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RUMOR: Details on Visceral’s Untitled Star Wars Game. A Hint for the Spin-Off Movie?


Not too long ago, we mentioned that the staff at Visceral Games are enthusiastic about their Star Wars project, and that they can’t wait to officially unveil it. While the release of the game is a ways away, we’ve apparently come into contact with exclusive rumors about the title – including how it might tie into a spin-off movie.


From Viral Hide’s source:

Visceral’s game is about Han Solo, he says it’s dev. is very troubled but the game looks awesome. He also said that the programmers are all working on the informed guess-timation that it is either a prequel game to the first spin off film or may be an actual tie-in game.


The game is a third person shooter and I’m quoting here is a “young-ish” Han Solo.


Han_Solo Boba_Fett


The poster claimed that the game has “big ambitions” and that part of the staff was temporarily borrowed to finish development on Battlefield Hardline (meaning that the title may come out a little later than originally expected).


I could see the game working as a tie-in to a spin-off movie, but Visceral’s parent company, EA, has put it on record that they are not going to make games that are direct adaptations of the new movies (at least not until the films have already been released).


My guess is that this project could be an extensive prequel to the rumored Han Solo movie, which would likely be the second spin-off. Keep in mind that the time span between the 2 spin-off movies is only 2 years. Given that all rumors point to the first spin-off being about Boba Fett and other Bounty Hunters, it would make sense for EA to start work on something that comes out further along the line. Especially considering that they still don’t have a release date for their game.



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  • Anonymous

    As long as they don’t rush them to meet any film release dates, these games should be good or even great.

    • Cole

      yes. take a lesson from Goldeneye

  • Anonymous

    Just release 1313!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah would love to see more from 1313

    • Anonymous

      Start to develop KOTOR III!

      • Laarj Erikshun

        Yeah and make it be on the scale and scope of Dragon Age Inquisition! Huge, gorgeous and story intensive.

    • Anonymous

      Where do you think the materials for 1313 went? This game will be better than 1313 by the sounds of it.

  • Master Bates Hahrdd

    A little off topic but remember in the clone wars when gungans captured general grievous? So unrealistic.

    • E. Jak Elation

      Yep off-topic

    • Darth Qaidous

      Yeah, off-topic, but …

      … I didn’t see that episode, but given that we are talking about a fantasy world (in the SWU) the notion of that type of event occurring is more ridiculous than unrealistic.

    • Tordelback

      You mean the bit where General Tarpals sacrificed his life to entangle Grievous’ arms while an entire army of Gungans swarmed him? Seemed pretty plausible to me. What was implausible in that episode was the Republic exchanging the captured Grievous for one Jedi.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s your Han Solo for a spinoff… http://youtu.be/bba_wPdLxp4

    • Anonymous

      That kid is the only who could play Han imo

    • Anonymous

      I’m not seeing it. I wish this actor the best but he comes across as too suburban and far too self conscious for Solo. I hope Disney remembers that not everyones childhood has an American middle-class feel.

      • Anonymous

        why do we need to remember that other people experience any kind of childhood. dorks ! listen … your childhoods sucked because you played video games instead of anything normal. And if your feeling yours extra bad today try to keep in mind… its should always be sunny, your not fat and no one wants an asian boyfriend.

        no one cares about your childhood.

        happiness is the space between sads.

        • Anonymous

          My comment about childhood is in reference to how I hope they depict Solo’s youth. I hope they don’t make the same mistake they made with Anakin where, despite him being a slave, his day to day existence resembles a well to do suburban upbringing. Han doesn’t seem like he would have had that kind of insulated childhood.

        • Dude in a hat

          No he’s right. Disney does have a very closed-off view on how children act and think differently depending on where they grew up, and just because someone can’t relate to some guy on Youtube or to any Disney character DOES NOT mean they’re some whacked-out weirdo who should f!#$ off.

          Most people have no idea how different the Universe is for a chinese kid, just as I have no friggin’ clue what the hell most native-born Americans are thinking. So I agree.
          The whole “Aladdin and Rapunzel and Elsa are our idea of how kids think and that’s all you’re gonna get” is bullshit. Believe it or not, some people have a very different perspective on the entire world, let alone what a relatable believable cartoon character can be.

