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UPDATE! Robert Bailey on his Sketches from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!


A long time ago George Lucas came across Robert’s aviation art website and asked him to work on Star Wars. Now Robert Bailey is a licensed Star Wars and Disney artist, who is also licensed for Marvel characters. Hit the jump to check out some really cool sketches from The Force Awakens…



(January 21, 2015)


Bailey has 2 sketches on his Facebook page with the new X-Wings from The Force Awakens. Both Sketches bear the stamps of Lucasfilm and are named “Attacking Force” and “Low Level Attack.”



X-Wings 02


Back in 2013 Rober Bailey was asked if he will be doing any sketches for the new set of Star Wars trilogies to be directed by J.J. Abrams or for the stand alone Star Wars films that would feature Boba Fett and a young Han Solo.


He replied (via theworldgoespop):

“Maybe Kathleen Kennedy (the new head of LucasFilm) will surprise me,” he adds. “If she phones me to do storyboarding, which I have done for other movies, I would be glad to storyboard for the next Star Wars movie.”


Well it appears they did surprise him. At least I don’t remember any official announcement about his involvement.



X-Wings 03


Thanks to Cantina member Sandis for the heads-up.







(January 22, 2015)


It appears that many sites quoted our story wrong and misled many people. This is not concept art from the movie and we never said that. These are Robert Bailey’s sketches based on The Force Awakens and they are official art because he is an officially licensed Star Wars and Disney artist.





Yesterday Mr. Bailey agreed to answer some of our questions regarding his sketches. Here’s what he told us:

Q: Can you confirm if you’re involved with the new Star Wars movies? There are some reports that you removed those sketches from your Facebook account.


A: I am overwhelmed with emails from everywhere about these sketches. I did not remove any from Facebook and they were still there the last time I looked. These are not ‘concept’ sketches for the new movie, although I have been doing Star Wars panels for some years. Initially, I was doing them directly for George Lucas, who wanted to review them for large oil canvases which I later did for his private art collection. All the sketches I am doing are, well, not exactly for fun, as this is my full time job, ….but for sale, mostly at Comic Conventions to avid Star Wars fans, who wish to own an original piece of SW artwork. No prints are allowed. Originals only.


Q:  We wanted to ask you if you made those sketches based on something showed to you, or you did them only based on The Force Awakens trailer?


A: I have been shown much about what I have seen and heard at Skywalker Ranch when I was there, which I cannot put on the net. So none of the sketches I do contain ‘classified’ information. Those which I have posted and will post are based upon the trailer alone. All I can confirm is what everyone has already seen in the trailer. Sorry I cannot add more information.


I hope this clears up the situation around those sketches. Special thanks to Mr. Bailey for his time.



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  • NC

    Very nice!

  • S. Raw Rats

    Wow, do we get a trenchrun like attack, awesome!

    • Anonymous

      “I have been shown much about what I have seen and heard”

  • Anonymous

    Look, fan fiction.

    • Badumch

      At this point anything someone does while working in an official capacity is “fan fiction” since all those working on the movies are avowed Star Wars fans. So I’m not sure what this comment is supposed to mean.

      • Anonymous

        Right. It’s not like selecting a jury for a high profile case, and you need to find people who have never heard of Star Wars to work on it.

        So you either hire people who like Star Wars, or people who dislike it. Very difficult decision, I’m sure.

        • Anonymous


          if you don’t know what that comment meant, you are really a stupid person.

          • Badumch

            Oh, right, there’s absolutely no way those three words could be interpreted in ANY OTHER WAY besides what anon 00.50 intended them to mean. Clearly I’m the stupid one.

  • Anonymous

    In a certain point of view the two colored ones reminds me Ralph Mcquarrie old concepts.

    Great art.

  • S. Raw Rats

    The one where the engines are split instead of one on each wings is the only thing that resembles Ralph’s design..andthat is also the case in the last one, so those two are the ones resembling…

    • &


  • Jerry

    Notice the round and half round engines?

    • prig

      Nice call

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the movie version and the McQuarrie version. Maybe both will be in the movie?

  • JeffG.

    The bottom pic is named Over Water Attack. I wish I could draw like this. Amazing.

    • Anonymous

      You CAN draw like this, JeffG. Just print out a still from your favorite scene, get out your tracing paper and light box and start sketching. That’s all these are.

  • Anonymous

    They finally catch on. “All that art leaked? Maybe we should appease the masses with some official art so they don’t get restless.”

  • DarthDisney

    Amazing how he can draw with both hands!

  • Anonymous

    First sketch shows snowy forest hmmm

  • Anonymous

    big deal, x wings from episode 4 but with different color stripes.

