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Lucasfilm: The Rumors About Harrison Ford’s Injury and the 6 Months Break Are Erroneous!

Harrison FordOne of our readers has sent a honest letter to Lucasfilm asking about Harrison Ford’s condition and if the latest rumors about Ford being out for 6 months are true. Hit the jump for thier response…



When is Lucasfilm going to let us know what is going on with Harrison Ford’s injury? Now the media is reporting that Harrison is going to the USA to recuperate and wont be able to film for six months. Is this true?

If not then this is getting out of hand and it is time to let us loyal fans know what is really going on.




Thank you for being a fan, and for your concern towards Mr. Ford. What you heard is an erroneous report. Actor Harrison Ford underwent successful surgery for a broken leg, and will begin rehab shortly. He’s doing well and looks forward to returning to work.


Lucasfilm Publicity


This is not the first time I hear from people close to Lucasfilm that the rumors about Ford’s injury and the possibility for him to be away for 6 months are greatly exaggerated. Still I think people do deserve an official statement about Ford’s condition and its impact on the production.


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  • Anonymous

    Oscar Isaacs is playing a character named “Kanan”
    Whom Han hires as shipmate after Chewy returns home.

    • Pomojema

      [Citation Needed]

    • Huigberts

      Were did you hear that?

    • Anonymous

      I can confirm that this is a true.

      • Lary duck JJ

        Ok…. Confirm it….. We’re still waiting.

      • Anonymous

        I thought Kanan was the new Jedi in Rebels.

    • Brewer13 (Formerly “Unknown”)

      Kanan…You mean the “Cowboy Jedi” from Star Wars:Rebels? Haha. He’d be much MUCH older than that by ~35 ABY

      • Julius Q. Vernon

        Okay, there’s a 99.9% chance Kanan is not in this film.

        But you say, “much older than that by ~35 ABY.” What is the “that” that you are referring to?

        • Don Jon

          I think he means Kanan would be much older than Oscar Isaac’s current age (35). By Episode VII, the character of Kanan would be approximately 75.

    • Girly

      Thank you, mysterious stranger.

    • Anonymous

      Han and Leia had two children, a boy and a girl. Though they weren’t twins. The elder boy was said to have died in childbirth, but [spoiler caution] was secretly raised by Max Von Sydow’s character. A girl, “O…..” was born a few years later. The male offspring won’t show up until the next film [which takes place nearly a decade later]. This is why only a girl has been cast for Episode 7.

      • ben skywalker


    • I

      I think you mean Kyle Katarn, but I see what you mean.

  • Pomojema

    Never tell him the odds!

  • Anonymous

    Glad he’s on the mend. But was it a broken ankle or a broken leg???

    • Julius Q. Vernon

      It was a leg, the early ankle reports were inaccurate.

      • Anonymous

        Ankle is a part of leg. Dah!

  • Huigberts

    I’m happy to hear he’s doing fine.

    • Jon

      Am I the only one that would be prepared to see a delay in release so they don’t adjust the script to a bunch of shots of Han sitting in the Falcon?
      We have waited this long so will an extra 3 months be such an issue?

  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind they can’t publically release his actual medical information. Obviously they are saying “surgery for a broken leg” but if Ford says’ not to say anymore- they can’t. Plus- more publicity and they keep people guessing.

  • Yoda’sWalkingStick

    “You see?! I told you it was going to work!”

  • Jeff

    Just letting you know that the blue title of the posts just looks like a blue line. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Jul

      No, but I often get that on mobile devices.

  • aras_volodka

    Looks like I was right to be skeptical of the bloated reports last week.

  • Oh I gotta change to google plus, hope this works better… cuz I can’t pull off a good moses.

    • We’re working on resolving some issues with G+ comments and we’re trying to get the icons from G+ to be displayed.

      • Pomojema

        Again, I’d like to ask – are you working on fixing comments sections that don’t appear for some reason? The comments for the post on Mandalorians isn’t showing up at all, and I don’t understand why that is.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I am really surprised Disney and Lucasfilm isn’t more out front on this. The fact that Harrison was in the hospital for such a stretch, I think, does speak to the severity of the injury. But it’s amazing how little o-fficial word there has been. Too many blogs and British tabloids weighing in, spinning the same basic crumbs and offering outright conjecture. There really should be a press conference or something. Amazing that Hamill, Boyega, Daniels, etc. haven’t even briefly tweeted about it either.

    • Anonymous

      I think they’re still trying to be secretive about how much Ford is or isn’t in the movie. But, honestly, I think we’re past that now and if they can say something reassuring, I hope they do.

      JJ forced Benedict Cumberbatch to be very secretive about playing Khan. To the point where he was ordered to directly lie to reporters/fans. Benedict resented that, and I believe JJ later admitted that it was excessive.

      Surprises in movies can be fantastic. But if the film’s success is entirely dependent on keeping secrets about the cast, the film has zero chance of holding up over the years and decades that follow its release when people know exactly who the cast is.

      • Tirindo

        Soon someone will be claiming that the entire “broken ankle” story is one big scam to smuggle Harrison Ford away from the public eye for some weeks, so that he can go away and shoot super-seecret scenes together with Sigourney Weaver (or whomever).

  • DEKKA129

    Excellent! I’m glad to see that a.) the letter from LucasFilm was legit, and moreover that b.) Harrison isn’t hurt so badly that he’ll be six months in recovery. I want the movie to be good, yeah, but come on… I grew up on Harrison’s movies, I know he was reluctant to revisit the Han Solo character, and I hate the idea of him not being able to enjoy the process of playing that role again.

