here is sad. But we live in such times that if you don’t think like them and their narrow world view…you’re an outcast.

          So be it. I’d rather be an outcast with millions of others..laughing at the fact that when you face death, you fools will be searching for a God, Deity, Flying cat in the sky…and maybe one will answer. Then again, maybe not.

          You don’t know anything, and neither do the believers. That’s where faith and hope come into play. Atheists put their faith and hope into only what they can see and touch. Religious folks tend to be more philosophical about life and the meaning behind it.

          In other words, atheists are boring as shit.

          • NYCS

            For people who supposedly hate preaching, atheists sure won’t shut the frak up about what they don’t believe.

            • Anonymous

              And there you go. Trying to divide people, you started to make a bit of sense until you labeled someone else as boring as shit. Discrimination and if your not with us then we don;t want to know you, religion is cause of many bad things this is one of them.

              • Anonymous

                Calling someone boring might just mean that he or she is actually boring so get of your high horse and try to form a valid opinion and stop sitting on the fence.

            • aras volodka

              LOL how mild mannered a Christian you are!

          • aras volodka

            At we don’t worship a celestial dictatorship :)

          • Anonymous

            Most atheists I know, including myself, think just about anything is possible. So, while some are wasting their time with one potential meaning to the universe that was conceived thousands of years ago, many atheists are discussing unlimited potential theories, which certainly isn’t boring.

            Ultimately, the difference is, without proof, I wouldn’t dedicate my whole life to one belief system, and then try to institute public policy based on it. THAT is boring.

        • Ree Yees

          Moses is definitely a fictional character, do some research (and no, research done by theologians does not count). Jesus is doubtful, but not conclusively disproved.
          Your claim is akin to claiming Gandalf was a living, breathing person.

        • Anonymous

          This isn’t actually true, history makes no reference to Jesus ever existing outside of the bible. It doesn’t mean he didn’t exist, just means we cant be certain he did. That is all.

          • Dude in a hat

            Not true, the Romans remembered and mentioned him in contemporary record –

            call him what you will, Joshua [or as the romans would say, Jesus] of Nazerath was a real dude.

            And here’s an Athiest’s view after exhaustive studies on the Shroud of Turin

            • aras volodka

              LOL the shrowd of turin is not real. It’s a confirmed “forgery”.

              Jesus the man was real, but he was by roman accounts completely insane. Several of his followers made appearances in Roman courts & they were not right in the head either. Picture a friendly version of Charles manson/ hanging out with hippy friends doing whatever narcotics were available to them at the time.

              Moses was definitely a mythological character, he never existed. There is no proof of his existence seeing as to how everything said about him was by word, writing didn’t exist in the middle east in the era he would have lived.

            • Anonymous

              Hey dude in a hat. The New Testament says that Jesus had a body cloth and a separate face cloth. By simple deduction of logic , if the Gospels are true then the Shroud is false. Since the shroud of turin is one cloth that covered the whole face and body. I am a Christian and I really couldn’t care less about the shroud of turin.

              There is enough historical evidence surrounding Jesus that you would have to deny all of written history since before you’re own birth in order to be consistent with a view that Jesus never existed.

          • C

            You should read Josephus, the first century Roman-Jewish scholar…

          • Anonymous

            Actually, there are many historical records that document Jesus and Moses as real people. Not just theologians but documentarians (people who record events and people for historical purposes) the only records we have of our founding fathers is from books and movies as well. So you are arguing that Jesus and Moses are fictional based on the same records keeping practices as all historical figures, therefore no one exsisted before you were born because you didnt actually see them.

          • Anonymous

            Read Josephus, he most certainly wasn’t a pro-Christian either.

        • Deano

          Well, it is likely Jesus was a series of stories from lots of different people, the Bible has lots of hidden meaning and is used as a tool to brainwash people, including every other religion, it’s likely the events in historic books are based on extra-terrestrials visiting and controlling the planet, good and bad, research the Archons for more info.

        • Anonymous

          Ok not to be an ass but no one can truly prove they were real so believe what you want but dont say it as if its a fact….when it’s not. Batman on the other hand must be eal he has more books than jesus and moses

          • Anonymous

            Jesus is real. My parents have been to Israel walked where he walked. They stood where he was crucified and they sat in his tomb that is still empty because he is not there because he rose from the dead just as he said he would

            • Rathomir

              you can’t be that gullible?

            • Anonymous

              well funfact is that there is a huge chance he went back to India because he got rescued.
              What back to India? Yup it seems to be pretty solid that he went to India that time and that was a time where the Buddhists still had a massive presence

      • Nice.

        You just like to piss people off don’t you

      • Larry

        Well, your assumption that Jesus and Moses are fictional characters is just your opinion.

        • Anonymous

          and your assumption that Jesus and Moses are real is your own opinion, the bible is not something you can use to base evidence off of, what fact does it supply other than it was interpreted from a different religion’s book and changed in many times and miss translated, but besides that it is a book, why do you believe the words of a man 2,000 years ago but not that of a man today who has science and rational thinking to explain thunder instead of stories passed down by just as miss-informed people before them.

          Not to hate on religion but you have no right sighting it here hoping to school us, grow up and see the light.

          • Anonymous

            Well said.

