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Could Recent Star Wars Episode 7 Rumors Come From Star Wars: Legacy, Volume 2?

LegacyAll good things must come to an end, and this rings true for longtime Star Wars comic publisher Dark Horse, who will publish their final Star Wars comic book (Star Wars: Legacy, Volume 2, Issue 18) this month. However, this end marks a new beginning; not just for the Marvel takeover of the franchise next year, but because – from the sound of the rumors we’ve heard so far – Legacy, Volume 2’s plot structure could very well mean that we were all led on a wild Bantha chase with some of the previous Star Wars Episode VII plot leaks.


For those not in the know, Star Wars: Legacy is the story of what goes down in the Galaxy Far, Far Away over a century and three decades after the end of Return Of The Jedi. The Jedi Order formed, grew, and was scattered, the New Republic became the Galactic Alliance and decayed into the Fel Empire (a more benevolent version of the Imperial order that preceded it), and the Sith are back in substantially greater numbers. The Sith then take over the Fel Empire, leading to a civil war between the Sith Empire, the Galactic Alliance, Fel Loyalists, the Jedi, and several other parties. While Legacy, Volume 1 and Legacy – War focus on the adventures of Luke’s descendant, Cade Skywalker, Legacy, Volume 2 focuses on Han and Leia’s descendant, Ania Solo.


Darth Wredd

Darth Wredd, a red-eyed, metal-faced cyborg – a Sith Inquisitor?


Ania’s story is of particular interest here, because many of the rumors that we’ve heard so far sound like they were taken out of pages of this comic. To begin with, Ania Solo begins her story on a backwater planet running a junkyard along with her Mon Calamari friend Sauk, when she discovers a lightsaber. She then learns that she’s been marked for death, and she and Sauk escape from an Imperial Knight called Darth Wredd, a cyborg. They then escape the planet and go on a series of adventures that allow them to join forces with a former Imperial Knight named Jao Assam, all while trying to evade Wredd, Empress Marasiah Fel, and other Force-Sensitive Imperials, eventually crossing paths with Cade Skywalker at a crucial point in the story.


Empress Marasiah Fel

Empress Marasiah Fel – Gwendoline Christie?


We think that sounds familiar. A little too familiar, as these plot elements basically line up with what rumors have said is the plot of the movie. Like Ania, Daisy Ridley has been rumored to be both the lead character and the descendant of Leia and Han – a claim that would seemingly be supported by the fact that she’s the new first actress that we know of to officially be signed on to all three movies in the Sequel Trilogy. She’s supported by a Mon Calamari character and a Black ex-Imperial who is chased by an Imperial authority figure, the latter of which fits the mold of John Boyega’s rumored character to a tee. The plot is kickstarted by the discovery of a lightsaber, and eventually leads to the young Solo girl running into a Skywalker. Finally, they’re on the run from a cyborg Sith Lord, who is working for an Imperial who just so happens to look kind of like Gwendoline Christie. It’s like running the gauntlet of every story lead that’s been brought up in the past few months, and we’re starting to get the feeling that these “leaks” we’ve been hearing about are actually just plot elements of Ania Skywalker’s story being misattributed to Episode VII.


Imperial Knight Jao Assam

Imperial Knight Jao Assam – John Boyega?


Of course, playing devil’s advocate here, there’s a possibility that the Legacy story arc is partially a template for Episode VIIas the official Star Wars Legends announcement did explicitly state that the massive archives of the former EU are going to be used as a frame of reference for future works. Still, it’s too close to the projected storyline that we’ve seen so far to be a simple coincidence. So, what do you guys think? Were we all taken on a ruse cruise, or is there some truth hidden in the sea of deception? Finding truth in these rumors is difficult to see, for “always in motion is the future.”


Special thanks goes to this post on TheForce.net boards, which provided scans of these characters.



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  • Silver

    *Myster Box uses Rumor Mill*

    *It’s super effective*


    • Attila

      I think this means the end of this rumor direction…

      Soon comes another one – probably…

      • Silver

        Do you think JJ has a list of misdirections that he picks from the mystery box? Maybe that’s what he was really doing while he was partying with Ridley and Boyega, selecting the next rumor path. Judging from the photo it must be a good one.