  • KyloHelmet

    About the games not tying or adapting the movies. Remember when Kennedy or Kinberg said to the press none of the spinoffs would tie into the ST but here we could a situation with the Han movie before Episode 8 and he dies ending his run. If the people in charge are possibly contradicting themselves, it makes it just easy for the lower players in the food chain to not be taken so seriously.

  • Anonymous

    These spin-offs movies will makey money, at least the first 2 or 3. Beyond that, it will grow thin. Take away the Skywalker angle and all you’re left with is very generic sci-fi fanfare with lightsables.

    • Anonymous

      It may not seem this way right now, but Star Wars is bigger than the Skywalker family. Other sagas and legacies will be created.

      You think a KoToR game or film trilogy will be about the Skywalkers? Nope. Disney and company will have the ability to expand things well beyond generic sci-fi entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    Now this fits Han Solo… http://postimg.org/image/elqoa8o8l/

  • iPadCary

    Maybe we’ll hear something at GDC15 in about a month.

  • Anonymous

    I remember a previous rumor here from good sources according to this site that the first three SW spin offs would be interconnected and part of a larger subplot, is this still a viable rumor?

  • Ben

    I would love a Han Solo/Boba Fett movie dealing with the underworld set 5 years before ANH. Maybe have a live action Cad Bane (best EU character since Thrawn) play a role as villain.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t care less about Han Solo or Boba Fett movie

    • Sorry my poor english

      … and you come here just to say that?
      I mean, i don’t care about Harry Potter, so i never enter in a “HarryPotterNews” site, you should do the same about the Star Wars Spin-Off if you don’t care about it!

      • Dude in a hat

        The article title never specifies
        Han or Boba, it says “Spin-Off”
        Han and Boba are both fan-rumors so yeah, you bet you’re ass he’s clicking on a link that may or may not interest him

        And BTW I love how you said “couldN’T care less”

        “Could care less” means the complete opposite of “Couldn’t care less” but no one seems to notice. Bugs me.

  • Sorry my poor english

    I think the game will show Han and Chewie adventures as smuglers before EPISODE 4. They will have to move from planet to planet doing things like rescuing people and stealing stuff and we will pilot the falcon in space battles, and the gameplay style will be like the 1313 DEMO.

  • Anonymous

    Harrison Ford is Han Solo, so it will take quite the actor along with a stand out performance to step into his boots successfully.
    This might actually be the perfect film to attempt a fully realized avatar of Mr Ford to continue the adventures.

    • Anonymous

      People accepted Ewan Mcgregor as a young Alec Guinness pretty quickly. I’m sure somewhere there is an actor up to the task.

    • Anonymous

      The Obi-Wan thing was easier because there’s a time honored tradition of having one actor for a young man and a different actor for an old grey man. With Han we would be talking about Han as a young man and Han as a younger man.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t be better a movie about yoda, obi, bail organa, skywalkers babys lifes, vader betwen ep III and IV (think in lego yoda’s Chronicles without the silly treatment of course) at least they can use the actors from the PT and the cgi yoda.

  • Slave to the Rhythm

    Although Bobba Fett is undoubtedly a cool character I never really GOT what all the hype is about I mean really I don’t… Tarkin was much more interesting to me more sinister more intriguing. So what he had a rocket pack!Wow.. His ride looked crap I always wanted the MF or an X wing anything but Slave. I’m sorry Bobba never featured for me…any one else out there feel the same way?

    • Dude in a hat

      Boba Fett was cool because he was mysterious… OOPS!

      I like his ship though, it’s off-beat and weird, like him. I think the fans/George Lucas’ machine made him lame though :/

      Totally agree about Tarkin, he was the ultimate british 2# bad-guy in a subtle, well acted way.
      He successfully told Darth Vader to shut up, and Darth obeyed… BAD.ASS.
      I’d like to see Boba Fett pull that on Vader, as if…

    • Adam

      I agree with you, Bobba Fett seems pretty dull to me.

