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UPDATE 8: New Footage With John Boyega and Extras from the Episode VII Set at Greenham Common. Harrison Ford Expected on Set on Monday.

Newbury Berkshire  England UK

A curious photo was posted on Twitter showing the Falcon and an X-Wing build on a new filming location. Oh, and it looks like that’s where all the turf I told you yesterday about went…


First here’s the tweet:


X-Wing & Falcon Greenham Common is a former Royal Air Force station in Berkshire, England. The airfield is located to the south-east of Newbury, Berkshire, about 50 miles (80 km) west of London.   Opened in 1942, it was used by both the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces during the Second World War and the United States Air Force during the Cold War. After the Cold War ended, it was closed in 1993. In 1997 Greenham Common was designated as public parkland.   Comparing the 2 pictures above you can clearly see that the X-Wing is parked in front of one of the 6 ground shelters (visible in the first picture):    



The GAMA Site


This is called the GAMA site (GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area) which was built in the southwest corner of the base. GAMA was a maximum security QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) area with 6 large above ground shelters in which fully operational cruise missiles were stored. These shelters were specially designed and constructed to protect the GLCMs and crews against nuclear and conventional strikes. They were about 10 m high, with a reinforced 2 m thick concrete ceiling. Below was a massive titanium plate, 3 m of sand and a reinforced concrete plate. The shelters were completely covered with tons of clay. Each shelter was equipped with three hydraulic nuclear blast proof doors at both ends to assure a quick entry or exit. (via Wiki)    



This could definitely work as some kind of a hidden base on a grassy planet with the ground shelters serving as ship hangars. And you can definitely see in the second image that a lot of turf has been applied to the place. ;)                                





An interesting fact – Greenham Common was home to the 501st Tactical Missile Wing! :) (thanks to Desmond)



Also as pointed out by JCF member vinsanity, this place highly resemble the Jedi Enclave in Dantooine in KOTOR. If you’re not familiar with the planet here’s the Wookiepedia description:

Dantooine was a pleasant world of grasslands, rivers and lakes. It hosted a small population spread amongst single-family settlements and small communities with large land holdings. Its sentient population consisted primarily of simple Human farmers, though Dantooine was also home to the primitive Dantari race. Native wildlife included the kath hound, the iriaz, the kinrath, and the graul.    


The planet had no industrial settlements or advanced technology by the time of the Galactic Civil War, save for a temporary Rebel base there.





Thanks to JCF member TK327 for spotting the tweet.                                



UPDATE 2!                


Another picture was posted on Twitter together with a video clip of the set:  






New picture was posted on Twitter. It’s with a very low quality but you can definitely see a white cloaked figure running. Judging by the cloak it looks like a female character reminding me of Princess Leia’s costume from ANH. Or could this be a Stormtrooper? I’m not sure, looks more like a cloak and hood than uniform.



No matter the quality, this actually is the first leaked picture of what looks like a more important character (not just extra) from the movie.    


Source: MagnarTheGreat





The guys from MakingStarWars found a new image showing a black X-Wing build on the Greenham Common set. Take a closer look at the top left. Also there’s a white X-Wing in the center.

Also the Millennium Falcon is still only half build which could only mean that the ship will be filmed only from one side.




And yet another interesting tweet:



As you might remember from my previous reports Kira is most likely Daisy Ridley’s character production name that won’t be used in the actual movie. So it’s another scene featuring the actress. Looks like she’s definitely the lead.            



UPDATE 5!      


Latino Review shared some better quality pictures with the X-Wings:  


black x-wing

white x-wing


Also BadAssDigest shared some interesting bits on the topic:

I’ve been off the Star Wars beat for the last couple of weeks because I heard that some folks got themselves in deep, deep shit over the pictures that IndieRevolver leaked. Like, fired.   New black X-Wing? And with those orange wings? Those are Sith colors to me.    


I don’t know that this X-Wing is flown by a Sith. I honestly don’t know who the heck flies it, but it does seem to back up a lot of the stuff I’ve been hearing about the lines between the Empire and the Republic being very blurred. The chrome trim on it is interesting, as I have personally seen concept art of the new chrome Storm Troopers – could they be in the cockpit of this X-Wing?