            • The Dude

              Yeah, almost nailed the spelling too…

        • Kylo Ren

          This is a webpage about star wars- not an argument about whether Jesus existed or not

      • Anonymous

        The intolerance here is disappointing. Do you really need to make a snarky remark every time someone posts something slightly religious? It seems to me like you feel you have an obligation to bash religion every chance you get.
        I am not trying to lecture you about how wrong Athiesm is, obviously. I am asking you to show some tolerance towards a comment that meant no harm to you in any way- a comment that rightfully should be “liked”, or simply scrolled past.
        It is intensely sad that I am posting this comment on a Star Wars news site. Actually, I can sort of relate to your need to mock religion; I have a need to defend it. It is merely human nature to be assured that we are correct in our worldview, and we will take unnecessary measures to comfort ourselves. I hope that in the future I can fight the need to make comments like this. I just really want you to reconsider what you are doing.

        • Anonymous

          Religious people are like practical effects: they’re everywhere and we have to put up with them in recent star wars conversations.

          • Agelessnate

            Woah! What’s up with the religious hate?? Never expected it from open-minded Star Wars fans, a film dripping with the spiritual. I know there is a God and the spiritual is very real. All I can ask is that you keep an open mind. This is one of the reasons I love Star Wars. I feel it speaks to us all on a spiritual level. There’s more to us then this crude matter.

            • Anonymous

              This board sure has a metric ass ton of lost souls on it.

        • Anonymous

          I do not feel inclined to start a religious debate. In fact, my comment was encouraging others to stop debating.
          I am not a child molester, sir. I am only about 15 myself…

        • wizr4it

          Do you believe in the ocean? No matter whether you do or you don’t, you step in it, you’re gonna get wet. And I’m sure you know: Reality doesn’t care if you believe it.

        • Anonymous

          And you sound like a Fedora wearing neck beard.

        • Anonymous

          Historians actually believe the Bible to be the most historically accurate book ever written. They have used it to piece together the histories of the areas mentioned in The Bible. So yeah safe to say Moses, Jesus, Noah, Adam and Eve are all real

      • Anonymous

        ((Makes sense. One fictional character looking like two other fictional characters…)))
        You are so retarted… that is a stupid thing to say. Someone with a small brain obviously

        • Dagobah brain

          Hey religious man,

          I believe the world was created by a giant green alien with 300 eyes and two heads….

          What? Are you thinking I am “wrong?” How dare you criticize my religious beliefs. And prove me wrong while you’re at it. I’ll be waiting for your answer…

        • vrfdbdb

          learn how to spell retarded you retard
          people who watch movies with the force in them and ghosts who dont beleive in God;)

          • Anonymous

            You misspelled believe…

      • Ynnek

        Ok, first off, no one knows how Jesus or Moses looked, secondly, we do know they were real. The Bible is an eyewitness account of it, historically we also know Jesus existed and died. Early Christians beleived that Jesus rose from the dead and even risked their lives because of it, and these are the people who witnessed his death. Ultimatly both Luke and Jesus are cool, but only one anwsers the ultimate questions such as the problem of Good and Evil as well as if can I be forgiven. Just my two cents!

        • Tim

          Actually, no I witnesses wrote down what they saw. The very first written account of Jesus came from a Jewish historian. The second was from Saul, and Jewish man who persecuted and murdered maybe thousands of Christians, who would later become the Apostle Paul, the man single handily charged with distorting Jesus’ real message. Paul never met Jesus, and those who knew him, tried to have Paul killed. Jesus own brother hated Paul. This is in the Bible.

          However, after Paul, no Gospel was written until at least 40 years after Jesus died by men who had never met Jesus. All the original scriptures that differ were destroyed.

          And of those who wrote Gospels, one was written 200 years after Jesus died. All the Gospel don’t even agree on who Jesus was. If not for Paul and the author of Gospel of John, Jesus would be a much different character today.

          Also, whoever said not from theologians, that was silly. Scholars and some theologians are the ones who have unveiled the real Jesus.

          • Anonymous

            Actually Saul did meet Jesus…on the road to Damascus…know the Bible before you try to quote from it

          • Anonymous

            plenty of “eye” (not I) witnesses wrote down what they saw. Matthew, Mark Luke and John.

      • Anonymous

        No reason to be rude or insulting. Your comment waa lame.

      • Tim

        The Jewish historian Josephus mentions Jesus on multiple occasion. What Jesus wasn’t was a savior of the world. He was one of hundreds of Jewish revolutionaries who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah. The Messiah was never to destroy sin, he was to take the Jewish homeland back by force. With a sword. If you are gonna say things about history, at least know what you are talking about.

        • Anonymous

          The Messiah was sent to take away the sin of the world not take back Israel with a sword. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword…words from The Messiah himself

    • Anonymous

      Methuselah, actually. I met him once.Nice chap. Smelled a bit.

    • Anonymous

      The thing is that Jesus looked totally different than most modern people believe. Widespread image of Jesus is influenced by medieval art, not by how he really looked like (seriously, being long-haired blonde guy with white skin was almost impossible for a Jew in first century CE ;) ).