        • Attila

          I do not think that the cover issues belong to JJ. But there is a high probability that at least one person is applied by them to create false pieces of information regarding the movie.
          And I think it is a good thing. I do not want to know any important features of Episode 7 before watching it in the cinema.

          • Silver

            I wasn’t being 100% serious. Though I can see someone running interference with misinformation being possible.

            I can respect not wanting to have things spoiled. Personally though I hate surprises. Wouldn’t mind some actual info on the plot, characters, etc. Not a word for word script or anything but something.

            • YoDaBoss

              This whole plot, a nerd lie was. Clouded by trolls you have been.

    • Ryan

      When they were doing the prequels the EU had Han and Leia’s son Anakin connected to a prophecy which made him the saviour. George told them to change it so they killed Anakin off. Not that George told them to specifically do that. Explored a bit here:


      The point is if you are doing a comic series about a young descendant of Han and Leia in the Star Wars universe it leads you to certain areas of storytelling. It could be co-incidence or maybe there is some misleading ie they saw basic similarities between Legacy and their story so fed those elements to sources.

      For all we know when George was asked what might happen 100 years after VI to Skywalker and Solo descendents he gave them a basic sketch to work from which lead them to certain story situations. So when George created the sequels he went back to his notes. I think it’s fair to assume that over the years Lucas has written down lots of scenarios and notes for Star Wars history from the deep past to the far future.

      These notes could be things he did for his own creative satisfaction or other possible animation or live action TV prospects. If they could have done the live action Underworld why not a live action series set way in the future? I think it likely the amount of work he’s done detailing out things like the dark times of III-IV and the post Jedi era for the ST and other eras would surprise people.

      For example I have to think that Lucas has an “origin” story for Yoda but doesn’t admit to it. If they are ever going to do a Yoda movie only one person can outline what it’s going to be about and how much is going to be revealed about his early days. You know Lucas was all over that last Clone Wars Yoda arc and that was awesome.

    • Dark Horsious

      Right you are! Sort of,it is an Easter egg and a red herring in one… We know that the mystery box is being used for pre marketing for a variety of reasons.
      Which was Kennedy’s idea along with jj. Been waiting on someone to crack this. Nice one guys!

  • Why Wing?

    Seems uncanny how accurate this is to recent rumors. Darth Wredd has got to be one of the worst villain names I’ve ever heard though.

    • Why Wing?

      Darth Wredd Forman
      Darth Wredd Fox
      Darth Wredd Dead Redemption
      Darth Big Wredd…
      The joke possibilities are endless.

      • Tirindo

        Better dead than Wredd.

      • Derth Hund

        Darth Wredd standing by.

        • DaveOlden

          “Better Dead,” said Wredd with his meds from Jed before bed.

    • Silver

      He’s always Wreddy to go.

      • PORKins

        Simply Weeds standing by.

        • PORKins

          I meant, Simply Wredd standing by!

          Damn auto corrected smart phones.

  • darth fernal

    Brilliant article and find. I hopeother websites/people like Faraci of Badassdigest are taking note. He must feel like a right chump when he reads the excellent article above.

  • Anonymous

    How funny would it be if they just stole the plotline from the movie and published it as this story. As if they took rumors or insider leaks and used it as part of their story arc for a big f.u to Disney for taking the franchise? Could they do that? Are they bound by Lucasfilm on what they are allowed to publish? I’m not saying its possible, just think it would be hilarious if this comic is filled with episode 7 spoilers. So much so we hear about re-writes and re-shoots in the coming weeks.

  • Ree Yees

    My initial thought upon reading this article: “J.J. Abrams was privy to the storyline and concepts of this comic book, and used it to sow false rumors.”

    Second thought:
    “I hope my first thought is right. I would be more than happy to get a Star Wars VII vastly different from what we’ve pieced together so far.”

    So: Yay!

    • darth fernal

      I hope so too. It will also be interesting when all the people who claim to have direct ‘sources’ inside the production end up with egg on their faces.