UPDATE 6!      


Check out this video of an actual Episode VII scene being filmed at Greenham. As I said before the Falcon is only half build because he will be filmed only from one side. (via The Cantina)





UPDATE 7!      


Cool shots of extras and vehicles from the set. (via Eric Geller)    







First a few new pics and a video from Rick Lawrence of a scene being filmed at Greenham. You can clearly hear the name of John Boyega.


Greenham 02

Greenham 03






Next MakingStarWars found an interesting post on Tumblr. According to the poster Harrison Ford will be on set on Monday. Well I guess this was kinda expected considering that the Falcon is on the set but still it’s cool if true. And this will put some heat to the rumors that Isaac is piloting the Falcon in the movie.





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  • Coops

    Looks a bit like the temple on Yavin iv. Or Star Wars Hobbiton.

    • Ryan

      Not to worry. They’re still flying half a ship!

      • Tirindo

        Let us praise them for taking the trouble to build a physical set of the ship (obviously they only built the side we are going to see). They might have gone for the lazy solution of putting up a huge greenscreen and slipping in a digital Falcon in post-prodcution.

        “The quick and easy path,” as Yoda would say, but they went the extra mile instead. Kudos!

        • Anonymous

          Actually, by catering to you loud- mouthed fanboys, that is the quick and easy path. This looks just like Epidode 4… So much for creative designs.

        • Anonymous

          Or a matte Falcon, like in ROTJ.

    • Darth viper

      Do we get a trailer this Christmas? Mabey the preview at the hobbit movie. Wouldnt that just rock?

  • Yavinesque

    You can imagine that a matted in base will be atop of the hanger doors, very interesting ands feels very episode 4.

    • Ryan

      The original conception George had for Yavin was obviously far grander than they ended up doing because of budget cuts.

      The original plan was to have the hangar and the ships in the exteriors like WWII airstrips.

      • Anonymous

        The Special Edition at least added nice details like the Falcon shown landing near the temple and the temple hangar shown as a tiny slit underneath a huge stone structure rather than taking up half the scene and showing only a rectangular slab above.

  • Anonymous


    • Vibes

      Would love to see that one. It is entirely possible that the planet was reoccupied again by the Rebels after the Empire’s defeat at Endor.

      They spoke of an abandoned rebel base, after all.

      I hope it will come close to how it was shown in Kotor. Grass/wheatfields and small settlements.

  • Fooled Trooper

    It has a Dantooine wibe…

    • MrZippo

      Needs more purple flora.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it will be Dantooine!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you think this will be a scene involving Han and Luke, Lukes X-Wing parked next to the Falcon while they discuss strategys etc

    • spud

      2 x-wings in the new pic

  • foodoo nz

    Dantooine! they’re on Dantooine”

  • Anonymous

    The Falcon looks a bit battle damaged – half of it missing :)

    • Anonymous

      budget cuts. hopefully nobody will notice

      • Anonymous

        In an effort to reach a compromise between fans of both Star Wars trilogies, JJ Abrams decided to have half of the Millennium Falcon appear in cartoon form.

      • Anonymous

        Gonna be quite draughty when they fly it!

        • S. Crumb

          So the rumor is true? I can’t wait to see the half practical costume/half cartoon Stormtroopers .

          • Anonymous

            All you guys who call CG “cartoon,” try animating something… There’s more talent and work that goes into it than you think.

            • S. Crumb

              I agree, but the clones in AotC looked like cartoons. And not using any practical clone costumes was just ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you think this will be a scene involving Han and Luke, Lukes X-Wing parked next to the Falcon while they discuss strategys etc?

    • Darth Barrista

      Maybe there’re having a coffee or something.

      • Anonymous

        “Fancy a doughnut Chewie?”


        “Good lad.”

    • Anonymous

      They’re gonna work out who-owes-who.