    Hopefully this he’s looking at something more like the 8 week recovery time that was originally surmised, and he’ll be able to get some good work in toward the end of principle photography and then be back in the saddle by the time rolls around for pick-up shoots (which I still think will be when they film most of his scenes.)

    Here’s to a smooth recovery for the scruffy ol’ pirate! ;^)

  • Anonymous

    Get well soon, Harry!

  • Anonymous

    It makes sense he would return to the US, he can get the best care here with the best.

  • r0tcod

    A broken ankle is a misnomer anyway. There is no “ankle” bone. The prominences you see/feel/identify as the ankle are bumps near the ends of the tibia and fibula. They are the lower leg bones. The tibia is more or less down the middle and carries the weight. The fibula is on the side of the little toe and is non-weightbearing. That is the more commonly fractured bone, by far, and when someone breaks it, people just say you’ve broken your ankle; but you could technically say he’s broken his leg.

    Below those bones are the tarsals – in the foot. They’d say he broke his foot if there was a fracture there. It’s similar in the arm/ wrist and the two bones (radius and ulna) from your elbow to your hand. Those are the bones that when broken, will be called a wrist fracture.
    (I’m a Chiropractor, and I taught anatomy for a while too.)
    I hope this clears this up.

  • Anonymous

    “If not then this is getting out of hand and it is time to let us loyal fans know what is really going on.”

    Get a life loyal fan.

  • Obiwantstoknow

    No time for love dr. Jones

  • Anonymous

    They should do a scene where he puts his blaster away, pulls out a lightsabre presses a button only for it to extend into a walking stick.

  • perrymoon

    Who wrote this letter? how can you confirm this is an official response? How can we believe this letter more than any other tabloid bullsh+t?

  • Anonymous

    The truth is that Han Solo killed at the very beginning and are now trying to hide a mega spoiler.

  • Anonymous

    There should be more women reporting on Ford’s injury.

  • Anonymous

    Average time is 2-6 months for recovery. It depends on what bone he broke and how deep the fracture was. Since he is in his 70’s, healing time and rehab will take longer than usual.

    the real question is why did they say it was a broken ankle for so long, when it was really a broken leg? they would have known that same day.

  • Anonymous

    Nice wishful thinking, Lucasfilm. Yeah, a 71 year old man broke his leg and will recover fully in 8 weeks. Medical miracle.

    I am not buying their spin on this one. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I am not holding my breath for him to have an early return.

  • Anonymous

    They could have a scene in the cantina where Han is drunk and shoots himself in the leg like Plaxico Burress did. Then he sends his son off to find Luke. Problem solved.

    • Bruce Michaels

      they will just write the injury into the script. When Stallone broke his left hand in filming Rocky II, they just revised the story to show him changing from southpaw boxer to orthodox. So in Harrison’s case he could get involved in a space battle in the Falcon and get injured in the process. It will add to his character.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but then he refused to switch back..pointless

        • Tirondo

          The idea of writing the injury into the script may seem smart, but remember that Ford had already been shooting scenes for a month or so before this happened. It is not a given (in fact it is highly unlikely) that they shoot all the scenes in the order they will finally appear in the movie. We can’t have Han limping in one scene and suddenly showing no sign of injury in the next.

  • Pomojema

    I can’t see the comments on the last post about Mandalorians… Anyone else having this problem?

  • Anonymous

    Is the response from Lucasfilm even real? Could be just another fan hoax groveling to get noticed.

  • Anonymous

    Who knows…

  • Anonymous

    I’m sceptical about the legitimacy of the Lucasfilm reply. It reads a little amateurish. Notice how past and present tense are mixed?

    “What you heard is an erroneous report.”

    Surely, this should say – What you heard WAS an erroneous report.

    “He’s doing well and looks forward to returning to work.”

    This should say – He’s doing well and is LOOKING forward to returning to work.

    Small grammatical errors, sure. But they give away the fact that the reply is a fake.

    • It might not be legit but keep in mind that this is not direct quote of the mail. These are the words of the guy who posted it.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, so this is just someone’s recollection of a typed response? In that case, why not just provide a direct quote? And why phrase it as if it IS a direct quote (even so far as providing an official sign-off)?

        This is all very strange.

    • Tirindo

      The “errors” seem to me rather small, stylistic imperfections rather than outrageous grammatical mistakes. Who said you must be a professional writer to answer letters for Lucasfilm?

      Heck, even their original employer seems grammatically challenged sometimes. Is it in Episode 1 we have “millennia” used as a _singular_ noun? (“The Sith have been extinct for a millennia,” or something to that effect.) Ahem … millennium, Mr. Lucas? You KNOW the word, you are the one who named the Millennium Falcon!

  • Anonymous

    Han is killed when the door of the Falcon crushes him to death. Luckily he has taken up hokey religion and appears as a force ghost still able to fly the ship.

  • Anonymous

    This is an answer by Lucasfilm, yes, but this is not really an official word from Lucasfilm. For what I understand this could be the answer from someone working at Lucasfilm who does not know everything and whose job is to kindly answer to a lot of letters. Know what I mean?
    It’s better than nothing anyway.

  • Gridlock

    “Still I think people do deserve an official statement about Ford’s condition and its impact on the production.”

    I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and Harrison Ford both but when is Disney, Lucasfilm, Mr. Ford or anyone else “obligated” to discuss his injury, rehab, work schedule, effects on production or anything else with the fans? We are not privy to that information and you should be ashamed to think otherwise.

  • Anonymous


    send them your emails

  • Anonymous

    kanaan or howerver you spell it is going to be a jedi dont listen to that fool

  • Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fuck-tard that can’t spell Kanan

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