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New Picture From the Pinewood Star Wars: Episode 7 Set!

star wars

As you remember few months ago we brought you the first leak from the Pinewood set. It was a Tatooine set build on the North Lot of the studio. Now another image from the set found it’s way to us. Hit the jump to check it out. No spoilers ahead…


episode 7 pinewood set


As you see it’s really not much. It definitely looks like a Tatooine settlement and you can clearly see the green screens at the back covered in black. The most interesting thing about this is that practically any actor could appear on the Tatooine sequences. Not only John Boyega and Daisy Ridley who were the only actors spotted during the Abu Dhabi shoot.


Thanks to Patrick for sending us the image!



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  • Anonymous

    Looks like we may get “Revenge of the Sand People”

    • thereisanother

      Only to have their whole village slaughtered by Luke this time instead of Anakin

  • Anonymous

    I want a picture of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in their costumes!

    Patience, young one.

  • Adavanter

    It may be the furthest planet from the center but it sure has a habit of hosting galaxy altering characters!

    For some reason I love set photos more than anything. Outside of JJ’s videos of course. I wouldn’t mind some costume pictures either!

    • Ampoliros

      You don’t like his videos? Me either, actually. I hate the whole schtick with ‘oh look, incidentally here’s something from the set’ It was forced in the first video with the alien walking by. Then with the pilot and the X-wing. Maybe if the X-wing actually took off… I say it now, you will see that in every video. But I’ll end my rant and ask what you don’t like about them.

      • Pomojema

        He was saying that he *did* like them – it’s just that pictures were his next favorite thing to see from the set.

  • Pomojema

    The guy from Badass Digest keeps saying that this *isn’t* Tatooine, which confuses me. If it is, in fact, a new planet, then I think it would be cool to take a page from George Lucas’s original script for “The Star Wars” and name the planet Aquilae.

    • He was commenting on that photo?

      • Pomojema

        This one? Nah. He was talking about it in an article regarding John Boyega, which he posted around the same time.

    • JJ

      geonosis is in the movie

      • Anonymous

        omg r u j j abrhams

        • Pomojema

          He is, and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

          • DEKKA129

            I’ll buy it, but only if it’s one a’ them thar Brooklyn Bridges.

    • Darth Somber

      I think Badass Digest is full of it. We’ve seen Sand People huts, moister vaporators and the entrance to Jabba’s Palace/Courtyard. What more do you need.

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s the same ‘set’ as in Abu Dhabi
      that Ridley and Boyega filmed scenes on. The set in Pinewood is where the bigger picture is added – the cgi scenes and other actors/actresses who are involved in that particular plot line on Tatooine.

    • Jay

      It’s Dantooine… They’re all on Dantooine.

    • Anonymous

      Yes and the acid lakes would be cool as well!
      Like the colorful ones in Yellowstone national park. Could this planet be in the same system as Tatooine?

  • Anonymous

    Looks a little grassy for Tatooine but maybe they’re not finished yet. Or maybe they’ll just film around it.

  • thereisanother

    When Anakin said “I had dream I freed all the slaves” was that a throw away line or is something to it? Maybe aimed towards the ST? Or perhaps was fulfilled when he destroyed the Empire.. but there is rumors of the Empire existing… (headspins)

  • Anonymous

    In the most recent force for change video, the new/old x-wing was sitting on a sandy set. Wonder if it was this set or part of it?

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this isn’t Tatooine unless there is a significant reason for it to be Tatooine. Just because isn’t really good enough. I’m sure there are other desert worlds out there or shocking, maybe planets that have both deserts and non desert lands.

  • Griffin

    So uh… can anyone confirm yet that the latest plot rumor is false?

  • Anonymous

    Bens old house?

  • Giraffer

    Great pic of a pile of dirt. Good story!!

  • Ryan

    So fake.

    Why can’t they go to real places like the prequels did?


    Anyway I don’t see why that HAS to be Tatooine. There are other desert planets than just the one. I mean it’s more than likely but some reports say that it isn’t.

    Either way it can’t be too important as the location shoot was short and only featured JB and DR.

  • Pavel Langsholt

    The article people here are referring to I believe lumped Hoth(assumed Finland), Endor(assumed Forest of Dean) and Tatooine(assumed Abu Dahbi) all together and said something about not every planet being the same…..So I dont think he specicially stated Tatooine.

  • Pavel Langsholt


  • WackyBantha

    Could it be Lothal?

  • Anonymous

    Green screens? Where are the Prequel haters on this one?

  • Anonymous

    Green screens?! Screw this, i’m boycotting.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Pomojema, Aquile and it’s acid lakes would be cool as well!
    Like the colorful ones in Yellowstone national park. Could this planet be in the same system as Tatooine?