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Star Wars The Force Awakens: New Plot and Character Rumors!

SpoilerificBlogging about the new era of Star Wars is extremely thrilling and rewarding on its own account. And why not — Star Wars is back in full swing and as vital as ever with a future as bright as the twin suns of Tatooine; that will last for years and years — a hundred, as George joked . . . we can only hope. And writing for a Star Wars Blog puts us in a privileged position to receive “Top Secret” information. Sometimes that info turns out to be complete poo-doo, but sometimes that info turns out to be, let’s just say, “interesting.” Well, lately we’ve just received some very, very juicy details which could very well prove EXTREMELY SPOILERIFIC. Proceed with plenty of salt in hand and, oh, yeah, caveat emptor!




Recently, we here at Star Wars 7 News engaged in some tantalizing discussions with one of our sources. As I’ve said, his information could prove to be not only spoilerific, but also incendiary to some.


Through a private dialogue, he has revealed to us that he has been “lurking” on the site for a “long time.” He also thinks that some of the info people discuss in The Cantina is pretty close to what he has been told, but, as with our usual caveats he added that, the speculation is overboard as Oscar Isaac alluded to and way off in directions the story is not going to go. So, as the great Samuel L. Jackson famously said in a franchise that wasn’t Star Wars, “Hold onto your butts!”


Our source started us off with a bit of a primer; nothing too revealing, not too much we didn’t already know: There are a lot of code names used in the production. When there has been reference to “pirates” that is a code for “Rebels.” It’s all the code name stuff such as “Carousel, House of Mirrors, Catapult” (that’s the main weapon that could destroy everything.) He also stated that there could be space pirates as well, along the lines of Hondo Ohnaka from The Clone Wars, but not according to his information. The first revelation is a bit of a doozy in the sense that it seems confounding, yet legitimate. He told us that “Rey” is only a temporary alias at the beginning of the film and that Rey is not actually her name.



Daisy Ridley


Recall that we debunked the Kira rumor early on, during the Puzzlewood shoot. See the sign below? That’s from Daisy Ridley’s on-set trailer at Puzzlewood in the forest of Dean. Also notice the “AVCO” code name?



Kira sign


According to this source, Rey’s identity is setup for a plot-twist. Even when we saw pictures of her name on the production site we were told it’s just a code name, which we presumed to be true given the secretive nature of the production and the history of using code names etc . . . Well, this flies in the face of logic and reason as this name, presumably just a code, persists to be associated with Daisy Ridley’s character even after the name “Rey” has been revealed. Why? Why insist that the name is real if it weren’t and already debunked? Rey is an alias which he feels is because she’s really Solo’s daughter.


Moving on from the Rey plot twist, this source also gave us this little nugget — BB-8 is really owned by Poe Dameron at the beginning of the film.



Soccer Ball Droid


This shatters a lot of preconceived notions surrounding the droid, which, to summarize, most people believed was Rey’s from the beginning. It’s easy to make that assumption since Rey and BB-8 are both introduced to us, via teaser trailer, on the desert planet which is presumed to be Tatooine. As much as everyone is dying to know everything they can about BB-8, I think we’ll focus more on Poe now. The source also told us that Poe is captured early in the film after he confronts someone called JK, which he speculated as being a “Jedi Killer.” Jedi Killer sounds intriguing. Could this be the long-rumored Sith Inquisitor? Could it be Kylo Ren? OR is it Gwendoline Christie’s alleged chrometrooper commander??? Inquiring minds want to know!



Poe Dameron


He didn’t provide any answers about JK, but here’s what else we learned about Poe Dameron — If you look closely at the teaser trailer you’ll notice that Poe’s X-wing is torched on the side because Flame Troopers burn it up at one point.



Black Leader


And while we’re on the subject of Poe Dameron our source gave us plenty of elaboration about Dameron’s role in the story. Be warned, you still have time to turn back. For those determined to move forward, our source said there is an X-wing attack on something code named the “Catapult” at the end of the movie and that Poe is piloting the black X-wing which is code named “Tilt-A-Whirl” by the production. This meshes well with the speculation members of the Cantina have posited.