    • Pet Wampas

      And revisions of the S foils and engines!
      Pay attention.

  • Aras Volodka

    These are gorgeous! I don’t understand… is this concept art or is he drawing these based on screencaps sent to him?

    • It’s not a concept art. He is a licensed artist. He draws what he sees from movies and trailers.

  • Anonymous

    These are PHOTOSHOP!! The last one lines up exactly with the still from the trailer only flipped. A few pencil sketch overlays, and voila! FAKE.

    • Marc Camel

      As someone who uses Photoshop every single day for the last 15 years, I can assure you, that is not the pencil sketch filter…

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Marc. After further investigating, I see that they are real Robert Bailey pieces. But they’re definitely not freehand. He’s using a lightbox and tracing stills. Which I suppose is a valid technique. Drew Struzan does it and so did Norman Rockwell.

      • Dude in a hat

        Yeah, I WISH Pencil Sketch Filter looked that good.
        If I was gonna Photoshop it and claim it as artwork, I would have gone for Ink-Outlines, or my constant go-to, Cutout [neither one of which look like that style of pencil sketching].

  • darthcoran

    Is it real?
    If so nice

  • Anonymous

    Where are the space battles? All signs point to only in-atmosphere battle.

    • Mark

      Hopefully they’re keeping some big surprises. I’m pretty sure JJ will not miss the chance to display epic battles. Even Star Trek was full of them.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, every Star Wars film has a space battle…

      TPM – Attack on the Naboo Blockade
      AOTC – Obi-Wan and Jango over Geonosis
      ROTS – Battle over Coruscant
      ANH – Attack on the Death Star
      TESB – Asteroid field chase
      ROTJ – Battle over Endor

      • Hard Case

        I’ve decided to list these space battles in order of their awesomeness counting down to #1…any one care to list their opinion? Here is mine…

        #6.TPM – Attack on the Naboo Blockade
        (Taking out the Federation ship was essential to victory by the films protagonists. Without it the droids were useless. This is Anakin’s first space battle, and it was cool that R2 was with him. Although fun and exciting, he was definitely the accidental hero in this battle. And the actual screentime of this battle was very minimal.)
        #5.AOTC – Obi-Wan and Jango over Geonosis
        (It was great to see Obi-Wan in action in his star fighter. This scene showed us that Obi-wan is actually a pretty decent pilot, and a little more insight as to why he hates flying. The nostalgia of the Slave I and the asteroids was also nice. This is the smallest scale space battle in the saga with only two ships.)
        4.ROTJ – Battle over Endor
        (Cool battle. Kind of a re-hash of the first Death Star attempt, but it was cool that they actually had to go inside the beast. Not to mention they were at the mercy of the strike team getting the shield down. It was great to see the Falcon in it’s first all-out attack on screen. And we see that Lando just might be the second best pilot in the galaxy – he broke his promise – Han will always be #1. The stakes were high in this battle and the impending doom of the star destroyers held at bay by the Emperor’s hubris kept this battle interesting, even if the focus was what was going on on the inside with Luke and Vader.)
        3.ROTS – Battle over Coruscant
        (Buzz droids aside, this was the biggest and craziest space battle in the saga. A lot of ships, a lot of explosions, a lot of everything. Although the focus here was not on the battle either, but getting inside Grevious’ ship to rescue the Chancellor, it was cool to see a space battle of this scale on screen for the first time.)
        2.TESB – Asteroid field chase
        (The Falcon in all it’s glory…Han showed us that he really does have a few surprises up his sleeve and that although they are few, he certainly does have his moments. Han racing through an asteroid field against all odds – 3,720 to 1 to be exact – outrunning TIEs, losing the Empire, escaping the space worm, on top of a great musical score…what more could you want? Now, if it wasn’t for that darn Boba Fett…)
        1.ANH – Attack on the Death Star
        (The Classic…this one started it all. It showed audiences that if an explosion happens in space, it will make a sound, I don’t care what Science says…We see Luke come to the front and prove that he’s not such a bad pilot himself…Luke uses the force for the first time…the trench run…Vader’s TIE and escort in pursuit…the triumphal return of Solo…and the last-minute impregnation of the Death Star with a proton torpedo while really tapping into the Force for the first time…all this and more puts this one in the #1 spot.)

  • Mark

    This leak like pretty much all of them – is so intentional. We’ve seen this in the trailer already anyway.

    • Anonymous

      But now it’s GREEN!