    • Vinnye930

      I’m an athiest. I don’t believe biblical testimony or theologians prove that Jesus was a real person. But here’s the thing, who cares? This is a star wars site lol if you’re a Christian and you subscribe to the bible than that’s fine. If you don’t believe than that’s fine also. At the end of the day as long as someone’s religious beliefs don’t cause harm to others than there’s no need to attack them. We can argue for days about whether or not Jesus was real but at the end of the day none of us definitively know, and we’re all just going to have our opinions. So really this argument is fruitless. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and if everyone could just accept that the world would be a better place. Now as far as the picture goes unfortunately it seems to have been removed before I could see it. But I’m guessing frome the descriptions in the comments that it seems to be flowing white robes? That’s interesting to me because based on what we had heard I pictured Luke to be in more tattered clothes considering that he’s supposedly living as a hermit. But I can understand the choice in a symbolic sense with Luke being the last remaining jedi wanting to give him that appearance

  • dee

    all light colors – color me surprised. But I like it. Very Obi-Wan, only prettier.

  • Anonymous

    But who’s that fat guy with a beard, and where is Luke Skywalker? (just kidding).

  • HK-47

    Statement: This meatbag looks distinctly non-evil. Shall I initiate assassination protocols?

    • DEKKA129


    • wizr4it

      stand down, HK-47.

  • Greedo1989


  • X


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Michael Bridges


  • Pomojema



    • Nadir Wren

      Witness me!!!!

      • Pomojema


        • Fezz Budikah

          So shiny and bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Obi-Juan

    Holy Kenobi!

  • Cole



  • Anonymous

    Holy Shit!!

    • Anonymous

      Watch you language, you donkey hole.

  • Matthew

    That’s motherf’ing jedi robe hell yeah! One things I’ve been awaiting to see out of this movie

    • Anonymous

      What to say….it is wierd that after so many years, Luke, the only Jedi left, will make himself (or will order to make) these kind of robe to look like a wise old venerable Jedi master. Why? To impress people? TO impress younglings? For the audience? I would assume he would just wear whatever ordinary suit…where did he get those?? :-) And finally – does that look like long-time-in-a-cave-hermit-robe??????

      • Luke’s grizzly Beard

        No…is looks like dead Luke.
        Photo in question

        • Anonymous

          I remember hearing last December that this year Disney would purposely start leaking false information about the film. This would easily keep the fans buzzing and the hype going and think they have it all figured out but we get a surprise in the theater. I honestly don’t know what to think about these spoilers because up until now we had never heard about the Knights of Ren. So I think everyone has this all completely wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Luke can only have as much imagination as the writers, and they seem to be extremely limited and narrowminded with the damn robes bull. Talk about adamant that everyone should be in a baggy shlubby dress.

      • Anonymous

        In order to restore the Jedi order as Yoda said he must, Luke studied the traditions of the ancient order. That includes traditional robes. Monks who live alone still usually wear the traditional garb of their order. I’m sure he was also influence in no small part by Ben and Yoda, making his robes more a tribute to his mentors then his previous black garb which he most likely realized evoked more appearance of the dark side

      • dee

        I think there is going to be Hermit!Luke and Reactivated!Luke, who has come out of hiding to do his duty as a Jedi master in the face of the current crisis. This is the latter.

  • Nadir Wren

    Ahhhh! OMG! OMG! OMG!

  • Anonymous

    This looks cool! I can dig it

  • Fiction

    dafVQErmGQE RMQERG!!!!!!!!!

    • 2 cents

      Hear hear

  • Wookieejizz

    F*cking perfect. Haters can suck it!

  • Bob

    Is this an “unofficial” picture?

  • Anonymous

    He is so dead

    • Nadir Wren

      I see dead Jedi!

  • Anonymous

    Holy Fucking Shit

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit, this is freaking awesome!!

  • Asher

    can’t wait to learn all about what he has been up to!!! This is awesome!!!

  • Shannon

    Wooooo,now it feels real

  • Nadir Wren

    This makes me wonder if Luke has been dead the whole movie and Rey finds a Force Ghost!
    Talk about a twist ending!

    Though I hope that isn’t the case.

    • Bob

      If the second teaser is any indication, he was shown alive putting his cyborg hand on R2. Although, that could be a flashback.

    • Force Ghost Obi Wan

      Well mine and Yoda’s robes aren’t white as force ghosts….

    • Marshal Cort

      Please. Dear. God. No. *tears*

  • NO


  • Anonymous

    the look before he fell to the dark side.

  • Cosmicdolphin

    Force Ghost !

  • Darth Fernal

    His beard is very ‘Orson Welles’.

    • Adam

      Mwahaaaaa the French…

      • Nadir Wren

        And like the besht Jeedi, he’s vintage dated!

        • Weak Knees

          Ohh, you said “VINTAGE”…

  • Cooleatack

    I love this, but I have to ask an offtopic question here: Didn’t you guys say there was going to be Han Solo news today?

    • Anonymous

      There was, well a little bit. You can go to jedinews.co.uk or entertainment weekly to read the article

  • Anonymous

    St. Luke of Skywalker 0:-)

    Why hasn’t this post blown up with hundreds of Luke-hungry fans yet?

    • Anonymous

      not hungry anymore. meh.

  • Cole

    LOL Hamil sees the pic being taken. How did this guy make it out of the building alive???

    • Anonymous

      Turned a blind eye. He maybe wants to give the fans more info. Pretend I didn`t see anything.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “You’ll always be that little boy I knew on tatooine”

  • Anonymous

    Very cool…he doesn’t look too happy someone’s taking his picture.