Those are some pretty specific plot details. The source also revealed how the new “Big 3” become entangled as it were: In the opening of film Poe Dameron, with his droid BB-8, is on a cliff overlooking a town, a la Kenobi in A New Hope looking at Mos Eisley, watching a settlement being torched. Dameron sends BB-8 to town which is what we see in the trailer. Dameron confronts JK and a fight ensues; he is captured and hauled aboard an orbiting Star Destroyer.



Boyega Trooper


Well, IF Poe is captured he seems to escape. That ‘s where Finn comes in: Finn is aboard the “House of Mirrors” (Star Destroyer code name?) Finn reveals himself to Poe, entering his cell reminiscent of when Luke appears in Leia’s cell, and they plan their escape. Since Finn cannot fly he needs Poe to fly the elite-type Tie Fighter, painted black and red, that crash-lands in the desert. The source believes that we see Finn emerging from the crashed Tie in the teaser trailer. They then meet up with Rey. The three team up and Finn loves the light saber she has and he confides in her his wishes to defect and Poe convinces her his is a good guy. Poe needs to get back to the Rebels so they get his X-wing out of the junkyard and he heads off.

(note: MakingStarWars first reported a similar rumor about Finn and Poe)


Whatever planet they crash on, most likely Tatooine, is the same desert planet wherein we find Rey. The trio get together and Rey somehow acquires BB-8. The source adds that Poe heads back to join the Rebels and Finn and Kira head-off to find Han and Chewie and the fun ensues . . . The source suspects Rey and Finn find them in the Cantina, but is unsurte. Yeah, we checked our Cantina forum and they’re not there. And speaking of “them,” our source had this to say about something that’s been speculated upon since 2012 — Han Solo isn’t in the final scene of the movie. The source suspects that he is dead. That’s something that many have surmised ever since the Sequel Trilogy was announced. And our source doesn’t make mention of how he knows this so we have to presume that it was just part of the information dump he received from his sources.





There you have it. That’s a lot of juicy information to digest and, of course, as always will be left for you to decide what to believe or not believe. I will leave you with a few of my own thoughts on the matter — much of this information is already known to the die-hard Star wars fan who has been following the production from the beginning. A lot of what that source told us could be excellent conjecture on his part. However, the one bit that leads me to believe he has been told “inside info” is that he still believes her name is Kira despite the multitude of debunking.


So what do you think about these rumors? Let us know in the comments section or in The Cantina forum. And for those of you who have yet to join the forum, now is never too late! We still have over three hundred days to discuss these and other topics before the phenomenon that is The Force Awakens is unleashed on the world.



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  • Trevor

    I was gonna make a Cantina crack til I read the next line….robbed of the glory. Ok, I’ll bite and chew slowly… I’ve speculated on Solo’s death in “The Cantina” (as some have read) and it would potentially be an oxidizer to a fire in the following movies….but it will/would disappoint me if his death materialized too soon. We wait…

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Rey is getting less and less important with each leak. :(

      • Anonymous

        we heard already that the real star is John Boyega, why the surprise?

        • Anonymous

          The real star is BB-8. We learn this at the end of TFA when R2-D2 tells BB-8, “I am your father!”.

        • Anonymous

          Rey (Kira) Solo is clearly the star of the movie. She is the one who carries the powerful Skywalker bloodline, upon which the entire saga rests. She is the Luke of this trilogy. The other two (Dameron & Finn) are an amalgamation of the Han and Leia roles. They are important, just less so than her.

          Boyega isn’t the lead.

          • Anonymous

            @anon 00:29

            I hope you’re right. Really I do.

            But I doubt it at this poit.

          • Anonymous

            omg dork you know nothing. why state opinion as fact when so much effort has gone into being star wars autistic.

            the garbage EU is dead dorks. dead.

            it was maturbatoryfan fiction nonsense and Disney makes movies and money. They don’t give a rats ass about what you people think. Honestly.

            This film needs to make a Billion dollars. If Jesus needed to be in it to make that happen Kathleen and Bob would have had JJ (btw in the order… ) write Christ a light saber and backstory.

