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UPDATE 4! Even More Info on the Stunt Video and the Darkside Creature!

Today a video supposedly taken from the Episode 7 set was posted on the web. My first reaction was that it doesn’t feel like Star Wars and that it’s fake. But is it…

Possible SPOILERS! 

(May 25, 2014)

First I have to warn you that there might be some spoilers ahead.

So this video was first brought to my attention by this tweet:

Fake on not? http://t.co/yyqcsFhRMe @JediNewsUK @DaisyRidleyNews @starwars7news
— GuerreStellari.net (@GuerreStellariN) May 25, 2014

And that was my first reaction:

@GuerreStellariN @JediNewsUK @DaisyRidleyNews @starwars7news Doesn’t feel like Star Wars to me. My personal opinion is FAKE!
— Star Wars 7 News (@starwars7news) May 25, 2014

Now here are some interesting bits that made me doubt my initial reaction.
Thanks to Harry from the comments section it looks like this video was actually first posted 16 days ago here.

(Keep in mind that the video was posted 16 days ago but it was tagged #daisyridley and #episodevii only 8 days ago)

This is way before the official announcement of the start of filming but just a day before the leaked photo of the AT-AT foot from the Abu Dhabi set. And if that’s legit that definitely has to be Ridley’s stunt double.

The person who posted this has shared his Facebook page and surprisingly his name “Rey-Phillip Santos” is listed on the IMDb page of Episode VII as a production staff.

The same guy posted this image tagged as #darkside.

So I’m still not sure about that one. Stay tuned for more. I know what you think looking at that photo…

Take this with a huge grain of salt.


2 days before the stunt video got the attention of several SW related sites an interesting comment was posted on the JCF. According to one of the members there who claims to have an inside info:

A source out in Abu Dhabi tells me that Daisy’s character is EXTREMELY gymnastic. Apparently some of her scenes are being doubled by a dancer called Hannah Collins.

Later the cool guys from daisyridleynews posted the following which confirmed that story:

An extra on set of Star Wars Episode VII told me “today was very exciting, very exhausting, but really awesome. it was all about action today, explosions were awesome, and Daisy amazing like always, light on her feet, sharp face, beautiful, quick, and very polite.” 

Also, is Hannah Levitt-Collins, a dancer/model from London, Daisy’s double for some scenes? There’s evidence she’s on set with her, just as there was with Chloe Bruce, the amazing stunt woman.

This is really interesting. Chloe Bruce recently worked with Florian Robin on GOTG and now they both are in Abu Dhabi. Check out Robin’s latest tweet:

Morning #training session with @ChloeDBruce to end up our incredible stay at #QasrAlSarab #dunes #AbuDhabi pic.twitter.com/Ih4iOl13jl
— Florian Robin (@fl0WRobin) May 24, 2014

The hotel tagged #QasrAlSarab is the same one that was mentioned by The National a few weeks ago as the place where the Episode VII crew is staying. It’s also a complete match with the image John Boyega posted on Instagram a few days ago:

Also Florian Robin had retweeted Empire’s article about Ridley on April 29th. 
So it definitely looks like those three are working on Episode 7 as stunt doubles. I think it’s safe to assume that one of the girls is Ridley’s double, but what about the other two? It really doesn’t matter much but this story does give even more credibility on the video and more importantly on the mysterious creature.

Stay tuned for more on that story…
Thanks to Sébastien Launay for the heads up.
Read more on that story HERE!

(May 30, 2014)   

Okay let’s put some more fuel to the fire. Now Rey-Phillip Santos has either deleted or made private his Instagram and Facebook accounts because you can no longer see the stunt video (you can still see it here) and the picture tagged darkside. Also his other photos (including the one with Ray Park) are removed. Here’s their previous location:


And his name is still listed on IMDb as an Episode 7 production staff. 

star wars
Iain McCaig Art of a Sith Witch

While this new update kinda gives some credibility to the guy still take it with the usual amount of salt and treat it as a regular rumor. But have in mind that the darkside creature that Santos posted has a strong resemblance with Iain McCaig’s unused concept art of a Sith Witch from The Phantom Menace. Very often unused concepts from previous movies  are used in future installments. That might be the case here too.