  • darth garlicsalsa

    i would like to see Gungans invade endor. The end scene will be a epic battle between wicket and Jar jar.

  • midiskywalkerans

    No sorry as far as the movies go Star wars is the Skywalkers without a doubt without them star wars would not exist especially the form we all know and love KOTOR is nothing more than a back story built around the Skywalkers. Hell George called his homestead Skywalker ranch nuff said end of…

    • Anonymous

      Um, KOTOR doesn’t mention the Skywalkers at all. All these spin-offs will be doing will be expanding the Star Wars universe for other stories. Maybe someday we’ll get an Old Republic Jedi/Sith War film or maybe something to do with Bane. You can’t say you would not watch that.

    • Kotor has nothing to do with Skywalkers.

  • Anonymous

    why do we need to remember that other people experience any kind of childhood. dorks ! listen … your childhoods sucked because you played video games instead of anything normal. And if your feeling yours extra bad today try to keep in mind… its should always be sunny, your not fat and no one wants an asian boyfriend.

    no one cares about your childhood.

    happiness is the space between sads.

    • Anonymous

      You must live in a poor country.

  • Boring.

  • Griffin

    I might just be crazy… but I really do not want a Han Solo movie, or a Boba Fett movie, OR ‘Red Five’… give us something original, please.

    • General Grieves

      Griffin – Something new would be nice but there is too much risk in “new”.
      I worry about a Red Five movie turning into Battlestar Galactica but they need an anchor to the original stories.
      I think one back story of Solo and throw in Fett as his protagonist (please don’t make them originally buddies!) and having them both working for Jabba.

      • Its “NOT” a risk if it has “Star Wars” in the name, it will sell. I’m not going to go see any “safe movies” because it will be a waste of my money.

        • Anonymous

          Anything and everything’s a risk with the Star Wars crowd. They’re gonna make a fortune no matter how bad it is though :)

          BTW this article has nothing to do with the Spin-Offs AT ALL, not even a hint. A Han Solo game MIGHT be cool though.

        • Anonymous

          You are incredibly negative. I have no doubt after the new storm of films are over we’ll get our “new” characters set in different time periods. I’m excited for the spin-offs just as much as the new trilogy. Is Disney playing it safe? Probably. That doesn’t mean they won’t be well made and enjoyable stories.

          • Wanting all new creative art , story, characters, ect and voting with my wallet is not being “incredibly negative”.

            • Anonymous

              Actually, yes it is. Unless it’s made in the way you want it. You dismiss as not worthy of your dollar. What is a Boba Fett or Han movie is well made and tells a compelling story. You rather they make a spin-off telling some random story set anywhere in the timeline? Cool. Fine. Just don’t say you aren’t negative towards this particular film.

              • Picking and choosing what i want to watch is not negative, by that logic you’re saying if someone was a Marvel fan they should pay to watch a movie about a character they don’t care about. Lack of enthusiasm & interest is not negative especially not “incredibly negative”. People watch movies to feel emotions , fear, happiness, excitement, suspense, ect. So if a person feels like they aren’t going have emotional investment in the story and characters its not a negative thing if they don’t watch the movie. Now, it seems we live in an age where even if you have a neutral opinion about something you’re negative, if you don’t like it or love it you’re negative or a hater, troll, ect. Thats just ridiculous, i don’t watch movies i have a neutral opinion on. If it dosen’t spark something or make me have questions about it that i want the answers to, i don’t watch it. Its also called not buying into consumerism or popular opinion, we can take suggestion from people thats fine just as long as you make the decision for yourself. You would be surprised how many people don’t actually decide for themselves on what movies they watch. For me, my want for an original Star Wars “spin off movie” with all new orginal characters, story has driven me to become apathetic towards movie ideas like Han Solo or Boba Fett .

          • Dude in a hat

            Look, Duke may be being negative but that’s his business, LITERALLY, it’s his business not your’s.
            There are plenty of popular movies that I boycott due to total lack of interest.
            I love Ron Howard movies [including American Graffiti], but I to this day refuse to watch DaVinci Code. Can’t wait to see Fury though, are you gonna call that negative? And should I care??