            Honestly at this point i won’t all the new characters to have no relation to the legacy ones. You’ll see the movie anyway… if not to just post on this nerd boards.

            Han will Die. Leia will be old and regal and in charge, luke will be crazy, they’re probably won’t be a formal Sith for most of the film, the plot twists (plural) don’t reveal till in complete till Ep. 8, the spin offs will have easter eggs in them but will not be bound to timeline, and Luke is crazy and kills Han.

            Not unlike Anakin at the End of Revenge killing Padme in what might be the most terrible acting in any of the movies save Clones. Jesus is Natalie Portman terrible in everything she’s ever done. ugh.

            Anyway – there… its fucking annoying right? stop being so dorky jesus.

            • Anonymous

              wow, what a pointless rant

            • Alexander

              Yeah, Hayden should have spoke in one of those low gravelly voices like in the trailer. That would have been BADASS and not over the top at all. Just like The Dark knight. He totally shouldn’t have acted power crazy, he just should have gone for B-A-D-A-S-S. BADASS! BADASSS! BADASSS! BBBAAAAAD AAAASSSSSS!!!!!!

            • Anonymous

              I understand that you have a conflicting opinion about these things, but that doesn’t mean you should express it in the form of a hateful rant. Just respectfully disagree and move on

          • Anonymous

            Boooooo! you don’t know that.

        • Anonymous

          @anon 22:57
          if you’ve kept up with all the rumors during the first half of 2014, you would already know that Rey (or Kira as she was known as then) was not only expected to be the main character, but the first parts of the movie were told from her perspective and point of view.

          In the months since then….. Rey is no longer the main character (and probably not even the second main character from the looks of Poe now), I’m hearig she needs to get rescued by the male characters by Act III (not sure if it’s true, but I’m still hearing it,) and now she isn’t even the original owner of BB-8. It makes me wonder if she is even in this movie just so male viewers can gawk at her hot backside perched atop that wagon-like landspeeder.

          Let’s just hope that Kasden and Abrams didn’t fiddle around with the script too much… otherwise Rey would end up in a bikini in some Hutt’s slave barge by the end of the movie.

          • Anonymous

            Gosh I hope so.

          • NerfHerder

            Can we start a kickstarter or something to get Daisy a gold bikini for Ep 8 or 9?

          • Anonymous

            I wasn’t happy about a female lead so I’ m OK with Boyega being the star. Announcing Daisy fo the 3 movies was just a camouflage.

            • Anonymous

              Rey Solo is the lead. That should be obvious. Finn is the fish out of water, who is in above his head, and we are meant to “identify” with (almost like Threepio & Artoo). Dameron is the older, angrier soldier, who’s been through a lot. (And has serious trust issues)

              Finally, Rey is the one who goes through the “heroes journey.” Initially, she rejects her inheritance and place in the galaxy. But, through circumstance and experience she comes to accept her role in the saga, and fulfills her destiny. It’s storytelling 101.

              • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            I’m sure there will be male viewers gawking at her when she is doing back flips wielding a light saber as well.

          • Anonymous

            well your astute attention to all the non obvious is mind blowing.

            She has changed reps and management 3 times since principal filming begun.

            The business doesn’t care about actors agent shopping. They come to you, and they never come 3 times in 6 months.

            She’s the hinge the entire sequel triology will swing from.

            She’s now ripped by the most powerful and influential Team in Hollywood. She’s the new luke. How thats revealed will probably not be on the sand planet or in the first fucking 10 minutes.

          • Anonymous

            everything you just said is what i hope they did to it, backside, bikini, hopefully no speaking lines, maybe luridly stroking a lightsaber hilt… there’s your fanfic. screw it, just make that movie.


      People who user that non-word should be slapped in the ear really hard. Just stop it. It’s not cute, it’s not original and it doesn’t mean anything. If you’re really apathetic just STFU and don’t comment at all.