(May 31, 2014) 
We received new info on the leaked #darkside picture. It’s from 3 completely different sources and I think it’s the real deal. I won’t reveal any names for understandable reasons.
Here’s a direct quote from the first source: 
I got in touch with one of the production people in Abu Dhabi. They said Rey-Phillip Santos doesn’t have any social media accounts. He was taken off the film and put on some smaller video game project. He is not fired but demoted. Also its possible that a family member close to him get their hands on the Wardrobe photo and posted it online without his knowledge. I confirmed the photo is real from two staff people. They never denied it other than that it cost Santos’s employment on SW. Someone Mr. Santos trusted got a hold of the photo and leaked it and it may have cost him.
The second source gave even more credibility to the story saying that:
I emailed Rey-Phillip Santos fb before it was deleted. I found out its his daughter running the instagram and vimeo. Not him, I guess he either got fired or signed some non-disclosure agreement even after he gets canned.
star wars

And a third source added:

I was actually able to email several of Santos facebook friends before his profile disappeared they all said he never leaked the photo and that someone close to him had access to all his personal information and on his film projects. Everyone who knows his said the video is not Star Wars nor is it Daisy Ridley. Its some female stunt performer who I don’t know from some rehearsal. The photo is the only thing that appears to be legit. (I think its a NightSister).

 I also know for a fact that the Ray Park photo has nothing to do with Star Wars 7 because almost everyone I contacted his friends list say he is friends with Ray Park way before Phantom Menace when they competed in Martial Arts. It just so happens Rey was working for an actress name Lexa Doig as a advance person for her bookings. Another friend of his said he used to work as a stunt double Stargate Atlantis years ago and doubled for a female actress since he had long black hair at the time. Apparently he no longer has a social media profile so all those are some fake profiles of him using his photos.

I think everything is clear now. The stunt video is not with Daisy Ridley and the photo with Ray Park is not Episode 7 related. Still the image with the #darkside creature appears to be legit and it’s the first major leak from the production.

Still I feel really awful about Rey. It looks like he didn’t do anything wrong and he is about to loose a dream job. I can’t believe a close family member will do this to him by posting a private image on a social network. Obviously it was not intentional. I have great sympathy to the guy and hope that Disney/Lucasfilm will find out the truth and reconsider removing him from the project.


Proof that the stunt video is fake you can find here.


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  • “I know what you think looking at that photo..” Oh that’s good, because I certainly don’t know what I’m supposed to make of it.

    • It screams Yuuzhan Vong. That makes it even more doubtful. Still it’s a cool story…

    • Well the ears and the absence of the nose. :)

    • Anonymous

      Watch it be an extra LOL

    • Anonymous

      I just assumed you meant it looks like Darth Plagueis.

    • Darth Plagueis right?

    • @perrymoon – it certainly could be, or the Emperorer? Look on the right side of the image. You’ll notice a blueish triangle (which is a 2nd photo someone used in photo shop) …doesn’t it look like a man wearing a hood, with a white face? Am I the only one who see this?

    • Sorry @Keith taylor I can’t see what you mean. What my eyes interpret is a hooded alien profile, pretty similar to darth plagueis drawings we’ve seen so far. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110713215956/starwars/images/d/dc/PlagueisCover.jpg

    • Anonymous

      Darth Plagueis? What? That is Maul-like makeup. Darth Plagueis doesn’t have tattoos. It looks more like a Nightsister or Nightbrother.

    • Maybe Lupita playing a night sister?

    • This is what I see – look at my photoshop analysis of this image. Everyone wants to look straight at the big distraction in the middle of the photo…but I dont think that is what they intend you to see. For one thing…can a Nightsister or a Vong or whatever yall are talking about be that fat?? Does it have two heads? If none of the above…then I think its a total distraction on purpose….and what I’ve outlined is the real thing were meant to see.


      and this one:


    • Starkiller

      Sorry, Keith Taylor, that’s a load of crap. You’re looking too far into it and you’re now at a stage where you think you’re seeing a snake when you’re actually looking at an elephant’s trunk.

    • Anonymous

      I agree there nothing that proves its been photoshopped. I think the weed your smoking is making you see thing that are not there.

  • Darkside on crack ?? Having fun JJ hmmm Anyways that is not Daisy as she can get injured way to easy doing those things.Thats a stunt double. Anyways if this guy who leaked this is f real his fired.BTW that image looks like a Yuzhong vong.

    • …Does it? I don’t see where you’re drawing that connection. It looks like a bad halloween costume to me.

  • Anonymous

    She screams like an alien whore on crack.

  • Anonymous

    Looks a bit Sith Witch to me.

    • Anonymous

      And I always thought a version of the Nightsisters would be an interesting villain group for the sequels. I like the idea of the villains finding a new way to manipulate the Force.