      In Empire, Han says to Luke, “…that’s two you owe me junior” but in Jedi, Han says, “thanks for coming after me, now I owe you one”

      Since Han saved Luke twice and Luke saved Han once, doesn’t Luke still “owe” Han one more?

      • Anonymous

        Star Wars is Math Fantasy, not Math Science.

  • And

    …WOW! – the best news story for ages;amazing how no-one in the area hasn`t spotted this before,as it looks like they`ve been working on the Falcon for a while:}

  • Anonymous

    I live in Newbury and it was mentioned on a local Facebook group. For some reason Facebook are always removing the posts as requested!

  • Anonymous

    this film is under the same pressure as empire strikes back to be good.

  • Anonymous

    Dantooine was blown up in episode 4

    • Jonipoon

      No it wasnt.. Alderaan was blown up, and shortly therafter the Death Star was blown up….

    • Retrotek

      Dantooine was “far too remote to make an effective demonstration” of the death star.

      • Darth Vader

        I’m so pissed off that we never got to “Deal with her Rebel friends soon enough”

    • darth fernal

      Have you even watched STAR WARS?

      • Anonymous

        He’s been watching Alderaan films

    • Anonymous

      One thing that could be a worry is that there is a pattern: Episode IV, two and a half planets. Episode I, 3 planets. Episode III, 7 or 8 planets. Episode VII, 4 or possibly 7 planets? Hope they got a good editor cause we might have a mess on our hands

  • Shawshank

    The responses here are funny but I’m trying to remember when Dantooine was blown up in Episode IV.

    Boggles the mind.

    Lol….and yeah we can totally tell that’s Luke’s X-Wing….blue tarps and all.

  • Shawshank

    Seriously though, even the description of Dantooine as a grassy planet with rivers and lakes….

    Do any planets in a GFFA have multiple climates? Canonically, zero as of now. I suppose that’s just part of “the universe.”

    • JJ2

      Yes, it’s weird isn’t it. The whole star wars universe could pretty much be contained on one Earth-sized planet with different climatic zones.

      • Anonymous

        You mean, like “Earth”

  • DKDent77

    Well I loved hunting those Grauls there back in the SWG days. I love that they also use concepts from KOTOR/TOR as well as McQuarries for the ST. I think there was some art from Tython that looked a lot like the Skellig Michael landscape…

  • Anonymous

    You can just go up there and have a look around. I did it yesterday and walked in the Falcon, they were really nice. The shelters they said were to replicate the climax to Return of the Jedi in the forest.

    • Darth Ginger

      Carrie Fisher asked me to tell you to shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or that x wing looks a lot more like lukes old x wing (longer and thinner nose)

    • Why Wing?

      It does look much more like the classic X-Wing as opposed to the newer one we saw in the second Force for Change video. I think this report suggests Either/both Dantooine and Yavin IV could be included in the next film.

      • Anonymous

        So, an environment that looks like something else must be that thing. In which case, this scene will either be on Endor, Yavin IV, Naboo or Kashyyyk. Nothing new or anything… :P

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the fuselage looks much thinner.

    • jon solo

      I heard that they where the new J.E.W x-wing class

  • Anonymous

    It will be Yavin IV, no doubt.

    • General Magma

      Yavin IV is full of trees, though.

  • Anonymous

    If yoda force ghost has finally taught Luke how to move the xwing using just the force of his mind, Luke could now fly it remotely, like a drone xwing, making trench runs a lot safer for himself.

    • Anonymous

      And you’d think Luke would be able to use the Force to free himself from bondage in morraband.

  • autosuggestion

    the Falcon and X-Wing look great but those red ships look AWFUL, i hope they make them look better in post.

  • Anonymous

    You would think the Rebels would hook Luke up with a new ride after 30+ years.
    Guess he likes the classic X-wing. Either that or maybe the Rebels are struggling financially.

  • Darth Vedder

    Well, since the Falcon (and lots of X-Wings) were seen landed in the hangars of different rebel bases (or in a Rebel cruiser’s, in RotJ’s case) in all 3 OT films, it only made sense that the same would hold true for the ST.