      • Anonymous


  • Kraven

    this sounds more like an spin-off and not an “Episode” movie.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, I liked the older story more….with Rey being more main character and the guys sidekicks…

      • Anonymous

        Agree. But like always, if something sonds too good to be true, that’s because it usually is. Too bad. For once, I thought Lucasfilm was going to do something clever and original.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is BS cause that sounds like a lame plot!

    • liespana

      Super lame: (star trek lame)

  • Eirikur

    Sounds pretty bad actually

  • Peter

    If all this is true, sounds perfectly adventurous, exciting and fun! You guys are a bunch of babies, moan moan and moan. Thank you for your article Echo-07.

    • So you want a New Hope remake?

      • Peter

        No I want some FUN in my Star Wars again. The small plot outline mentioned in this article is not oscar worthy, sure, but sounds perfectly reasonable for SW, that’s all.

        • The plot sounds a lot like A New Hope.

          • Anonymous itch

            I haven’t quite read about planetary explosions there yet, but I suppose you’re right, if this is a 100% accurate exert from the plot then it does share some similarities with A new Hope, but I’m not complaining, Star Wars is Star Wars, and Star Wars is awesome

          • Ryan

            “The plot sounds a lot like A New Hope.”

            Which is exactly how Arndt’s script was described as being.

            You know the one that was “thrown out” along with Lucas’ story? I think not.

            Never mind every bit of “evidence” from sources that continue to say otherwise.

            “What I like about A New Hope and The Matrix is that they’re mysterious movies, you don’t know what is going on and who are these people, and thats why they’re great!”

            That’s not ANH at all. There is no mystery we are told upfront everything to follow along quite easily. TPM is the mysterious and AOTC has an out and out mystery in it.

            • Anonymous

              Not in the 70s kid

          • Anonymous

            What? You are just starting to realize that Disney has no imagination and is simply cashing in on the OT?

            Didn’t sitting through at least 3 torturous episodes of Rebels teach you anything?

            • Anonymous

              this is so frustrating. the movie is not yours. it doesn’t belong to you. it exists with out you. it never read anything you’ve wrote and WHY WOULDNT DISNEY WANNA MAKE MONEY.

              They run a Global Business and they need to fill 7 Parks with 1000s of unused acres of swamp land.

              There will be a Star Wars park. God I hope with a Death Star Epcot Anchor.

              The point is I want them to make money. They are the least soulless and Legacy capable Movie studio and Kathleen Kennedy is brilliant – she’s not going to make a George Lucas film.

              Lucas is a mess. Honestly. He lies about his involvement right left and center. He no more wrote these movies than Joseph Cambell is responsible for dreaming up the Force.

              He is the Directing/Screenwriting version of the collate function on a 90s copier. Takes a whole bunch of non related culturally embodied archetypical themes and organizes that shit in Space. King Arthur with a light up sword.

        • Gary

          That doesn’t sound like a full plot to me, just part of the beginning. Am I missing something?

          • Pavel

            Right. The things mentioned here don’t really reveal if the plot leaks we have heard are true or not. These are just side leaks….not the main plot of the movie.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I bet you love this type of poetry.

      • Anonymous

        It rhymes…

    • Cmdr. Ed Straker

      Nice to see one optimistic statement.

  • Stephen

    My reaction is the same to most of these leaks, I’m sure some elements of it are true but I doubt all of this is true. This stuff is more vague than I thought it’d be considering the spoiler warnings, but it’s enough information for us to chew on that I’m happy.

  • Your highness

    Probably the script for one of the deleted scenes set to be filmed february!

  • http://www.discovershadow.com

    Had a crazy dream about taking an elevator to the top of a high rise owned by George lucas. Upon arrival,…a huge penthouse suite with various Episode 7 sets that had been recreated for a wrap party. The characters walking around spouting dialogue from the movie. It was all very surreal.

    • Pavel

      What was the plot of the movie in your dream? :)

      • Anonymous

        Dreams ain’t got time for plots

        • Pavel

          Mine do.

  • Bobo Grimski

    I love reading stuff like this! Oh man…all the wrong info I read with the prequel trilogy…just made those movies more fun to watch.

    Anyhow…it seems like every time a “reliable source” comes forward it contradicts the juicy details we had before. As Echo-07 said, be sure you have plenty of salt!!