  • Anonymous

    Love It!!!! But I have to know, why is he in a special room doing shots? Perhaps he does instead of Han and they’re doing a ghost scene for him at the end of the film. Thoughts?

    • Bob

      It may be a costume fitting.

      • Cyborg Luke rumor

        Yeah it reminded me of The Niem Numb and Ackbar photos

    • Anonymous

      I bet its a hologram message that he put in R2. He was with R2 at some point, we see that in the trailer. but these new shots show R2 with 3PO at the resistance base. perhaps R2 has something to share with everyone and is waiting for the right moment to do it. Just as he did with Leia’s message for Ben.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like the 6th Sense all over again…we go through movie and don’t find out Luke is a Force Ghost the whole time until the final reel

  • Kosarek


  • Anonymous

    This is awesome! Definitely KOTOR looking. But if Hamill is in front of what looks to be a motion capture rig of sorts (correct me if I’m wrong – I’ll be more pleased if someone does), does this mean that Luke will eventually become a force spirit ghost thing like Obi-Wan and Yoda, etc?

    So. Force ghost = DEATH???

    • Anonymous

      I think they are only scanning him for merchandise purposes (action figures and such)

  • Nadir Wren

    “However, it also doesn’t resemble the costume worn by whomever is seen putting his or her cybernetic hand on Artoo in the second teaser, so… speculate away, friends!”

    I’m assuming that shot is 20 years or so before this version of Luke. And that figure did have a white sleeve also.

    • Anonymous

      If say that shot is from the flashback described by MakingStatWars that Maz Kanata shows Rey and Finn

  • Bluestreaking

    This was mostly like a promo photo shoot

    • Anonymous

      There is no blue/green screen or motion capture nodes, so it’s clearly a PR shoot.

  • Marc Camel

    Isnt this some sort of motion capture equipment set-up? Where have i just seen a room like this??

  • Moses Skywalker

    LET MY JEDI…. GOOOOO!!! ((:-{0)>

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE it.

  • Kosarek

    I hope to f*cking god this means that Luke will be around in EP7 more then speculated. Hoping he shares at least ONE damn scene with Han! Please be true!!!!

  • Wookieejizz

    He is being captured for a photogrammetry scan. So, his character might need a digital double for some sequences. Usually reserved for action sequences or dangerous stunts.

    • Garwood

      These scans are also used for more boring things like for continuity reasons, for marketing and promotional material, for potential future video games etc. Not just for stunts etc.

      • Anonymous

        I kinda hope on either one than the idea of Luke being projected as a Force Ghost type of thing.

        Either have it be for security reasons should Mark depart us for real ala Paul Walker or just have it be for “boring,” USEFUL stuff like marketing poses and whatnot. Hopefully the latter and also not because this photo reveals more of Luke’s future in the film than what I originally wanted to know! Ah but to hell with it. JJ and Kathy Kennedy were asking for a lot of waiting. December 2015?! Since Nov. of 2014??? Yeah, I’m gonna be foaming at the mouth by this point.

    • Cranston

      Or a holographic recording….

    • hologram


  • Jakku Savager

    THE CHILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOHHH MMYY FFUUCCKKEENN GGOODD!!!!!!

  • Kevin Lopez


  • Anonymous

    A long time ago in a testament far, far away….

  • Looking very Ben Kenobi.

  • Anonymous

    I love the gray and white, as well as the more subtle facial hair.

  • Garwood

    “However, it also doesn’t resemble the costume worn by whomever is seen putting his or her cybernetic hand on Artoo in the second teaser”

    I beg to differ. You can clearly see a white / cream coloured sleeve under the cloak, one that would very much match this costume. The only thing different is the robe in the trailer looks darker which could possibly be due to dark lighting.

    I think it’s luke in the trailer.

    • Flashback Luke

      Wasn’t this also a flashback Luke so perhaps twenty years ago….

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see Rey one day grow her own Jedi Master beard.

  • Adam

    Alright so how long until this gets taken down?

  • Nadir Wren

    I love how Hamill looks like he’s thinking, “are they supposed to be taking pictures with their phone in here?”

  • Hutts Can’t Run

    Luke Piewalker.

    • dlee

      +1000 for the reference to Luke Piewalker from “Australian Star Wars”. Everyone should check it out on YouTube if they haven’t already. :)


      An Australian

  • Havasi István

    THAT REGARD!!!!!
    “You don’t want to make more picture of me. You want to go home and rethink your life.”

    :D :D :D :D

  • Chris1138

    We have seen allot of photo leaks within 48hrs. So there gotta be something interesting happening at D23 for sure. Gotta be somekind of gearing up for summit big to show on the day.

    • John

      Official poster


  • Chriz79

    I have a feeling Kylo Ren will have a change of heart in this film. Starts out as a bad guy and will be redeemed by Luke. I now think that that is perhaps Kylo Rens hand on Artoo in the trailer and the fire is Lukes body being burned off screen. Though not killed by Ren butmost likely has sacrified himself to save him… Perhaps Kylo Ren is his son… I have seen leaked pictures of Adam Driver in an X-wing outfit on “Yavin”, and I’m beginning to wonder if those scenes are at the end of the film. And Luke will now be a Jedi-ghost in the next films.

    • Hutts Can’t Run

      Have you actually read any spoilers?