      • Derth Hund

        Though they would “technically” have actual sources on the inside feeding them this false info.

    • Darth Vedder

      The plot’s just fine for a comic book series, IMO, but it’s terrible for the films lol. So I can only hope your second thought’s right.

  • Don Jon

    LOL Well, sounds like we were taken for a ruse cruise. I’m gonna refuse to peruse the news for a while. Where are my shoes? Of all the things to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Darth Wredd – Judge Dredd

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Could they not take the story and tie it into a timeline that is new? I haven’t read the comic but likely will. I am still anxious to see if Mara Jade is in the new film?

    • Anonymous

      There will be no Mara Jade. If there´s – unprobably – a woman attached to Luke, she will have a different name…

    • Han Yolo

      Now I think luke will have a wife and maybe a child or more.
      Back in 1988 George Lucas indicates that luke will have a wife.
      But she could be dead before episode 7 or maybe she could turn evil. Maybe “Mara” is played by an unannounced actor. If she is evil I hope she will be played by Tilda swinton.

      I bet luke will have a wife and why not call her Mara.

      • Silver

        *Hands him a flame shield*

        You might need that.

    • Darth Vedder

      Thanks, but NO THANKS!

    • Anonymous

      actually Mara Jade is from George Lucas’ mind. so that makes her canon. she was in Jabba’s Palace in ROTJ when they took luke and Han out to go to the Sarlacc Pit of Carkoon you see her walking with the crowd going out of Jabba’s throne room.


    it would be very cool if a lot of “plots” for ep.VII was leaked & noone of them where true, so Everything on the big screen is a surprise dec. 2015.

    but i kind of liked this plot, regardless if it is the plot for ep.VII or just for this last comic, (except the bit about the Movie beginning with Luke´s severed hand floating in space grasping his lightsaber)

    • Silver

      I hate surprises… lol

  • Alouha27

    Glad these plot leaks aren’t real. I didn’t like what we were hearing. Luke missing for 10 to 20 years?!?! That’s ridiculous! Han & Chewie losing the Falcon! Blasphemy! lol

  • Guy LaFleur

    So they basically leaked the plot to this Legacy comic, not EP7.

    Happy to not know the real plot and get surprised on opening day.

  • Anonymous

    How do we know this comic book’s plot is accurate? Is this out yet?

    • Pomojema

      All but the last issue, which will come out this month.

  • Anonymous

    December 18th 2015 can’t come fast enough

    • The Doctor

      Yes it can, if you’re the owner of the Tardis.
      … Wow! Man! that was incredible! Fantastic! The best Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen – Hell!
      The best movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    I got a bad feeling about this….

  • Pavel Langsholt

    Alot of this makes sense now….although the search for luke and him being missing could still be part of VII’s plot as I dont see anything like this mentioned in the comic.

  • Anonymous

    Worst case scenario: episode VII and this comic book will have a very similar storyline because Disney rushed this and there’s only so much they could come up with creatively in a few months. Further evidence: rebels also has a similar storyline of a guy changing sides from imperial to “good guy.”

    • Anonymous

      Who is changing sides in Rebels?

      • Pomojema

        I think he could be talking about Zare Leonis, Imperial Cadet. However, his backstory doesn’t really make it seem like he’s really allied with the Imperials so much as he’s feigning allegiance in order to hold a position in the Empire’s ranks. His true intentions he’s looking for his sister Dhara, who mysteriously disappeared while working in the Lothal Imperial Academy – which I personally think makes for an interesting narrative.

        • YoDaBoss

          Since Disney my franchise bought, all black bros to the light side go. Pretty racist, mh!

          • Anonymous

            Sam Jackson/Mace Windu Jedi Master light side before Disney owned Lucasfilm

    • Retrotek

      I don’t see that as a problem. Lucas gave them an outline, there were multiple professional writers and JJ Abrams and probably unnamed others fleshing it out and frankly, a Star Wars story does not involve very much compared to most other plot driven stories.

    • Han Yolo

      That’s no news in the star wars universe ect Biggs.