  • Adavanter

    If that’s the basic outline of the plot… I’m happy. Sounds pretty cool to be honest. It’s new enough while following a fairly familiar arc.

    Kind of excites me actually… nothing to complex that could easily be ruined or poorly executed.

  • Anonymous

    Poe owns BB-8. The only new info learned from the report other than Poe & Finn tangling with the tie fighter. And again the conclusion since Han is not there, so he must be dead. But no more details.

    If anyone truly knew anything earth shattering the final act would have been spoiled by now with out little details. “There’s a battle with Force Lightning”. Force Lightning? No kidding!

    I guess someone will say Luke uses Force Lightning next.

    • Anonymous

      Luke uses force lightning in the film;)

  • Helkish

    I don’t believe this one. First it says BB-8 is Poe’s, then later it says it is owned by Rey.

    Also, they having workng X-Wings in the scrap yard?

  • Anonymous

    And Lucas’ treatment had to be ditched for this?

  • Anonymous

    considering the death threats and drama directed at actors directors etc when Spock was killed in st2. Harrison ford got of lightly with just a broken leg.

  • S. raw Rats

    i do like the idea that an adventure without the big three will start the movie. that would be awesome . starting a new starwars film is exiting and then later on the old cast comes in that will give it yet another layer of exitment, and then hopefully a great plot. Then you have three great kicks….plus the starwars vehicles, the music score, the starwars sounds, the planets….aww man, i cant wait!

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing new, just conjecture on stuff we know.

  • Patrulha do Consumidor

    What I like about A New Hope and The Matrix is that they’re mysterious movies, you don’t know what is going on and who are these people, and thats why they’re great!
    I wish EPISODE 7 is going to be like this and don’t spoil who are the villains and what they want until the end of the movie!

    • Anonymous

      matrix is only bearable if your gay, coming down from a circuit party in 1998 and so fuct up on ketamine you think the rabbit hole is your apartment and the movie is “mysterious”

  • Anonymous

    I think we are looking at the first half of the movie here, there will be plenty more going on!!

  • Anonymous

    Ups, another post i will not read…

  • lukesdad

    Agreed,not any mention of Luke’story arc.

  • Anonymous

    I just hope most of the movie doesn’t take place on tatooine. It’s cool for nostalgia, but I’ve seen enough of that one planet, let’s think big and spend more time on those other planets from the teaser. As long as they don’t try too hard to remake or recreate a new hope instead of just giving us a good movie I’ll be happy!

    • Anonymous Also

      How can you have Star Wars without Tatooine?

      It is the home of the two central characters of Star Wars. It serves an important thematic and symbolic purpose as a sort of underworld where the rules of the Republic, the Empire, the Jedi, the Sith, and so on just don’t apply- a sort of forgotten place by the “uppities” of the universe, much like many places are forgotten and left behind by the “developed”, elite world in our lives. It’s the dump that shaped the unconventional, complex characters of arguably the two most powerful force wielders of their times, neither of whom as characters really fit the profiles of either Jedi or Sith- and both of whom simply could not wait to get out of the dump.

      The place is Science Fiction at its finest. Give me Tatooine over some CGI masterbatory contraption any day of the week.

      • Nerd Herfer

        How can you have a star wars movie without tatooine? Um How about the best star wars movie of them all…..TESB.

  • Anonymous


  • noname

    I would not like to see Han Solo die at the end of episode 7 and if kira ia actually hans daughter well shes going to get revenge on the person who killed han but if you think about it there was suppose to be a son that han and leia had in episode 7

  • Anonymous

    Let’s all pre-judge innacruate/incomplete plot points explained in a blog after a horrible game of telephone. Great idea, armchair directors…

    Just WAIT. Everyone is so eager to know what they’re doing you’re missing the entire point of the experience. It’ll all make sense in the end. I find leaks massively dissapointing because I’m reading a poorly told version of what literally thousands of people have worked to.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. However – one of the most spectacular scenes was the battle against the walkers.