    I couldn’t care less which planet they’re on (or what that planet’s environment will be like). I’m only glad that this seems to be the case.

    • Anonymous

      Rush Clovis and the banking clan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ree Yees
  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, they’re using those paintings for inspiration because they were done by Ralph McQuarrie?

    • Anonymous

      Totally. I mean why use designs from somebody that created iconic designs that have gone down in film history? They should get with the times. Innovation equals success. In fact they should hire pre-school kids with their crayon drawings. Using designs by a genius like Ralph McQuarrie is such a terrible idea.

      • Leia’s brown knickers

        The films must look consistent with first one or it isn’t ‘Star Wars’, just another sci-fi series pretending to be, like the prequel trilogy!

        • Contrast

          That’s odd…isn’t that what Episode one did?
          Trade Federation ships/Death Star

          I guess that underwaterworld was just too much.

          • 23 figures £149

            No, Phantom Menace didn’t look like Star Wars at all!

            • Anonymous

              It had Tatooine, a nicer-looking Death Star cityscape and Endor with less trees.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, so by that token, ESB with a gas giant, an ice world, an asteroid and a swamp world, wasn’t consistent with the first one, so it isn’t SW. The film was shot on stages and using miniatures and matte paintings, like the Prequels. Also like the Prequels, very few in-location shots could be made, aside from Hoth’s landscape. They didn’t actually go to Jupiter to film a gas giant up close, or go into the Kuiper belt to get live asteroid collisions.

    • Griffin

      Anonymous 9/10/14 – 19:37.

      Do you know how to read, or?

  • Ceruleanlord

    I thought Han was flying a star destroyer.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t a star destroyer be too fuckin big for a single person to pilot?

  • russ

    Do we even know what dantooine looks like now? Star wars canon has effectively been reset outside the movies.

  • Dude playing a dude disguised as another dude

    These live sets are making me glow with anticipation. I can’t believe the trouble these humans are going through to make this feel so realistic! Honestly I don’t know what else could be hoped for. I will lower my expectations so as not to be disappointed, though I feel that everyone (including Marvel) is going to be blown away!!!!

    The force is truly in the most capable of hands.

  • Kit Fistbump

    Now, in the video, is that blue screen surrounding the perimeter or just a fence for privacy?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why JJ didn’t launch the X-wings to blast down Justin Reeve’s Drone, that was secretly filming.

  • Anonymous

    Since JJ Abrams likes to use real locations and props, rather than CGI & blue screen. I wonder if there are any of the old “nuclear – cruise missiles” that the RAF were storing there for the yanks, lying around inside the bunkers? ultimate X-wing ammo’…..

    • Anonymous

      “JJ Abrams likes to use real locations and props, rather than CGI”
      Yes, that is why he had nearly as much cgi shots in star trek into darkness as lucas had on average in the episodes of the prequel triology.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he loved going into SF 200 years in the future to do location shots.

      As for CGI: http://boards.theforce.net/threads/practical-effects-in-the-prequels-sets-pictures-models-etc.50017310/

      • Mark

        Nice documentation of all the things that were done practically. But it´s still unheard of among star wars fans, because it doesn´t fit the “to much cgi” dogma.

        • Anonymous

          And the only reason that dogma exists, is because the story and acting was poor. They latch onto other reasons when the films did poorly. The CGI would not be noticed this strong if the presentation was better. Even the acting could have been better if their imagination was better. I don’t buy the excuses that there was too little for actors to react to. Christopher Lee managed just fine and he even stated it was because he had a background in theatre and they were taught to work with very little input on a stage.

    • Anonymous

      Proton torpedos?

  • Anonymous

    Newbury? Hmmn interesting location. I just don’t hope the locals dont start to protest and hold up the filming. Newbury “By-pass” protests & “Greenham common peace camps” protests. They’ll be out in their droves, protesting about the “Rebel alliance – Empire” conflict. ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Allow them the opportunity to protest, provided they dress up as space pirates and drop dead when blasted upon.

  • Anonymous

    My dad was stationed at RAF Greenham Common in the 1980s. I am so stoked that my old stomping grounds are in a flippin’ Star Wars Movie!