      • Chriz79

        Quite a few, but there is a pattern here. Kylo Ren might be the main baddie in this one, but as the first teaser lets us know, “there has been an awakening have you felt it..?”, will show that someone has to take over the sword so to speak as there is a bigger threat than Kylo Ren rising in the shadows. I have a feeling this will be Benicio Del Toro’s charachter in the next one. Like you never see the Emperor untill TESB but only Vader, I have a feeling this will be the same way of introducing the main threat, he won’t be revealed untill the next one…

    • dee

      I’m sure there will be some sort of redemption story going on with regard to Kylo Ren. But I think it will span the entire Trilogy. Anakin’s journey led from light to darkness. Luke’s journey mirrored his, but he remained firmly in the light. Now Kylo Ren’s journey will probably lead him from darkness to light. The whole nine-movie-arc, the trilogy of trilogies, will come full circle with this.

      • Anonymous

        Finally,some depth. :) . I like it.I feel Your thoughts on Kylo Ren could be spot on. Everyone is talking of The Resistance and The First Order,but what of an even larger threat,not yet shown ? I get that too from the “There has been an awakening” from the first trailer.The Title “The Force Awakens” is plural.It’s the first title that has done this.
        TPM – Dark
        AOTC – Light
        ROTS – Dark

        ANH – Light
        TESB – Dark
        ROTJ – Light

        TFA – Light/Dark

        .The enemy of My enemy is My Friend.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not really 100% with this one, but I like the idea. And it kinda makes sense as to what Adam Driver alluded to during Comicon (and JJ or Lawrence Kasdan also did in the latest EW articles) of where not all evil is necessarily true evil? It kinda circles back to “a certain point of view.” Kylo may see himself as the good man and it takes a sacrifice to stop whatever from happening. Almost like… Kevin Flynn “sacrificing” himself to save his son, allowing him to escape The Grid. That metaphor may be a stretch though…

      Tron 3 – what TRULY could have been… Whoops! Drove off course here… Damn it Leebo, I knew I should have gone with Chewbacca as a co-pilot. Lobot could probably fly better than you!

  • Clayman515

    Finally!!!!!!!! The outfit is perfect! The longer top definitely gives it a different feel than the old tunics. But it’s still similar enough to make him look like a real Jedi Fricking MASTER!

  • Anonymous

    Looks awesome. Its real right? Please be real.

    • Anonymous

      If it weren’t real it wouldn’t have been removed. I think that counts as official confirmation!

  • Kenny Ritchie

    Shame we can’t see Luke’s right arm in that shot. What was the photographer thinking. He had one job, one job.

    Joking aside. It’s clearly Luke who places his hand on R2 in the 2nd teaser trailer.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, he works part time as a barber.

  • Anonymous

    He looks great.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I am the only one who thinks this design is just regurgitated Obi-Wan. I was hoping for something more badass and dark like his Return of the Jedi outfit, and less chubby Thomas Aquinas. So Sad. What could have been…Oh Well, guess we are stuck with Disney’s forced multiculturalism with a sprinkle of Skywalker ghost to keep it relevant to it’s namesake.

    • dee

      I wonder how multiculturalism features here. How would a darker outfit have been … less multicultural and thus better??? I fail to understand your argument here.

      • Anonymous

        He doesn’t have a true argument to make. Only used this as an opening to post his whining that this movie isn’t completely dominated by white characters. What a fanbase.

    • Anonymous

      nah you arent.

    • Anonymous

      He’s the same old sexless “knight” of the failed tradition. Go to deviantart if you want to see designs with imagination.

  • Anonymous

    I love Luke

  • ArynCrinn

    I’m guessing this will be his costume as he appears at the end of the film, from the Skellig Michael shoot.
    If/how he appears earlier in the film might be a little different… he may even lack the beard.

  • Anonymous

    At this point I think Jason Ward will end up being all ‘Oh I knew Luke would be in more than just the final shot, but I didn’t want to spoil the huge payoff”

    • Anonymous

      I think the last couple days have proven just how little anyone knows what was really going to be in the film. Last couple days have been wonderful!!

    • Anonymous

      Question- i dont want to look and dont want to get spoilered, but is this the same as Leia’s dressfitting-ish type photo? Because unless this is an official photo (and it doesn’t sound like it is cause it was removed) then there is nothing to prove that we didn’t just see the “spoiler end shot of Luke at the end of the movie” that Jason Ward was talking about.

      • Spoiled

        Yes, Luke does die but before EP7… What we see of Luke will only be “Force Ghost” Luke…

  • Don Jon

    Amazing! What a lovely day indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Looking like a warrior monk. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I wanted black and greys as it would have been more fitting seeing as Luke preferred black as seen in Jedi, but having seen it, I think I prefer the light colours. The brightness gives him an almost god-like vibe which is actually very fitting for his role and position. He is the head of the light side of the force and he is a hugely respected figure to the galaxy.

  • Anonymous

    He is the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy

  • Vilela

    Love this picture! Thanks for sharing :)

    Luke looks amazing, and although the cape is not the same as in the 2nd teaser, the costume can be, with the same white sleeve (that I thought looked strange, because it was not brown or black).