  • Ree Yees

    If X-Wings attack a superweapon … well…in “EP1” Lil’ Annie destroys a giant spaceship; in “EP3” Obi-Wan and Annie attack a giant spaceship (kind of); in “EP4” X-Wings attack a superweapon…and in “EP6” X-wings (and a lot of other wings) attack a superweapon. It sounds OLD to me.
    ESB is still considered the greatest SW movie and it had the Executor but it was never a target, and the film worked just fine without any superweapons. It had a suprising, different story.

  • techsteveo

    I’ll say it again…Kira Rey Solo and Kylo Ren Solo. Search your feelings you know it to be true!

    • CantinaJohn

      Kira Rey Solo & Kylo Ren Solo? I think you’ve got it Ol’ Chap!

      • Akira Kurosawa

        Rey and Ren do stick out ringing with similarity as well as Kira and Kylo.

    • Pestelous

      Wow….I never thought of this…excellent thought. Looks like it’s setting up a Jacen vs Jaina kinda duel

      • Anonymous

        I hope JJ hears you mate!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, these leaks are such crap. They are often painful to read as they are nothing but the same story over and over again.
    The fan-idiots making this stuff up have no imagination and would not make it NEAR Hollywood with this kind of crap.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the only dead character till now is leia since we dont get any rumor about her role in the movie or maybe she will be like jar jar’s in ep 3.

  • Derth Nadir

    “…the main weapon that could destroy everything.”

    That made me wonder if the weapon could be designed to wipe out all life/matter. What if the ultimate villain wants to destroy everything so the Force can start over? Not saying that is what you meant by “destroy everything” just made me think.

    • Pestelous

      Centerpoint station?

  • WookieeMonster

    Great post. Truely some food for thought.

  • Anonymous

    Quite possibly disinformation from a JJ source!
    We should expect a lot of this right up to TFA
    release. Remember Khan?


    Sounds plausible. I had heard some of this already, about Poe, Finn and “Rey” teaming up on tatooine. As far as Rey being an alias? Well, remember the big twist with padme in the phantom menace? Sounds about the same as that, so sure, why not?

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping Rey is the new lead- an intense young female character to carry the flame sounds good..

    • Anonymous

      after these new leaks, it sounds Rey is a supporting character at the most. What her purpose is now, I’m not quite sure. I assumed she had some brains and created BB-8 using scrap metal and her own inginuity…. but apparently not.


  • Anonymous

    *enquiring minds want to know
    Inquiring minds probably don’t care as this is not exactly a formal investigation in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Am asumming 30 years after Endor that the Rebels have enough clout to prevent one of their X-Wing fighters from getting impounded.

    Someone forgot to pay the meter?

    COME ON!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is all bs

  • Darth Muff-Diver

    The word “Kira” in Farsi (Iranian) means penis. My Iranian friend told me. It may or may Not be relevant. Just throwing it out there

    • Anonymous

      Now that you’ve shown everybody how clever you are, why don’t you go back to sucking on your lollipop!

    • Anonymous

      In Japanese (much more likely to be linked to than ****ing Iranian…

      “KIRA” means “KILLER”

      Just saying

  • Greg Kirby

    Sounds like SuperShadow or Stormshadow or whatever that guys name was, is still posting crap, but on other websites. I laugh at all this.

    But I do agree with one poster that Rey and Kylo ren are brother and sister and are Solo’s.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing to see hear. Just more b.s. speculation. Definitely not a real insider of any kind.

    So far “Mizzlewump” is the only insider who actually seemed to know anything.

  • Anonymous

    SW7N aint citing MSW Rumours because they are repackaged? Old news. Reddit Rumors Part 3. Fake. Dumb. Fake.

  • Anonymous

    Misinformation going on?

    More I think about it the more I feel like I should just wait until after the movie hits theaters and then see how the reaction goes down .

  • Anonymous

    So we got about 5% of the plot here… We only know the opening scenes, not the plot.


