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Singers, Dancers and Now DJs Involved With Star Wars: Episode 7?

star wars

It looks like we’ll be getting a pretty colorful crowd with the next Star Wars movie. First the two twin singers, then the beautiful dancer and now a famous DJ…

Possible SPOILERS!

First the Healer Twins, an Indo-Jazz fusion band based in Dubai shared with the world their involvement with Episode 7. They wrapped filming after 4 days. For that story go here.


star wars

Then it was the report about the professional dancer and model (also a fire and stilt performer) Hannah Levitt-Collins, who was reportedly seen with Daisy Ridley on the set. For that story go here

star wars

The latest artistic addition to the Episode 7 cast is Safe Smokingroove (the guy on the left) the one half of the DJ duo Smokingroove. Here are some interesting tweets from him.

Early start for filming. Yesterday was a monstrously long day. Got to meet a certain director yesterday and had some great scenes.. #vii
— Safe Smokingroove (@Smokingroove) May 17, 2014

As will be the case, no mobiles on set so i’ll chat to all youz when we leave set in about 15hrs.. Peezy
— Safe Smokingroove (@Smokingroove) May 17, 2014

Finally back on my phone after a 13hr day on set. Feels good to be in my own clothes again. Got a million stories i can’t share too


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  • Anonymous

    “Singers, Dancers and Now DJs Involved With Star Wars: Episode VII?”

    This deal is getting worse all the time…

    • Yeah, just what Star Wars always needed, a disk jockey, because vinal is sci-fi as hell

    • How? It sounds like they are having a Cantina esque scene.

    • The alien band in A New Hope came out really well; their little jiggle tends to stick in the mind. The musical numbers in later movies are more of a hit-and-miss affair, but the rather wretched tunes from Return of the Jedi have been emended in the special editions (no more “Yub Nub”, thank the Maker!). Let’s see how this one turns out before we pass judgment. I expect it would at least be tolerable, and it could be good. Just don’t overdo it, JJ. (Compare “Matrix II” for a particularly deplorable example of “we payed for the whole song so we’re going to USE all of it, as well”.)

    • Anonymous

      yet another example about how JJ is failing to do things his own original way. Why do we need another cantina scene? “Because Episode IV did it” is not a very good excuse.

    • Anonymous


      sure, it came out really well….if you like the look of people wearing glorified Halloween masks. Ever notice how those three bald-headed aliens playing the saxaphones had oversized gloves (a poor excuse for fingers) that didn’t really fit?

    • Need to open with the kid Daisy working her way through flight school as a dancer in a Hutt palace. Some old guy always stares at her on her way to work. Bounty hunters come to whack her and the old guy is her father Han who saves her. As they bug out in the beat up rusty Falcon that has been buried for years, he tells her the story of her past. She is his and Leia’s daughter. The enemy (whoever it might be) whacked the leadership of the New Republic. Leia was killed and Wedge and Lando and Mon Mothma and General Reikeen etc. Han got away with her (and maybe another couple kids I dunno) The enemy has shattered the New Republic’s organization and its an all out war from planet to planet as the New Republic lacks leadership and the enemy employs bounty hunters to whack any that emerge as great leaders. They especially would send them after any Solo or Skywalkers or their children. This would turn it into a long ongoing struggle that Disney could milk for many pictures. It would also turn Star Wars into Firefly a bit. Could be many stand alone flicks if the struggle is across the whole galaxy with many different pockets of good and bad guys. Meanwhile good and evil force users are trying to organize themselves to either protect or take over. Anyway Han tosses her a bag and its got Luke’s lightsaber in it. She pulls it out not knowing what it is…yadda yadda she has force potential and Han has to try and guide her with only the knowledge he got from being around Luke. Who knows maybe Luke is alive and she and Lando’s kid have to go find him to train or warn of some new threat. Han needs to die heroically at some point before the kids start off to find Luke of course.

    • Or alternatively an overwhelmingly powerful enemy fleet comes out of hyperspace at Coruscant. Some of the Leadership are killed. Han escapes with his daughter. Leia gets whacked. Maybe Luke survives but is trapped on Coruscant. The world gets heavy damage from the fighting. Eventually could have some great scenes with bounty hunters and jedi apprentices fighting in the ruins of Coruscant. Han teams up with Lando on Tatooine and they try to gain aid from the smugglers. I think it would be fitting if the New Republic had disarmed the galaxy as well. That way it is character driven as the good guys struggle to find ships or make deals for ships etc. Hmmmm maybe a race to relieve Coruscant before someone builds a death Star gun although I think that was some EU story. Needs to be a set of new heroes who are trying to discover their past and get more powerful while the enemy wants them dead as they could rally the galaxy behind them. Lots of bounty Hunters and assassins sent after them.