  • darthcoran

    Looks awesome!
    I hope luke will turn full blown evil in ep7

  • Anonymous

    There stands a man with the look of someone that spent 30 years in spiritual communion with the likes of Kenobi, Yoda, & Skywalker.

  • Tom

    That, right there, is the Holy Grail of spoiler pics. Bravo!

  • MarkaN

    EXACTLY how I imagined it!

    And NO, he doesn’t go to the frikkin dark side. Sure, it would be a cool twist and a storyline by itself (Dark Empire anyone) but it also would diminish all of his achievements in Original Trilogy, so no, that better not happen!

  • Anonymous

    His belt buckle looks like the Rebel Alliance symbol.

  • dlee

    LOL – image removed now. Disney’s lawyers must have been quick to pounce!

    No doubt it will be all over the rest of the internet in the next 20 minutes or so, though.

  • Darth LaKisha

    Prefer Luke in all black but whatever. Guess its ok to have the Obi-wan look

    • Anonymous

      im going to barf from the obi wan looks. or should i say uncle owen looks. drab drab everywhere. yawn.

    • Anonymous

      OB1 Kenobi

  • Damn the Lucasfilm people

    Thanks Gkd I saved it….I saw it just now and its already gone :-(

  • Anonymous

    i wanna see !!!!! any link please???

  • Anonymous

    Come to think of it, the whiteness of his robes matches his Tatooine costume quite well. I was expecting either browns or maybe blacks. A nice little nod to where we first met Luke.

  • Anonymous

    Dude looks like he should be walking on salt water with that garb on.

  • Brewer13

    My guess is that they are filming a hologram transmission – not a force ghost scene.

  • Brewer13

    Aaaaaaand it’s gone….

  • Help is on the way, hold tight

    Looks like luke is in massive trouble, really deep s**t. Contributing to the killing of the emperor, and the supreme commander. That`s gotta make someone rabid, frothing and the mouth with anger and thirsting for revenge. It may even give birth to a new type of assassin group, with the sole job of hunting him down. It cannot be a good feeling knowing your all alone and being hunted down by roughness blood thirsty entities. I can understand why he would be hiding. But when brought back to his true form and his senses, then unleashed he is a one man army an `arch` master.

  • Daft Vader

    It is still on a lot of other SW sites right now. Disney’s lawyers and marketeers will have a lot of headaches today if this wasn’t a deliberate leak… Serves them right for all the excessive secrecy…

  • John

    Did anyone copy it?? It’s gone!

  • Anonymous

    It needs a bigger watermark.

  • The guy who said this

    Looking at that pic and imagining John Williams score in the background just made my day. Finally… Luke is really back!! Star Wars is really back!!!

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Supermonkey321

    Whelp. I think we can finally put to bed the bad guy Luke theories. He is clearly dressed in all light colors, and nothing remotely sithy or darksidey. lol

  • scott

    WTF, I just read young Han story from EW, and miss this extrem spoiler and dear not to be near it.

  • Anonymous

    Ben? Ben Kenobi?

  • Anonymous

    why is everyone saying that he’s a force ghost? how does this image prove that?

    • dee

      It doesn’t. People equate white robes with ghosts, disregarding the fact that in the OT, the force ghosts didn’t wear white robes. So don’t worry, people are seeing what they want to see, not what is there.

  • Arcakahn

    They just pulled the picture from the internet.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    maybe a holographic Luke??

  • WackyBantha

    I have a copy of the entire film.
    Should I leak it?
    I think I will do just that!
    Oh, crap! I misplaced it!
    Ok, who stole it?!?!?

  • Seraphim

    What the heck happened to the image??!?! Does anyone have it?

    • WackyBantha

      Look at the links a couple of comments above this one.

  • Anonymous

    damn i should have saved it

    • WackyBantha

      Look at the links a couple of comments above this one.

  • WackyBantha

    So, Luke has turned into text that says IMAGE REMOVED BY REQUEST.
    That’s kinda weird.

  • Anonymous

    Or at the end of this trailer is a possible shot of him in the movie.

    • Anonymous

      Easy to tell it’s fake since it only contains stuff from either teaser or the behind-the-scenes featurette they released.

      Except for the photoshopped-in Luke face, that is.

      • Anonymous

        Easy to tell it’s fake since it says “Fan-Made” in the title…

        • Chris

          Still looks cool.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I downloaded the pic

  • BigBallsMcScrote

    It think it does match the hand on R2. The lighting is different in the picture to the filmed scene and there’s no reason why the sleeve in the scene is the undergarment. The Robe could simply be draped over him in that. Plus, his robes may vary from scene to scene.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have another link/mirror? It’s apparently been removed by request.

  • Chip

    I hope Luke doesn’t die in E7. Who will train the new Jedi? Oh well. Looks awesome!

  • Luke

    Image removed at request. Kind of makes this post redundant then, yah?

  • Anonymous

    pic is removed!!!!!!

  • Trenzy


    it’s so pretty

    i physically can’t even


  • Dade

    “And I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide”

  • Anonymous

    It was deleted! :c

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Its just getting to much, very little on no news for weeks then the pics frm EW, the 3.75″ figures being sold on e-bay (think I can wait) and to top it off that picture of Luke. Come on December hurry up and get here

  • yo momma
  • Gimmy

    WHERE IS IT????