    We all have heard the rumors of Han dying in this trilogy which makes sense being that Harrison Ford wanted Han to die in the OT. I’m sure fans would be bummed if it happens early because I’m sure we all want more Harrison/Han moments. Fans who are upset about Han dying period will be appeased with the rumored young Han film. I’m really nervous about this young Han film though. Han is an awesome character but Harrison is what makes Han… Han. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man! We have been so blind!!!, I can honestly say that already I can see the movie in my head. We have so much info about the first Act but Act II and Act III are so cloudy, the dark side is still around them specially with this new shooting in february! Regrets? Change of mind? extended material? reshooting? we don’t know.

    I’m gonna do a resume about all this: (1/29/2015)


    New Stars (official)

    Rey (Kira) Solo
    Poe Dameron
    Kylo Ren (Solo?)
    Domhnall Gleeson (not Announce)
    Chromed Stormtrooper (Gwendoline Christie)
    Lupita Nyong’o (Not Announce)
    Andy Serkis (New Ultimate Bad Guy of the Sith)

    Legacy Characters

    Luke Skywalker
    Han Solo
    Leia Organa


    Dessert Planet:
    -Cantina/Community Center
    -AT-AT Home: Kira
    -Tie Fighter crash
    Ice/Forest planet:
    -A Castle
    -Pirate’s Cove
    Rebel Bases
    Star Destroyers
    And many other surprises

    S C R E E N W R I T I N G
    S T A R W A R S
    So it all seems to start at the Dessert Planet, but! there is always a small first story at each Star Wars film in the first Act: Episode IV Tantive IV attack scene, EpV Wampa attacks Luke, EpI Obi and Qui Gon on the Trade Federation ship, etc. This is perfect for establish new characters and not touch the story yet! This time we have a crash scene like in EpIII. Is a TIE Fighter where in the concept art you can see John Boyega below at it and of course, in the trailer. In this prelude I didn’t thought about Poe Dameron on it but with all this leaks about him it seems he is the new Single mode/Han Solo. or whatevs. They or he scapes from whatever is chasing them and they find Rey and they also find a lightsaber. There is an alien in all this, like a new C-3PO but no one is talking about her, I believe is a female alien that is a friend of Rey. There is also this old odd figure played by Max Von Sydow that is the type of character that gives you information like Dex the old buddy of Obi-Wan in EpII that gives him the information about the clones. This hold thing leads to the encounter between the legacy character with the new characters. On the Falcon, on the cantina. We don’t know exactly where yet but the Act II opens with new questions about bigger things: The actual situation in the galaxy, the jedi and the situation with Luke, Rey’s real name, familiarities between the characters, and finally the plan ahead of the story.

    The bad guys of the film will be appearing slowly and shortly like in Episode I with Darth Maul and Darth Sidious. But yes stormtroopers will be all over the place!. if Alan Driver’s have time enough in the screen we would see a kind of fast transformation to the dark side or teachings with the collector of antiques character played by Andy Serkys. This is when the film starts to be all about mysticism. That is what George Lucas always has said about EpVII is kind of an independent movie!

    This is why this film will also look very medieval, antique and full of mysticism. Just look at the Castle, the NEW LIGHTSABER with the two hilts at the sides (finally), the pirates thing with the Rebels. Michael Arndt in the script… Just join the dots. I don’t care about Poe Dameron’s X-Wing!! There are bigger things around us much more bigger.
    If Kylo Ren and Kira Rey are the Solo twins. If Han Solo dies and Luke is the guy to teach this new generation, if all looks in some way as the OT, and if the new lightsaber is a very old old piece of junk THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. And you can picture in your head the whole movie… And why not, you can think start thinking in Episode VIII, That I hope it will be the most Dark and Scariest movie of the Star Wars Saga. It has to be that way.

    One last thing: I can put my money on that Kylo Ren (if he is a twin Solo) he will come back to the light at the end of the movie and fight with his sister at his side BUT! Luke or someone will not trust him, and not believe he is back at the light and someone (that I think is Luke) Kills the one who trust Kylo, his father: Han Solo. BOOOM

    There you go, thats our new movie. Hope that I’ll be all Wrong (: Please I hope to be all wrong. If I am not, it will be an awesome movie too.