    • Anonymous

      Spot on! Maybe the photo is fake, but the inference? Who knows?

    • Anonymous

      nightsisters is go go go.

      yuzhong nooooooo goooo

    • agree 100% Nightsisters is a go! Vong not so sure,

    • Anonymous

      Yuzhon Vong ruined the EU!!!

    • Starkiller

      I dunno, I mean I liked the Nightsisters in TCW, but I just think they might be a bit too flakey for the movies. Their powers will basically be perceived as being magic to the wider audience if not handled correctly, and with no real boundaries of what they can and cannot achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see one of the EU / TCW characters like them or Asajj Ventress show up in the live-action movies, I’m just not sure that the Nightsisters are the way forward….

  • Anonymous


  • Hey Viral, AMC Jedi Council mentioned that they used Star Wars 7 News for Episode VII news.

  • Anonymous

    If they are going to fly around like Anakin & co did in EPI-III they might as well shut down production right away. Not buying it, they want to mine the good stuff from EPIV-VI

    • Anonymous

      actually, jedi were supposed to jump and bounce like space age samurai. It’s the stiff old-man fight in Episode IV that I want to get away from.

    • Anonymous

      Screw that hopping around, ignoring physics nonsense. I want a lightsaber fight that feels REAL.

      Alec Guinness’ fight takes way too much crap from people.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget that Luke did a Force Jump to get out of the Carbon Freezing pit. “Most impressive.” And people always forget that Sir Alec actually did a spin move in his fight (which I agree is much more realistic and a great Master vs. Master fight). I definitely don’t want the overly gymnastic moves of the prequels (especially twirling the lightsabers for no good reason), but a little flourish here and there wouldn’t be out of bounds.

    • Anonymous

      The Alec Guinness fight was my favourite. It was simple and didn’t look over rehearsed so it felt the most real and authentic. It therefore actually had tension to it. When people reduce lightsaber fights to just being about the speed and the choreography, it melts my brain. When they started jumping around like a video game in the prequels it was just awful.

    • no the choreography was the only good thing about the prequels. it was amazing to watch.

    • Anonymous

      The power of the Original Trilogy has blinded some of you.

      Because that Alec Guiness fight was B.A.D. It looked like a senior citizen fighting Rosie the Robot. Did they ever rotate their wrists? They certainly didn’t lift their heels off the ground.

    • Anonymous

      Obi Wan wasn’t intending to defeat Vader. If he was he would have been faster. He was there to distract Vader. I admit the duel was a little slow. Luke vs Vader in the Cloud City would be my favorite duel overall. Qui-Gon / Obi Wan vs Maul was exciting but frankly way too fast. I hope the duels in the ST will lean more to the OT style duels. If there is going to be a big lightsaber battle, I still want it a little slower than the PT

    • Anonymous

      For those who think the Ben vs Vader fight was “bad,” go watch some real Kendo fights. The Vader – Ben fight might not be flashy (except for a few moves by Ben where his “old” fighting style comes through), but it is realistic and is much more reflective of a master vs master fight than anything in the other films.

  • I say the video clip is indeed real & the guy who posted it is indeed fired.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you get this info?

  • Looks like Cathar woman to me.

    • Is that like Catwoman eating a chargrilled burger & fries?

  • Anonymous

    Just hope we don’t get so many spoilers & leaked tidbits that come Dec 2015 there is no point in watching the movie..but this is harmless enough- anyones guess if its real..

    • Umm, you are absolutely free to NOT READ said spoilers & leaked tidbits.
      I, for one, WILL READ each & every one I can get my beady little eyes on!

    • Anonymous

      same here.

    • Ditto

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Tigress

    Villain looks like a cross between a nightsister (witches) and that one EU villain that I forgot his name. He wears a white mask that has a red marking on it. The villain also looks drunk. Haven’t watched the video yet but I will. :)

    God Bless and No Rude Replies Please

    • You mean nihilius?

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t Saren shoot him in the back?


    • Anonymous

      THIS yup looks like a NightSister

  • Tigress

    I watched the video and it’s cool but is it from the SW set. Eeehhh, I dont think so.

    God Bless (and no rude replies please)

    • Anonymous

      Which god?

    • Anonymous

      It is not from the set, it is a practice video, if it is real of course.

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Niamor
    • Anonymous

      Unlikely. I don’t think Sydow would strike such a female-like pose. Looks more like a female cosplayer.

    • Anonymous

      A female coplayer would smell profusely and would be morbidly obese.