  • Anonymous

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Kyle Katarn to at least make an appearance – or have a separate movie.

    • Pomojema

      The fact that the iOS game that just came out (more on that later, most likely tomorrow) has AT-MPs from The Force Unleashed II is a clear sign that they’re not going to let good ideas from years past go to waste. With that in mind, I think we’ll see some EU characters reappear in new ways.

    • YoDaBoss

      Kyle Katarn a good jedi was not, but powerful mojo he had: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/9606/223505-119461-kyle-katarn.jpg

  • WMX


  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha.

  • Anonymous

    Starwars7news, you guys got me trippin’.

  • Jedi Shampoo

    Pomojema, I hope Viral and the rest of the round table reporters have a new meeting and run through everything that came before and weed out the obvious at this point.
    On a speculation stand point only, write an article on what the staff of Star Wars Ep7 news feels are the confirmed facts, strongest rumors, and a possible synopsis on where Ep7 is going.
    Shoot for the stars I’m sure it will be a good read. Thanks again…turn around, a dead end is a new direction.

    • Pomojema

      Viral Hide actually requested that I write this article – while the guys at Making Star Wars was more skeptical of these similarities and their impact on the plot, VH thought this was too close to be a simple coincidence. I do think another writer’s roundtable may be in order, now that you mention it. Good idea!

      • Anonymous

        Everything JJ has allowed us to see so far, is just the pretty wrapping around the box. When the box is actually opened, I think we’re ‘all’
        going to be in for a heck of a surprise!

  • Ree Yees

    But…but there are no good ideas in the EU

    • Anonymous

      “There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.”

  • Anonymous

    Space weather, slow rain, amorphous gas aliens… Some of the things we may see or not.

    If Luke got sucked into a vent on Bespin, maybe palpatine did too, and psycically called out to maul to get him before the Death Star2 blew up.

    A fleet of Death Stars, orbiting a death sun. Bantha eggs. Ig88 doing the robot. More people going “nooooooooooo”. Willhelm scream. Tri fighters. Lots to look forward too.

  • c3b12

    I think it’s a false lead or a bate to lure the spoilers addicts + Empress Fel is also a descendant of the Solos (Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel)

  • Ceruleanlord

    To me the Star Wars saga is about Anakin’s decendants. He was THE FORCE made man. His children and his childrens children will be the Galaxies new super heroes and super villians.

    The only thing to rival them would be themselves.

    Luke’s Children and Leia ‘s children would be the only line and there would have to be more than one between the two of them. I could see Pip Andersen being one.

    I would not rule out cloning. Maybe a clone army of force users. Maybe bred from Anakins

    • Anonymous

      This sounds so George Lucasy. An army of cloned Anakin’s? Oh dear

      • Ceruleanlord

        Or Luke? CGI has come a long way. They can put anyone’s likeness on any stunt persons body. Like wimpy Steve Rodgers in Captain America, or Clu in Tron Legacy. Make Hamill may be playing multiple roles, 60 year old Jedi Master, and 30 year old Luke clones.
        Empire or Sith remnants may have his DNA from
        his Cut off hand.

        Anakin’s grandchildren may be forced to deal with this threat. They would be the new forgers of the galaxy. One may be the villain
        and total surprise by Episode 8. Someone not introduced in Episode 7.

        I believe Daisy Ridley’s character’s love interest could be Oscar Isaac’s character,
        The older male.

  • Anonymous

    Were we taken on a “ruse cruise”? I don’t know, how reliable are your sources??? Don’t ask us.

  • Anonymous

    Funny reveal, but it makes sense. Wredd, however, isn’t cyborg. He merely lost his eye in the duel, so he wears this protective head gear.

    • Silver

      So if I understood what you said, Wredd suffered an injury to his head?


      Maybe he should rest in a bed.

  • Anonymous

    You’re referring to the Bad Add Digest and Latino Review rumors? But of course, both seemingly have given us fake, unbelievable info and as a result its been debunked rather quickly. One thing, I heard is that “multiple sources” at Screencrush and Ain’t It Cool News have confirmed that the Inquisitor is the lead villain and Adam Driver will in fact play him, which seems obvious but we don’t have official confirmation of anything yet.

