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UPDATE! EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Three Characters from The Force Awakens!

The Force AwakensFor some time now we’ve been closely following the development around Greg Grunberg and his role in The Force Awakens. Now we can finally confirm who he is playing in the movie. Also we have an exclusive first look at two familiar characters, returning for Episode VII.


The following photos could be considered SPOILERIFIC, so beware!



First of all here is everything we know about Greg Grunberg’s character from The Force Awakens, that we’ve been closely following for some time now.

  • He has signed for three movies.
  • He shot for 7 weeks in London at Pinewood.
  • He is not a CG character.
  • He has facial hair.
  • He has no prosthetics.
  • He never read the whole script. It was on red paper.
  • There will be an action figure with his character.
  • The actors had to wear cloaks while walking towards the set.


All the bullet points from above are coming from Greg Grunberg himself, so they are 100% legit.


We’ve also learnt that his character spends significant time on the Millennium Falcon. Now there appears to be a confusion. GG was talking about a cockpit in general and not the MF cockpit. So he definitely meant an X-Wing cockpit. Sorry for the confusion, but the info was really confusing. Also he left a small hint for TFA – the initials S.W.



And now here’s the confirmation of which character he is playing:


Greg Grunberg

That’s right, he is playing an X-Wing pilot. Considering that he has signed for three movies, we can definitely call his character – the Wedge Antilles of the Sequel Trilogy.


Also here’s an exclusive look at two familiar faces :)


Nien Nunb

Admiral Ackbar

That’s right, Nien Nunb and Admiral Ackbar are back! This is a real photo session so these are real practical creatures.


If you remember back in March one of our sources shared with us that Ackbar will return and that there is a character called NN. Also he told us about an X-Wing pilot named Gorwyn (HERE). Even our source was using that same name in our forum to prove he is right. After he did, we changed it. ;)




The guys from MakingStarWars.net also posted today 2 images, that they have described in the past. Go to their site to check them out.



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  • Pomojema


  • JeffG

    Way to go. Looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    are they cgi or practical??

    • Anonymous

      Practical. Duh.

  • Anonymous

    wowwwwww this is not spoilerific…

    • Pomojema

      People are very touchy about what they personally consider to be spoilers, so it’s better to label them just in case.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Spoilers… ITS A TRAP!!!

  • gb

    Not to be mean but Wedge Antilles? More like Porkins….

    • Porkins died after a few minutes. Wedge was in all three movies. ;)

    • hmm

      “not to be mean but…” = “I know that what I am about to say will be very mean, but I don’t care”

    • Anonymous

      Exactly hahaha

    • Anonymous

      The Force Awakens aka The quest to drop a few waist sizes

  • Darth

    Hopefully Ackbar will say it again, “It’s a trap!”

    • Dude in a hat

      Yeah, but this time – it is the Dark Side that is trapped!

      I can just imagine, the forces of Evil are gathered around our heroes, Han and Chewie are about to admit defeat, and then BAM!
      a great big battle-ship swoops in,

      And then Ackbar hacks the enemy transmitters and the baddies are all like “WHAT?!”

      and then Ackbar responds: “It’s a trap!”

      • Hard Case

        I think they will keep the one-liner throwbacks to a minimum…But I think “May the Force be with you” is a guarantee (it being a typical greeting in the GFFA) and “I have a bad feeling about this.” is also likely. If I had to pick one more I’d like to hear it would definitely be “It’s a trap!” – and if Han and Leia’s relationship is on the rocks in this film an “I hate you…I know.” might be called for. ;)

        • Dude in a hat

          I am convinced there is an actual clause in the contract requiring the line “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” to be uttered by a central protagonist at least once per film. It never really sounded natural coming from Obiwan in ROTS though,
          I don’t think the line is appropriate for Jedis.

        • Anonymous

          Funny thing is that Ackbar saying it is actually a callback in a way. Leia yells it when Luke arrives at cloud city. Search your DVDs, you know it to be true.

        • gk

          I want somebody to say “Where’d you dig up that old fossil?” regarding Han. :)

      • Anonymous

        It’s like poetry, ya know. Making the thing rhyme.

    • Anonymous

      That is also confusing about why Ackbar would ever say anything: WHERE ARE THE CALMARI EARS? … OHHH “EYE SEE!” It was like trying to find Waldo, Star Wars style, but I think it is quite fishy trying to talk to fish when … they can SEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING! ;)

    • Fror

      They should keep Ackbar on set just for the cheap gags.

      “It’s a wrap!” every single day =)

  • Anonymous

    Porkins Jr.?

    Edit: Ninja’d by gb above!