    • Anonymous

      Lupita perhaps….They where still casting a second lead female role. I think its a villain.

  • ratpack223

    The harness stunt stuff could be legit, as Abrams loves using this SPX technique in his movies.

  • Anonymous

    Headline shouldn’t really say ‘Spoilers’, but ‘Rumours’ instead.

    • I used spoiler mainly because of the image with the creature. It’s pretty spoilerish if legit.

  • Anonymous

    And if episode VII occur after the Vong war and the EU luke would be exiled like the expanded universe.

    • Anonymous

      The Vong war never happened. Luke was never exiled. Get used to it.

  • Anonymous

    Considering how much is done in post, none of this was unbelievable or revealed anything. If the photo is from the set, it may be like the fur suit version of Jabba, a placeholder for actors to interact with. As for the video… I don’t see anything revealed by that other than that someone might fly from being hit… which seems to happen a lot in the prequels (and any action movies nowadays).

    • Alls I know is this movie had better have those 2 “Holy Crap!!” moments that every Star Wars movie has had to date: IV-Dogfight & The Battle Of Yavin/V-The Battle Of Hoth & Asteroid Field Chase/etc., etc., amirite?

    • Anonymous

      lol what a load of crap. Nobody sat down 35 years ago saying, what 2 things can we put in each film that make the audience go holy crap

  • Anonymous

    it is maybe a yuuzhan vong or night sister since it takes place 30 to 40 years after return of the jedi, so I am assuming if they take the expanded universe approach like they should then Chewbacca will be dead like he is supposed to be and also the only child of the solos will be Jaina, so yeah it sounds like the right approach Is going to happened with Peter Mayhew playing another wookie like Lowbacca or Chewbacca son?

    • Anonymous

      the mention of night sister just reminded me: what in the heck is going on regarding Lupita Nyong? Is she still around London?

    • Anonymous

      I bet she is casted as the second female lead for Nightsister or some Female villain…

    • Starkiller

      Well with all this talk about Nightsisters, I’m still holding out hope that she’ll end up playing Ventress on the big screen! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think the picture is legit. It looks like a cross between an orc (Lord of the Rings) and a Na’vi (Avatar,) two movies Disney desperately wish they had. Disney can’t think on their own anymore. They either buy out creativity or plagerize it.

    • Anonymous

      J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are the ones that wrote EP VII, you goof. Not Disney. So shut up, haha!

    • Anonymous

      They’re both employed by Disney who is running the show last time I checked. Abrams and Kasdan are only fulfilling the status quo. Or did you not realize that artists don’t have complete creative freedom?

      You are the goof, methinks.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really think that they’re just going to release some piece of crap movie to make money? No, I’m almost positive that they are trying to make up for the horrible job Lucas did on the prequels. Star Wars, for one was my childhood. They’ve said multiple times that they realize how much SW means to people. I’m sure that they did their best to create an original plot that will surprise us all. Have some faith. Its so annoying seeing all the negativity from people on this site. Are you that negative about everything?

      Abrams is a creative wizard. I don’t think he’s ever released a movie that was absolute garbage. The Star Trek reboot was great, so have some faith. You sound like some miserable middle aged man with nothing better to do than to hate on something that most people look forward to. Go read a book, you goof.

    • Anonymous

      “Disney can’t think on their own anymore.”

      Um, Disney (as in Walt) has been gone for a long time now. Disney (as in the corporation) has always done films based on classic fairy tales. Oh, and SW wasn’t Walt Disney’s idea, obviously. So anything they do in that front won’t really be “their own”, but based on Lucas’s creativity.

      Finally, a corporation is not a human being, it does not think. So saying that the Disney corp. is not “thinking on their own” isn’t exactly smart thinking either.

    • Anonymous

      @anon 11:09: if you’re the dude that wrote the top article you should probably go somewhere else. The nightsisters and the yuuzhan vong have been described in books since before the LOTR movies started shooting, and long before “Avatar” was even planned. Calm down dude

    • Anonymous

      did the books describe the vongs as having blue skin green stripes on their faces and orc-like ears? Because artistic representations of vongs in the past definately don’t look like this.

      @Anon 6:06, “abrams is a creative genius?” Yeah, if you consider f’ing with Roddenberry’s vision a creative move. Personally I thought “Into Darkness” was pretty bad…. (but there were no mention of midi-chlorians, so of course you wouldn’t be hating on it.)

    • Anonymous

      IT’s Nei Rin….

    • how dare you take the name of Disney in vain!!! >:(