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Roger Moore Visits Star Wars Episode 7 Set, Confirms Ice Planet.

Sir Roger Moore

While it’s no secret to film aficionados that Pinewood Studios has been the home for James Bond movies (just ask Daniel Craig) longer than it has been for Star Wars (which will serve as a key set location for Episode VIIEpisode VIII, and the first spin-off, with the possibility of more movies being developed there later), a lot of people have been getting confused with the apparent influx of actors headed there as of late. However, a user from our own message board who calls himself vinsanity informed us of a recent BBC radio broadcast with previous 007 actor Roger Moore regarding the movie.


The actor has confirmed that he’s had a look at the set of Star Wars Episode VII, and he has brought a few interesting spoiler-free details of what he’s seen with him.


From BBC (starting around 1:48:50 and ending around 1:50:00):

Roger Moore: …Anyway, the day before last, I know we stopped by the office, and I went up to see – on a very closed, secret set – my friend J. J. Abrams, who is directing Star Wars

BBC: Ooh, wow! 

Moore: …With Harrison Ford. 

BBC: So, what were they filming that day? Can you tell me? 

Moore: Well, yes! They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow. 

BBC: Okay, hmm. 

Moore: But I’m assigned to secrecy. 

BBC: Did you really have to sign a thing? 

Moore: Oh, erm… No. 

Both: [laugh] 

BBC: It wouldn’t surprise me! They are crazy, those people, so… 

Moore: But they have to be secret about it! What happens with film is that, somehow or another, people get their hands on outtakes and prints, and they print them and they sell them for television in the Philippines – I had a Filipino working for us years ago and he said “Oh, my family have already seen the film,” which hadn’t even had its royal premiere! 

BBC: Oh! That’s extraordinary, isn’t it? 

Roger Moore As James Bond, 007

It’s interesting that there has finally been another confirmation of the presence of a snowbound planet – the last we had heard regarding the filming of a cold, mountainous environment was mentioned all the way back in May! Nonetheless, good on Roger Moore for managing to get a few details out without compromising the secrecy of the project – he apparently had a similar experience way back when, and it’s nice to know he’s willing to honor his friend J. J. by keeping quiet about plot details.


Beyond Moore’s inside look at the biggest movie of next year, there’s another bit of incidental information regarding another 007 actor and the set. As mentioned previously, Daniel Craig was seen at Pinewood. However, according to our sources, he is only there to film the next James Bond movie, and that he will not have a cameo in Episode VII. On that note, the 24th James Bond movie will be released in October and November of next year, so the action star has his work cut out for him as it stands!


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  • Ryan

    Well this is clearly wrong as VII is only going to real locations and not doing any work in studio to pretend to be another planet.

    It’s all going to be practical and real unlike the other 6 films which faked going to worlds in the studio.


    • Anonymous

      .. what did I just read?

    • CGI will be used at some point

      You do know CG created environments will be in the new films. It was stated that JJ was going for MORE practical and real locations never has it been stated NO CGI Will BE USED. Or NO CG environments! There are already pics posted of Fake environments. And Im sure Fake studio environments like dagobah will come again. Fake studio environments have been in every Star Wars Period!

  • Marc

    Snowy Mountains doesn’t necessarily have to mean an ice planet. Im sure there are distinct seasons on some worlds in the Star Wars universe. It could just simply be winter on whatever planet Skellig Michael is going to be. On the other hand, although I cant think of a good reason to go back to leveled secret base on a barren desert ice planet, there is a chance that Hoth is a stone on the path back to a missing Skywalker… assuming, again, that is an actual plot device.

    • Maybe he’s helping build the set you jackass. He is fuckin’ tough.

      • Marc

        Yeah man!

  • Star Jaws 3D

    Daniel Craig cant have been filming the next Bond..It doesnt start shooting for weeks.
    Im sure he mustve visited the Star Wars set too

  • Niamor

    I hope it’s not Hoth… New locations in Episode 7 please!

  • DarthDisney

    Illum has snow on it. …Might be nice if the films showed somebody constructing a lightsaber finally, instead of just leaving this sacred Jedi rite of passage to the Clone Wars series.

  • Joe12Hawk

    Corellia has snow capped mountains. :)

  • Anonymous

    The best spy work Moore has ever done.

  • Anonymous

    if on opening night i see he is in this movie i will promise aloud to see it exactly 006 more times.

    • Anonymous

      Terrible joke.

  • Anonymous

    Could we figure out who that Filipino man is, get his number and maybe he could get us a copy of episode 7?

  • Seth

    They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow. This most people already know. They are filming on a planet that has Ice and oh dare I say snow. Dear god this is old hat. Stop writing about ground already covered.

  • Commander Bond

    What was JJ thinking?? letting a spy on the set. ;)

    • Anonymous

      It was obviously for his eyes only, but it was definitely a view to a kill because JJ would beat the living daylights out of Moore if he talked about it.

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