  • Anonymous

    i think the costume seen in the trailer when he puts his hand on R2 is an earlier version. Possibly the rumored flashback at Luke’s fallen Jedi accademy. Which may mean Rey and Kylo are twins, Kylo was taken,Rey survived and was hidden from whoever the Knights of Ren are.

  • Fail troll is fail

    Haha, wow.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one that thinks luke looks retarded in the pic, he doesnt suit the old wise jedi type, sad to say

    • Anonymous

      and he’s put on some poundage

    • Anonymous

      There’s one on every message board, I guess.

      • Anonymous

        there is more than “one” and this whole thing sucks. good for you for liking the crap theyre dishing.

    • Anonymous

      Have you seen Star Wars, genius? Cause that’s why the rest of us are here.

  • Not Retarted Luke

    Yes I think you basically are one of the only ones sorry to say.

  • Anonymous

    That beard just makes Luke fat, could have differentiated a lil more with just a moustache opposed to a beard like Old Ben Kenobi.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Lando style.

    • Anonymous

      Goatee would have been perfect.

    • Anonymous

      mustaches are skeevy and offputting, wtf.
      go watch the guyver if you want mark in a mustache.

  • Anonymous

    If you need to see it you can go visit MF.com: http://millenniumfalcon.com/

  • Anonymous
  • Polterclown

    its Disney’s own fault, they could have revealed Luke in a a glorious manner ala Han Solo with a second teaser but nope, they had to go top secret hoping that no leaks would happen. Its cool i got to see Luke’s new outfit but it would have been so much more epic if it was in an amazing teaser with John Willams score.

    • Anonymous

      I didnt see it, it’s exactly how I wish Luke WASNT revealed, kinda like Leia in an awkward behind the scenes shot.

  • Anonymous

    That pic is from Episode VIII

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

    First the Kylo Ren leak proved to be real
    when just about everyone said it was fake.

    Next the Leia images that were posted and they were real.They had been taken down.

    Now the Luke image is posted all over sites
    and images are being removed.

    Someone knows someone in that studio and are sneaking pics.

  • wfewvfger

    too f u c k i n fat why did mark let himself go


    What picture? says removed by request lol

    • Anonymous

      Just click on the cached page area in yellow
      before that goes to.

  • Garrett

    Am i the only one who doesn’t recognize Luke at all?

  • WackyBantha
    • Anonymous

      EFF YOU some didnt want to be spoilered.

      • Luuke22

        Then why are you even on this article?

        • Anonymous

          Give me a f!%@#!#ing break, up top you can avoid it, not in the comments section! Who the hell thinks that people cant click the seventy links posted here so far and that they have to post the picture. Screw you all.

          • Anonymous

            It did say first look at Luke .

            You didn’t have to read the rest and just go to another article.

            Got to be prepared for posted images on these sites.

            No matter what someone’s going to post an image later on..

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Jeff Bridges from Tron Legacy…

  • Anonymous

    spoiler alert,kylo ren makes his mask out of vaders helmet and mask,the picture is of kylo holding vaders mask ,his mechanical looking mask,is replaced by his hero’s armored remains,luke knows kylo really well and his origins

  • Anonymous


  • Qui GON


  • lalala

    removed by request?!

    • Captain Killjoy

      Yes. I requested it.

      No fun allowed. Move along.

  • Anonymous

    I bet this a JJ trick and Luke is still is the weird cyborg with the melted Darth Vader helmet collection.

    • Anonymous

      We should be so lucky.

    • Anonymous


  • Tauntaun

    If and when we see Luke with light saber will he still have the green one or should it be blue?

    • thereisanother

      He left it on the death star

  • Dude in a hat

    Okay this is removed, I’ll go somewhere else I guess… [sad violin music]

  • Joan
  • Anonymous


    Hey Disney, you can’t take something back after it’s been leaked to the Internet!

  • Elmer Fud

    Im goin’ Wabbit Huntin’!

  • OB1

    Why hasn’t there been an update on the newest EW stories here yet? Were you guys working on other stuff or were you told to wait or something? Cause by leaking out Luke’s picture you’re totally stealing their thunder…

  • Glenn

    Truly awesome pic!!!!
    Disney and LFL must be really pissed now.

  • LuckDragon


  • Anonymous

    Kylo is actually Mace Towani. He stumbled upon Vader’s remains while trying to find his sister to tell her it was dinner.

  • BEN19781

    Look’s like Proximo from Gladiator.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking: There are rumours that Luke started a Jedi Academy which was destroyed. But does this make sense?
    Anakin brought balance to the Force by destroying both the Jedi and the Sith. Luke is the last of the Jedi.
    So if Luke would start a Jedi Academy and train new Jedi would this balance not be distrubed again? It would start at the beginning, wouldn’t it? There would be no balance.

  • Lukephotoremoved
  • Captain Kangaroo

    I must admit I got a bit ” choked up ” for a minute when I first saw this pic. I don’t like it… I LOVE, LOVE, Love it!!!

    For those ” fans ” still wondering if the new Star Wars will be any good, I think this image alone could go a long way to show that a sleeping titan ( amongst film franchises ) is about to awaken again…

    P.S Trolls can call me a nerd all day long
    I don’t really care.

    I’m a very happy Star Wars nerd Today!!!

  • Anonymous
  • All about

    S T O R Y

  • Paige

    If this is indeed his costume, they really could not have done a better job.