    • Anonymous

      Don’t think this is a SPIN OF movie, this is an EPISODE and that’s why is not gonna end like EpIV, at the end it will be an epic spaceship battle but it will not be a great triumph for the New Republic. All will become into chaos. This is like Nazi Germany winning the WWII when the good guys had the advantage… Making the characters ending like this:

      Luke – New Obi Wan
      Finn & Kira – New Luke and Leia
      Poe – New Han Solo
      Kylo Ren – New Darth Vader
      Han Solo – Dead
      Leia Organa – With no political power
      Chewbacca – Can’t battle anymore

      Remember what Anthony Daniels said: Is gonna be better than ESB. And I think is all set to be this way. Leading the next Episode (VIII) all into darkness.

      BTW, if Domhnall Gleeson is not Luke’s son. He’s nothing in the film.


      • Anonymous

        Maybe Gleeson’s talent will be covered over with expensive CG makeup till he’s unrecognizable… oh wait, they only do that with famous African American actresses, I forgot.

        • Anonymous

          Why you don’t say black american? Do you have something against her? Lupita is gorgeous and a great actress and being black doesn’t make her less attractive! I wish she had a mayor role in the new trilogy, as a human, and not an alien..

          • Pavel

            Because Lupita isn’t American.

        • Anonymous

          Lupita is ‘African American’ now? AFAIK, neither Kenya or Mexico are part of the US.

          • Pavel

            No but that was actually termed for ‘black’ people with African heritage that now live in America….everyone is just using it wrong now. Ps…Mexico is in North America.

    • BB 7

      Could you rephrase all of that?

    • Anonymous

      Pirate’s Cove , when I read that I was reminded of that scene with all of the Pirates gathered together in the third Pirates Of the Caribbean .

  • Anonymous

    And the big question nobody is asking yet:

    If BB-8 was Poe Dameron’s droid, where was he being kept during space travel: shoved up a canon like a canon ball, or was he left rolling around the x-wing’s trunk?

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I don’t believe that spoiler.
      Every concept drawing I saw had BB8 next to Rey.

  • Anonymous

    There was a major leak of “supposed” plot information from someone claiming to be affiliated with LFL on the Reddit Star Wars page a few months ago, which I believe has since been removed. The aforementioned claims were rather different than the stuff mentioned in this article.

    (SPOILERS!) He claimed that “Rey” is hiding on Tatooine, living with Max von Sydow’s character with BB-8 under her ownership. Finn, a defector, comes into the mix and the plot is set in motion by that old rumor of the finding of Luke’s original lightsaber. He went on to claim that Kylo Ren is in fact an X-Wing pilot that becomes infatuated by the Dark Side, and seeks out the true Sith Lord that is Andy Serkis’s character. Other tidbits claim that Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter, Luke is in a self-imposed exile, Lupita Nyong’o’s character is a major role as a force-sensitive that becomes Finn’s love interest.

    There was more to it than that. He described it much better than me and sounded like a far more interesting plot that this one. Of course, rumors are just rumors and have little validity.

    • rebelgb

      This sounds more likely.

  • Retrotek

    After this movie comes out, I don’t think “Episode” is going to mean what we expect it to mean right now. This is just going to be a sequel to the Skywalker arch rather then a continuation of it. Even if they don’t mean it that way, that’s the way it will feel nonetheless.

    • The Path of the Jedi continues

      There is an awakening!
      And it will continue between the Dark and the Light.

      • Retrotek

        According to Lucas the “story” as we know it is about the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker. That story is done so this one is a sequel and the beginning of a fallowing story.

        Me personally, Star Wars is about the heroes journey of Luke Skywalker and that story is done too. Again, this story is a sequel.

  • Anonymous

    If Han Solo dies in this film. It will alienate and also run off many fans for any future films. They will loose many fans. It’s all about the money folks…;)

    • Anonymous

      I’m slightly convinced that Han will survive until VIII. The middle chapter typically being the darkest he’ll sacrifice himself.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that everyone has an opinion, but here is my opinion. For all of you that claim it’s “only about money” which is one part of it if course, or that this only fan fiction, or you think the characters names are not “star warsy” enough or that since the producers didn