    • Kenn

      That’s because it isn’t a “leak” as was explained right up there in the article that you apparently didn’t read. This is Official Lucasfilm Licensed Artwork. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Always glad to share something!…;)

  • Dave

    After looking at his Facebook page, it looks more like he did these Episode 7 storyboards just for fun. Sure they have the Lucasfilm stamp on them, but so do all of his Star Wars sketches. I don’t believe these are actual pieces commissioned for The Force Awakens. He took one scene in the trailer and expanded upon it. Great artist regardless!

  • Star Geek

    Those first 2 are amazing, like they’re popping off of the page. Robert Bailey is strong with the force :D

  • Azurite


    Traced. But yes, that is his job. Still wonderful form.

    • Dude in a hat

      Well just for the shading and texturing along he gets my kudos. Good, realistic shading is totally under-rated.
      If he wanted to do a aftrer-the-fact official Star Wars Sketch, DAMN WELL he traced it. Otherwise you’d get people bitching about how the leak is “a slap in the face” and “obviously some kid’s drawing that looks nothing like the trailer it’s ripped off of”.
      Not Breaking News by any means, but some decent art to look at.

      Perhaps they’re warming us up for an actual release of new material. ?

      • Johnny Draiper

        There are apps that can do this on my phone.
        Glad they are repainting the falcon as well for the spinoffs

  • Dude in a hat

    Anyone else notice there two types of X fighter in the same battle?

    Either he’s drawing from the OT for fun,

    Or he knows something we don’t, i,e. Old X-Wings fighting alongside a Squadron of New X-Wings.

  • Anonymous

    Wow look how similar that second sketch looks to the finished result! Amazing!

  • Avanaut

    The classic X-wing sketches are not on his page anymore. Were they too hot to handle after all?

  • Anonymous

    So, we are going to see, in the film, both the “new” X-wings and the old ones?

  • Prig

    What is misleading about these peices of art is when put in the art of books later on, make people think the art was pre-vis.
    This is part of the Magic of Lucas film and ILM, make people think you are more spectacular than you are.
    Very few pre production paintings match the finish product, the ones that do are done in post…like this one.

    • Kenn

      If it is put in an artbook later on it will more than likely be noted that it is Robert Baileys original hand drawn artwork and not concept art. It is stated very clearly in the article that it is just that and is also presented as such on his facebook and personal website.

  • Anonymous

    i am starting to wonder if all my fellow star wars fans are fucktarded assholes? nothing makes you guys happy and you bash everything….it is getting a little old. a bunch of grown adults with families and alot with grandchildren…arguing on the internet and bashing a fucking KIDS movie….you people should really get a life…and maybe appreciate the fact that Star Wars is moving forward. you are all starving for ANYTHING star wars….but when you get it..you do anythign in your power to try and destroy it and act like you didnt want it. This guy did not announce that these were pre vis photo’s or story boards officially in the movie…but yet you tools draw your own conclusions and bash him…these are obviously for fun and to show his talent..he posted them on his webpage to say…hey check out these pics i did…and you all just shit all over it.. get a damn life.

    • Anonymous

      Mate, I totally agree. I read these forums because I love Star Wars….end of story…but I’m getting really sick of the negativity. I bet every single person that bitches about the PT has seen them more than once and every single person that bitches about George Lucas has at one time or another thanked him for bringing such a wonderful story into our lives.

      • Darth Necris

        I happen to agree with you. Though I love just about everything Star Wars. I have to admit that though the prequels do not come close to what the original trilogy did, even each of the prequels had something going for them. I’ll just focus on episode 1.
        Episode 1 – Movie was only okay, brilliant colors on the lightsabers, and was nice to see fast action scenes with Jedi. Jake Lloyd was pretty rough as an actor and I still believe that Episode 1 would me much better for the movie and the continuity from what Lucas already established with him. Obi-Wan said in episode 4, “When I first knew him he was already a great pilot”. The fact that it was a kid makes no sense to me personally. I think he would have been great starting Anakin off as a mid teenager, but I digress. Jar-Jar ruined every scene he was in PERIOD. Episode 1 had the best lightsaber battle of the prequel trilogy IMO as well. The one between Anakin and Obi-Wan in epsiode 3 left me wanting, and the acting was so bad, I felt little for the characters.

        The others had their moments, and episode 3 was my favorite of the prequels by far. That is just my 2 cents though so take it for what you will.

      • Anonymous

        Anon @ 11:20 AM

        “I bet every single person that bitches about the PT has seen them more than once and every single person that bitches about George Lucas has at one time or another thanked him for bringing such a wonderful story into our lives.”

        Is it really that strange for people to see movies that they don’t like more than ONCE? I don’t like the Prequels, but I like watching them, in part, to better understand why that is.

        And is it not possible to praise Lucas for certain things and criticize him for others? Does it have to be all or nothing?