  • “Stay on target. Stay on target.”

    There’s a time and a place for religious discussions.
    This is neither.

  • perrymoon

    I’m not 100% sure about this. Of course it can be legit, but it’s also easy that JJ is playing with us with both the cyborg dude and this one.

    We have seen Luke in the trailer and the hood is different. Of course, he can wear different stuff during the film, but Hamill looks fat in this image, it’s not what we’ve seen of him since the shooting started, not to mention that the beard was way longuer when shooting happened.

    • Control, you must learn control

      Yes, this is a picture JJ had made to distract us… Mark is indeed heavier than he was when filming, and most obviously his beard is different. Nice try JJ, good to know you made the effort :-)

      • Chris

        And wouldn’t that all be enough hints for that this picture has been taken during pre-production?! He lost more weight later on and the beard grew longer.

  • Baznaboo

    Calling someone boring might just mean that he or she is actually boring so get of your high horse and try to form a valid opinion and stop sitting on the fence.

  • Anonymous

    This outfit looks way to clean to me. I’m hoping in the movie it’ll be a little more dirty, worn, and torn.

  • Anakinismyfather

    Yeah, Luke has been living as a hermit for 10 years and we don’t see him until the end of the movie. Right.

    This should show he’s not some recluse hermit.

    • sup y’all

      really pokes a hole in the whole cameo Luke thing if you ask me

  • Chris

    The Force is strong with this one.

  • Darth Obvious

    All the numbnuts crying misogyny about Carrie Fisher comments can now see the same arseholes are poking fun at Mark Hamill’s appearance as well.

    Anyway there’s this stuff called makeup and lighting and post production I hear Hollywood is inventing to make actors look their best. Groundbreaking stuff I tells ya.

    • Darth Obvious

      PS Mark looks fine, Carrie looks fine, everyone looks fine. Movie looks fine.

  • Anonymous

    Only religious debates I want to see is dark side vs light side.

    And maybe the Latter Day Droids

  • Anonymous
    • Solo

      Have you been living under a rock or something?

      • aras volodka

        That was concept art for what was possibly going to be Kylo Ren… unused.

  • Timbo

    This is his ghost version.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up religious people. My god you people are retarded. Jesus is Santa Claus for adults & Trix is for kids.

  • Speaking as an agnostic atheist, I am sorry to say that some of my fellow atheists can be total dicks. They really need to watch Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be A Dick” talk. Google it.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously just go to http://MillenniumFalcon.com for all of the spoiler pictures. They give credit where credit is due plus there are high resolution versions of all pictures officially released so far.

  • K

    It’s stupid how people are arguing and such over God, Jesus and Moses when this is about Star Wars. Leave your religions to yourselves. Yes Luke looks good, I only seen a small pic of it though…. it’s been removed.

  • Anonymous

    Speculation: this is a light force ghost version! Luke is the one who dies, and while we can stilk debate wether he turned a bit mire dark or not in the end of his life, this costume is definitely to white good and fancy… Not really useable in battle.. So yes.. Ghost version indeed

  • How come photos like this when they get removed on websites the website remains fine, yet when a blog posts it, it gets taken down?

  • nymmerod

    Anybody notice the belt is identical to the one he wears throughout the OT?

  • Darth Mickey

    What about this Luke? Here it looks like he’s standing on Skellig Michael.


  • Anonymous

    I’m an Atheist. I don’t care what any of you believe or don’t believe. I come here to read about Sar Wars. With that said I’ve had these pointless debates years ago and I realized just that–they’re pointless; you can present all the evidence in the world to religious people and they’re just going to double down and believe their stuff with more evangleism than they already do.Why? Because, their religion tells them they will be “challenged” so they see what is a well reasoned argument based in logic as an assault on their religion.

    Likewise Christians, most Atheist were religious at one point. They decided that they need tangible, literal evidence to believe in a God or even consider one. Especially a specific one. NO such evidence exists likely because there isn’t one. That isn’t a declaration of truth, it’s a declaration of probability based on a lack of evidence.

    The Bible isn’t a historical document nor does it contain eye-witness accounts. It was written 100 years after the deaths of Mathew, Mark, Luke and Jhn. The accounts written in the Bible were written by monks based on legends. Legends that undoubtedly changed as they were told by one person to the next over the course of a century. Finally, Josepheus’ historical account of Jesus (the only one since the Bible doesn’t count) as long since been disproven as a forgery.

    I have NO problems with religious people, I don’t think every time a religoous person says something about religion th it is necessary as an Atheist to say “I don’t believe that!”, however, this is quite common with people who are newly Atheist, because they still feel hurt. Like they have been lied to their entire lives by people they trusted. If you’re religious, please consider this before assuming someone is just trying to attack your religion.

    It comes down to this for both sides: stop generalizing.

    Not all Atheists are fedora wearing neckbeards who hate all religious people. And not all Chrsitians are hateful, jingoistic mouthbreathers. Consider that there is a real person behind the other screen and you don’t know anything about them.

    Everyone have a good day.

  • K

    Still with this religious nonsense, I am a devout Christian but I do not go waving a sign…. nor do I point out dislikes in other religions/people…. it’s wrong. Anyway I’ve seen the Luke Skywalker picture, I had a poster printed for myself actually. It’s really interesting to see Mark in character again after all these years…