    • Anon 2077

      “Eject Grunberg!”

      “I can hold it!”

      “Pull up!”

      “No, I’m alright. I’m alriaaaaghhhhh!”

      • Anonymous

        LOL! Totally pictured this scene

  • ODMike

    Sooo…Nien Nunb but no Lando? Hmmmm

    • Derth Nadir

      Star Wars Episode VIII – The Search For Lando

      If Han dies they would need his cool in the next one. Lando (one single, manly tear) “Rest in peace… you old pirate!”

    • Anonymous

      the mystery box might be working there…

    • Anonymous

      I want to believe that Lando will show up in the end to eulogize Han at his wake: “…And Han was a scoundrel, but you could always count on him — TO SHOOT FIRST.”

  • Derth Nadir

    I wonder if Greg’s character will be an X-Wing pilot from the beginning or if he will join in at the end like Luke in ANH and starts as more of a Han Solo like smuggler/pirate character.

    I would love if he was the son of Porkins, who was orphaned after ANH and maybe resented the Rebellion, but he gets caught up in the events of this film and accepts that his father died a hero for a good cause and joins in. But I doubt they would go that far.

    • Anonymous

      that’s probably his actual backstory but it’s only going to be hinted, not discussed in detail

    • Anonymous

      I wish I’d share your wet dreams but in mines there’ no Greg at all.

  • Derth Nadir

    “Now we can finally confirm who he is playing in the movie.”
    That should probably be “what” he is playing. We only know he is a pilot, not his character name or real role in the plot.

  • Anonymous

    the son of porkins, fanny face and ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lol – I hate to think of the state of women you’ve been hanging around with.

  • Fooled Trooper

    I don´t like the new rank symbols….They looks like Star Trek….What the hell is wrong with the designers?

    • Anonymous

      why don’t you design some better ones and post them on here?

      • Fooled Trooper

        Will do! :P

        But they also could have stuck with the old ones too…Just saying.

        • Rodian Rebel

          Old ones… old ones… old ones…

          How many nostalgic people does it take to change a light bulb? “WHAT? CHANGE? WHAT??? EVACUATE!!! AARGHH!!”

  • WInnebegoman

    I Fucked up the word rear.

  • JeffG

    Apparently Grunberg’s rumored character name is Gorwyn. An infamous X-wing pilot.

    • Anonymous

      rhymes with Porkyn

    • David

      Sounds Welsh.

  • General Grieves

    Looks a bit older around the gills

    • yes

      ITS A FLAP

  • Error

    Greg Grunberg worked with Abrams as a pilot before. Didn’t work out so well last time.

  • Anonymous

    nien numb was on the falcon the last time… might be together with greg gunberg’s pilot character? maybe han seriously hasn’t seen the falcon for an extended time period, and the rebels/resistance kept it…

    • Anonymous

      maybe Grunberg is a Calrissian? that would explain the ownership of the Falcon, the absence of Lando…

    • Anonymous

      Grunberg is a featured extra x wing pilot and nothing more.

      Get real people.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, great… The return of “nunb nuts”…

  • Greedo1989

    Wooow! That’s awesome dude. Greg’s character is really going to be the new Wedge for sure.. Come on, all three movies? For me, only one character could pilot a x-wing in extremely dangerous battles and survive this long. For this trilogy they choosed Greg Grunberg to be this guy. Now, how cool it is to have Nien Nunb back? What a fun character! Many years ago, when my dad gave me my first action figure, it was a Nien Nunb from Kenner’s 1998 collection.. Really nice! And hey, Admiral Ackbar? He is the coolest guy in the galaxy!! But not looking so old though. Anyways this movie is going to be epic! Can’t wait. Only 6 more months to go!

    • Anonymous

      Settle down Beavis, Wedge is a background throwaway character with hardly five minutes of combined screen time in the OT.

      I’m far more concerned with fans giving a shit about such a one note entity barely present in the film, than I do about Grunberg filling a similar role.

      Nice to see some familiar aliens making a comeback but otherwise, who cares?

      Grunberg is exactly the kind of guy that would milk a tiny role like this for as much exposure as possible, I’m sure he’s well pleased about the free publicity.

      That said, hopefully this will motivate more sites to stop sitting on leaked photos they have and whatnot and post their material.

      • Red 2

        Take it back. Wedge is awesome.

        Do you even Star Wars, bro?

        • Anonymous

          Ya remember that part where he was like “that’s impossible even for a computer”?

          So awesome right?

          Or when he was like “I’m hit, I can’t stay with you sorry!”

          Truly epic heroism right there.