  • Joi

    An episode VII theme will be transitioning from what we know of the old, to establishing the new mythology.

    Some new, unforeseen threat will force the hand of a select few to form a new rebel alliance.

    Much in the same way that the Enterprise team came together in the Star Trek reboot, or how the gang of friends came together in Super 8, or even the Mission Impossible team…JJ is all about the wily gang coming together and the chemistry that is produced through their shared battles.

    I think that a new, humble rebel base will have to be formed. Maybe this will be its location? Or maybe this is for a flashback scene?

    • Pestelous

      I don’t think it is a flashback, judging by the X-Wings those are the new ones like we saw in JA’s video.

  • Anonymous

    That image looks more like a picture of the wind than a woman in white. Could someone please add another version of the pic or something so I can know what to focus on?

    Muchas gracias.

  • New worlds, New battles, Similar look

    I love how everyone knows what world it will be. Yes it is fun to guess.
    Just because a world like Tanaab gets mentioned or even Ord Mantell, those worlds then get expanded into other Star Wars media. In this case most think it is Dantooine or Yavin.
    I very much doubt we will see these or any other worlds that get idle mention in the previous films, accept Tatooine or Coruscant…and that is doubtful especially to the main Episodic installments.
    Perhaps Coruscant in the future, but if TATOOINE is not in 7 or mentioned, then I feel it is safe to say it is a thing of the past.
    I would love to see the ship yards of Sullust but I don’t think worlds mentioned in the films dialogues will be further explored in future episodes, unless it is stated that the characters are headed there.
    The reason worlds are stated is to make the galaxies of Star Wars a grander field and plant a seed for the expanded universe projects.

    • Why Wing?

      What makes you think that exploring pre-mentioned worlds won’t further expand the “grand field” of the Star Wars universe for the audience?

      • New worlds, New battles, Similar look

        I’m saying that when worlds are mentioned, it is a plot device used to make the universe seem grander or larger.
        Also a seed for future projects outside the main films.
        Simply mentioning another place and event fills the imagination.
        The mentioning of Ord Mantel allowed the audience to understand that there was a considerable gap and other battles going on out side of the main characters current events. Such as the mentioning of the battle of Tanaab.
        I don’t mind exploring any of these worlds, but it makes for a grander world and larger universe if we move on to new worlds. If we stay constant with what has come before then the universe feels smaller and closeted.

        • Anonymous

          Or even when Vader said “A presence I haven’t felt since…” in the first film, which led all the way to Mustafar in the sixth one. Every movie brings some new location to the table, that’s just how SW works. If anything, this might be reusing the grass world concept from ROTJ, where the Rebels were going to have a new main base. Lothal in Rebels also serve that role. Thematically, the good guy/rebel locations have been terrestial-looking worlds, filled with life (Naboo, Alderaan, Yavin, Endor), to contrast the cold, mechanical look of the Empire. Hoth is the exception, due to Luke’s group being on the run.

    • JarJar A.

      For god sake, another negationist? Ain’t leaked enough photos of Tatooine to make clear the planet is in VII?

  • Stephen

    UPDATE 3 photo;

    A while back we saw an actor/extra wearing a large white cloak, to hide from prying eyes, what he was wearing underneath, even though we could see his footwear and deduced he was a Trooper of some sort. So won’t the figure in this new picture just be the same thing, an actor/extra wearing a cloak to hide whatever costume they might be wearing?

  • JJ


  • Anonymous

    Just visited the site. They’ve put blue sheeting over the inner fences so you can’t see a thing and they’ve got mobile security trying to scare people off. Way over the top!

  • Anonymous

    The white X-wing looks like the new one presented by Abrams himself. But… the black one? Are we gonna see some stealth mission?

  • Anonymous

    The dude with the white cape is gonna fly the black x-wing.

  • jarjarstinks

    I have no idea how you people can tell that that’s a person in the photo. Just looks like a white blob to me.

    • Gabe

      Let alone surmising that the white-clad object is a main character in costume…seems like quite a stretch.

    • Anonymous