        Criticizing Lucas for the poorly executed Prequels in NO WAY takes away from the fact that he, among so many other awesome accomplishments, gave us STAR WARS.

        • Anonymous

          Is it really that strange to watch a film you don’t like over and over again! Yes, very much. Reading the comments here is weirding me out so much. Reminds me of being a kid. I’m not from the US, didn’t get the Star Wars hype but I saw all those weird fans on TV and kept away from the movies for that reason. Watched them later and really liked. I’ve watched them a few times since. The prequels I saw ones, realised they were badly crafted movies and left it. I like this universe a lot and I’m looking forward to the new stuff coming out but watching bad movies over and over again just because they’re Star Wars, complaining about the new ones being fan fiction because only the one and only holy lord George Lucas has the right to decide what is really (sooo many do that here)….that’s just weird. It’s also not what I consider being a fan of something.

      • Anonymous

        And how is that related?

        • Howard

          About thanking him for bringing such a wonderful story to us.
          He produced it, and had the scriptwriter of Star Wars direct it, he over saw the whole production attempting to create a Disney-esque film of a marvel comic and failed miserably.
          He put his name on the final product, merchandised it, and when it was a flop he disowned it.

      • That Marvel Disneyish thing!

        So you are a fan of Howard the duck.

    • Anonymous

      Anon @ 21:27 PM

      Dude. The VAST majority of the comments on this page are positive. Calm your rage.

    • prig

      Just to let you know at no time did I shit on you or anyone else, but art work like this does end up in the books later, compared to the finished product, and yet no mention of the dates they were drawn.
      Also many times have I’ve seen Mcquarrie art compared to film stills in documentries, yet no mention of either being a Production painting or a Preproduction painting, usually they are Post production paintings like this one.
      That is misleading in an art of book, and tries to imply that the work done was that exact.
      The finished millennium falcon looks nothing like the original Preproduction concept paintings. ( if not Filoni would have to hire more original artists.)
      You are ignorant and too quick to cry.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that you all hate this movie and it ruins star wars for you and forces you to move on..i really do…that way it wil leave room for the real star wars fans to actually beable to enjoy it without all you jackasses around bashing and shitting all over everything all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Official fan art ;)

  • Voxx

    Thanks Viral for clearing that up!

  • Don Jon

    I’m lovin’ his camo vest. I had a hard time spotting him!

    • Klaatu

      Psycho vest.Looks freaky.

  • Anonymous

    When you fallowed up Bailey’s comment with “Well it appears they did surprise him”, you implied that these are in fact storyboards from the film. For you to correct your report (which you could have done by contacting him before you ran with another sites article in the first place) and then claiming that you never said it is kind of ridiculous.

    • What? No I didn’t imply that. I meant they did surprise him about him being involved with TFA. It never even crossed my mind that these are storyboards. Have you ever seen what a storyboard looks like?
      The problem is that several sites quoted our story wrong and said that these are concepts. No one is mentioning any storyboards.
      Our first report still remains the same. We showed you some official art from TFA.

      • DavidDesu

        I’m sorry but the way I read this initial story was very much “This guy has been working on TFA and here’s some of his storyboards for the film”.

        I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but the initial story DID imply this strongly via the way it’s worded. Nowhere does it make clear he’s simply an official “after the fact” artist.

        • pavel

          I’m sorry too
          …because that’s how I read it.

    • Trevor

      It was never implied that they were storyboard sketches. Initially, you will notice that the X-wings are Original Trilogy machines and not (by what you’ve seen)ST machinery. Second, Mr. Bailey is a licensed Lucasfilm illustrator…for MANY things. That alone don’t make these E7 storyboards….look at the sketches, and read the article first.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone think those X-Wings could be flying over Naboo ?

    • Anonymous

      No, because Naboo is like kryptonite material to Disney

  • Art_enthusiast

    What a gift it must be to be able to draw like this. A truly gifted man.

  • Trevor

    Figures, people will see a photo and a headline (taking it completely out of context) and lose their minds over it….read the article people….

  • Pavel

    The falcon on the sand planet from Bailey…for TFA…

  • perrymoon

    I’m sorry guys but you should accept that this is also your mistake not to have clarified those are not concept art from the movie.

    – – – “Maybe Kathleen Kennedy (the new head of LucasFilm) will surprise me,” he adds. “If she phones me to do storyboarding, which I have done for other movies, I would be glad to storyboard for the next Star Wars movie.”

    Well it appears they did surprise him. At least I don’t remember any official announcement about his involvement. – – –

    The way you narrated the article lead to think this was concept art and storyboarding for the movie.

    • Pavel

      That’s how I read it too.

  • Anonymous

    Star Wars is awesome.

  • Anonymous