          I guess he also got to hit the power regulator on the north tower, cuz how else was the second Death Star gonna blow up if he didn’t carefully shoot that tiny little part?

          Such a badass.


  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is that one giant boot that Al from Home Improvement is wearing??

  • OmegaPunch

    Nien Nunb and Admiral Ackbar! I hoped they’d appear, so I am very happy!

  • Darth 1138

    Is the actor who did Ackbar’s voice in ROTJ still alive and will he do the voice in TFA?
    It would be a shame if “It’s a trap!” didn’t have that same kinda cool, comedic tone to it.

  • inappropriate names

    IT’S A TRAP!

    • Anonymous

      no no no…”IT’S A TWAP!”

    • Anonymous


      • Luuke22


  • Anonymous

    RWell could be worse , he could have been a stormtrooper….. Leia quote , aren’t you a little fat for a stormtrooper , no my name is Greg and I am starving let’s eat then I will rescue you

  • OmegaPunch

    I’d love if Erik Bauersfeld, the voice of Admiral Ackbar, did the voice for the new films too. That would be really neat.

  • Anonymous

    Got enough watermarks there butch.

    • Anonymous

      Oh hi Jason!

    • DEKKA129

      “Next time I say “Let’s go somewhere like Corellia,’ let’s GO somewhere like Corellia!”

  • JP

    I hope somewhere they tell us what happened to Wedge. It was great having him survive all 3 films; it’d be a shame to not have him around in the new ones and not know what became of him.

  • kraven

    So Mark Hamill was obligated to lose weight but not Grunberg…doesnt seem right!

    Its harder imagining a man that size fit in an Xwing cockpit then an overweight Jedi master in hiding for 20 some odd years.

    • Luuke22

      “a man that size.” Are you kidding? GG looks way slimmer here than he has in previous roles. Besides, it’s more believable to have a new character who is slightly overweight than a returning character have an unrealistic shift in weight. I’m glad to see GG in pilot gear and not be delegated to a “funny fat guy” role.

    • Anonymous



    • Anonymous

      Thats no belly its a space station

    • Red 6

      The orange really adds 10 pounds.

  • Adavanter

    What else is there to say other than… awesome?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Star Wars can be Star Wars without another wedge Antilles. Just saying!

  • mightyhawk

    he has massive, massive feet….

    looks like he is wearing deep sea diver boots..

    • Anonymous

      And helmet seems too small for…that… big….big…big…head…

  • Anonymous

    since the actor playing Wedge in the OT passed on reprising the role, maybe Grunberg is playing a character similar to Wedge

    also happy to see that Nien Nunb and Ackbar are back

  • Anonymous

    K… Ackbar I can understand, but why is Nien Nunb back?

    Anyways, Grunberg looks the part of an X-Wing pilot. I bet there is a backstory for him, but I doubt we will see any of it in TFA.

    Remember, there is already Rey and Finn that the film has to introduce to us. But maybe in Marvel comics…? That could be cool.

  • Anonymous

    That first creature is absolutely terrible! C’mon man, you can do better than that! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    And now i know why Greg is piloting a ship and not in a terrain división.
    I supouse cockpits are bigger than the snowspeeders ones

  • Andy.

    Awesome pictures! – so you guys still want Wedge/Dennis Lawson back even after all the terrible things he`s said about Star Wars in the past? – that surprises me.

    • Stofolupinoid

      I’d love to see Wedge (but ONLY if he’s played by Dennis Lawson). I think there’s actually a distinct kind of magic that happens when the type of actor who doesn’t take fantasy seriously (like Lawson, Ford, or Guinness) is placed in an earnest fantasy film. Something new comes out of the two unlike elements and it’s worth getting beyond our hurt feelings as Star Wars fans to make this happen.

  • Dude in a hat

    Seeing GG in the X-Wing suit, it makes sense.
    Here I was worried that he’d be an intrusion, but no, JJ found GG a really good, non-intrusive role.
    I’m relieved.
    I can totally imagine this dude and Dameron shouting random space-craft terminology.
    Also the beard works.

  • Oll

    This is cool but I feel like Nien Nunb looks somewhat less convincing here than he did in ROTJ. Here it looks like the shadows in his face are created by pigment instead of light. In that sense it’s less like a real human or animal face and more like a fantasy figurine.

    • perrymoon

      Don’t worry OII, this is due to flat light from the shooting :) the director of photography will make its work for the movie. It’s gonna look grat!

    • Anon 2077

      Plot twist….. Those Nien Numb and Admiral Ackbar pics are actually stills from them in engine of the new Battlefront!!!! Ohhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Nien lost weight