            • Anonymous

              Oddly enough you cared enough to respond. That’s answers all my questions on that. Duke can be as negative as he wants actually. I don’t care. It’s just that for someone that’s “neutral” he’s awfully preoccupied with telling people how boring, uninteresting, or unoriginal it is. If he doesn’t like it fine. I for one am looking forward to it. This is typical internet attitude. Freedom of speech and all. It’s actually EVERYONE’S business since this is a social forum. We can have disagreements with each other in regards to any topic on the planet. If it was just HIS BUSINESS and only his, he’d be off writing messages with a marker in the corner of a room while talking to himself. I’ve seen enough of his comments on the forum to know that he wants things done a specific way. It’s sad to me. I’m excited that we are finally getting Star Wars back and now we have fan wars over details in the end so trivial. I’m also aware I’m to blame for trivial wars as well. I This will certainly be my last comment on this topic. As I didn’t want it to drag out as much as it did anyways.

  • Retrotek

    As far as Boba Fett goes, it’s time for Lucasfilm to put up or shut up. For over thirty years they have been saying he is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, but they never show it. Instead Lucas changed his voice and showed him as a snotty kid and then threw him in the trash when he became inconvenient to the plot. All he has really been all these years is a marketing and merchandising ploy; a bait and switch.

    I really wish fans would boycott any more merchandise that Boba Fett on it until they show in a movie or TV show that he is really as cool as THEY have claimed he is all these years.

    • Dude in a hat

      That’s the thing exactly. Boba Fett was totally cool, until they gave him a FRIGGIN’ BACKSTORY.

      Even the edits where Boba Fett is directly working for Jabba way back in ANH was lame. He always struck me as a freelancer, e.i. not sitting on Tatooine for 4 years with his thumb up his butt waiting for Jabba to ask him to do something.

      That stupid briefcase in Pulp Fiction that has sparked strong-standing and well-rounded “contains Soul of Mob-Boss Marcellus Wallace” theories, was originally intended to just be some boring, run-of-the-mill bars of gold, not that it matters, because Quentin Tarantino never made a subplot in Kill Bill showing Mr. Wallace’s briefcase being intercepted into the hands of that Guy who kept saying ‘What’, so the briefcase remains cool.

      With Boby Fett the whole paradox is more dangerous, and it already died. By giving him a sub-plot, but really more of a sub-sub-plot, it took the character and showed him just long enough to give him one fight scene and get his head cut off by Mace-“we need to capture the bounty hunter for interrogation”-Windu.
      Opprotunity. Wasted.

      They should have given Boba/Jango Fett a Spin-off 10 Years Ago,
      Zam Wessel being the MAIN Bounty-Hunter in Ep II Obiwan on Kamino, leading him to Geonosis.

      Obiwan fighting PT female bounty hunter, Zam would have been a classic, Boba would have free time to be in his own movie where they actually give him something TO DO.

      Too bad they killed Jango, leaving us with Boba who by all appearances didn’t do anything that important between AOTC and TESB. They burned the Fett Bridge when they made him the villain of Ep II. Sad

  • Anonymous

    Give that man a medal!

  • JediMasterTy

    I doubt this is a Han Solo game, since they are still writing treatments for the movie, and nothing has really been approved or put into production. I still think this is an open world game that is kotor-esq. seriously though, ponder upon how much longer they have been making this game compared to treatments being written for this “origin film”. this whole Han Solo thing could be a smokescreen for something so much cooler…

  • Webb

    I don’t know I read those Brian Daley Solo novels as a kid and loved them…Ive read them over a number of times over the years they have nothing to do with Jedi, Skywalkers the Force or the Empire and I still thought of them as star wars because it was in that galaxy far far away…I want a Solo movie if its done right with an actor who can pull off a Ford performance..I’m in

  • Anonymous

    I really just want an open-world star wars game on the level of skyrim, fallout, etc. Please make it happen!