    • Silver

      To be fair it wasn’t just those two. The site that had the info on the new ST look also said the rumors were told to them by their sources.

      Too many whispers lol.

      I suppose for the sake of being fair (again) this info in and of itself isn’t a confirmation that the movie rumors are false.

    • Can JJ pull off the impossible

      Too many ASSUME the Inquisitor will be in Ep7.
      However, if the Inquisitor is the main villain of Rebels, would he not be vanquished?
      The Heros have got to defeat someone.
      And then how would the Inquisitor have a significant role in Ep7?
      Is the inquisitor to end up like Vader did at the end of Ep4?
      I do not think the Inquisitor will even be in Ep7 -perhaps mentioned,but I doubt it!
      Ain’t it cool is not right all of the time.
      The rumours of Ep7 are so asinine that I feel at this point we can all confirm:
      Hamill, Fisher,Ford,Lightsabers,Lasers,
      Ships,Good Guys and Bad guys, Driods,
      Creatures,X wings,Falcon and some
      Oh yes! Some Robot Hands and Severed
      Limbs…not to mention sand.
      No spoilers!!!
      I hope this keeps up because at this point no one really knows much more than we could guess at on Oct 31st 2012.

      Blue Harvest all the way!!!

      Oh and I almost forgot the Death Star Droid that is not suppose to be there.

      • Silver

        Just to clarify a point, the rumor wasn’t /isn’t that the same individual Inquisitor from Rebels would be in EpVII. At least that isn’t how I took it. It was that the guy from Rebels was part of some group that had some kind of long term connection to the Sith. Everyone was using the term Inquisitor because there isn’t any other name to discribe that individual.

        IF (I stress IF) they were to show up in EpVII they in all likely hood wouldn’t be called Inquisitors. That has always struck me as a Imperial term, not what such a group would call themselves. Especially 30 some years after RotJ.

      • Anonymous

        you forgot snow lol

  • Crandel

    Maybe Dark Horse is sticking it to Disney for stealing their content by spoiling Episode 7 and putting the whole plot in their final comic series.

  • Silver


    Their take.

    As was mentioned earlier in the topic they aren’t sold. Also sounds kind of salty…without a confirmation one way or the other it’s going to get muddy again. Lol

    • Silver
      • Pomojema

        Ohhhh, Lord. So soon after Ian McDiarmid said “I’m not playing Palpatine in the new movies”?

        • Silver


          Well..the article does say he won’t be the one playing him.

          Odd rumor either way.

          • Shawshank

            Actually it reminds me how someone here mentioned that Serkis looks like he could be a young Palpatine…and that JJ loved what he saw of Serkis’ acting in Planet of the Apes (without the CHI added).

            Throw in flashback rumors and the possible Plaeguis stuff and, it wouldn’t be far fetched if we also saw Serkis play a young Palps in a flashback.

            Just saying.

            • Anonymous

              Harrison Ford did also say he won’t play as Han Solo again and yet what does he do play Han Solo again in the ST.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad these rumors are most likely false as I’ve stayed pretty spoiler-free but this was ALL over the internet so I read this plot point by accident.

  • Anonymous

    Really cute the article on MakingStarWars.com trying to point out the Legacy comic and the plot rumors are not simiar. MakingStarWars who along with the usual internet rumor mafia are trying to defend their news to game hit before the real stuff hits and sucks away their hype.
    They remind me of Supershadow and Mickey Suttle which was very fake but also funny as a parody.

    When sites like Screenrant jump to the occassion to dissect every little morsel that is leaked from Bad Ass Digest and Latino Review, it doesn’t help things. Others like sites Io9 who usually spam Marvel movie or Games of Thrones show a bit more restraint. A *little*.

  • Anonymous

    There is a rumor about Darth Bane being in the ST (as a spirit of course). He is canon BTW hint rule of two that Yoda had said in Episode 1 “Always two there are. A master and an apprentice” and then Yoda sees Bane’s ghost in season 6 of the Clone Wars.