    • “Yub Nub” was awesome. I hated that they changed it in the new editions:P

  • Anonymous

    Next it’ll be professional booty shakers.

    But seriously, it could end up working well. I’ll remain optimistically open minded for the time being.

  • Imagine a new awesome cantina song oo0po awesome if done right !!! And it will be. JUST IMAGINE that scene is 7 when they walk into the cantina and that music aaaah nerd gasm.

  • This news may sound scary, I too am concerned, but I believe and hope it will all fit in the picture in the end. They use all these people and talents just to bring that world alive. And I’d rather see these performing than that horrible cgi gig at Jabbas palace on ROTJ blu-ray version!

    • Anonymous

      That new cgi Sy Snootles number was just the worst. Less to do with it being cgi, but more to do with how cartoony they consciously made the characters look. They even added a cartoon ‘swoop’ sound as Snootles yells “Uh-Oh”. Just terrible.

    • Yes that and the Jabba in IV ruined the special editions… I was just about ok with most of the other changes, but that dance number is unforgivable.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear god if we have any singing and dance numbers or anything I will just crap my pants in horror. I mean seriously wtf?

  • Niamor


    Maybe something like Lapti Nek in Return of the Jedi, in a cantina on Tatooine.

    • Much more tolerable than the CGI version, painfully lolz.

  • ~~ kidding ~~

    OMG, it’s true then. They’re making a musical of Star Wars. God help us all :'(.

    But seriously, I want to know what the heck is this. The DJs part remember me the Tron Legacy with Daft Punk. But, in JJ I trust!

  • Anonymous

    Star Wars is at heart a space western. And in westerns there is almost always a bar room brawl. Looking forward to it!

  • I suspect it will be a scene on Tatooine in some sort of cantina or nightclub with the Healer twins being Twi’lek singers/dancers and the rest being their back up performers etc.

  • Anonymous

    Will there be Twi’leks twerking in Star Wars?

    • Anonymous

      probably. JJ Abrams is all for the degrading of women. (Uhuru and that blonde lady getting naked in the past two Star Trek movies are good examples.)

    • OMG he didn’t write the fucking script.

    • Anonymous

      Holy Bikini! Some people do hold really extreme views, practically zealots, but what on earth brings them to this site?

  • Anonymous

    I hope it will be similar to Tron Legacy. I liked that “Cantina Scene”.

  • Anonymous


    • 100% with you!…

    • Anonymous

      Wow. Has it REALLY come to this? Don’t give poor Mr. Williams a stroke!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, if they actualy like really indeed are gonna do a full fledged rap song in Star Wars. I hope it’s written by John Williams. It’s about time dear Mr. Maestro gave us the hardcore ghetto rap.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that Episode VII doesn’t turn into a fan-fic tour of the Original Trilogy.

    “Hey guys, it’s the Cantina, remember that? Wink, wink.”


    • Anonymous

      exactly. But you know just as well as I do that this what Episode VII is going to be.

      That’s why the OT cast in in it (even casting Mayhew as Chewbacca when he can’t even walk well.) That’s why they’re going back to Tatooine even though it’s a nothing planet in the far edge of the galaxy (even Luke knew this.) I do not like this news.

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me that they’re doing traditional episode bits 1 had a night club, 4 had a cantina, 7 has a ?
    That means someone dies in 7… 1 Qui-gon dies, 4 Obi-wan dies, 7 I betting Han Solo dies.

    • well Qui-gon and obi was jedi. Han Solo is not. So it must be Luke that dies. Or maybe Leia…………..

  • Anonymous

    No pointless nostalgia based cantina rehash. No fucking dancing. No fucking rapping. Just no. Wtf is JJ on or thinking if this is actually true.

    • “We’ve Got To Have MONEY!!” -Disney

    • … and there ut us, right there.
      They’re using professionals because obviously they’re gonna try and
      market that scene as some sort of song thing or whatever you can buy fro iTunes or something like that.
      Dispicable ….

  • IMO…….It’s just a bunch of peeps in sho-biz who jumped @ a chance to be in Ep. 7.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • MCs Rap Not DJs

  • I’m waiting for Dick van Dyke and the dancing penguins to leak something next.

  • I really hope they don’t put “rap” in a Star Wars movie. That would be really stupid, and it would turn off a lot of fans. Also any timeless quality the movie may potentially have would be flushed down the toilet.

    • Anonymous

      As if rap could be any worse than the canonical “Jizz Music”.

  • You guys do know that the MUSIC is added LATER, right???? Like… you know… the guy being on set means that HE appears, not that HIS MUSIC appears…

    • Anonymous

      Is that trying to be clever? What’s your point? If he filmed a scene where he raps, then there’s a scene where he raps..

    • Anonymous


      This is the kind of music he makes, where’s the rap?

    • The point is that everyone’s freaking about “OMG, NO RAP!”. OK, there’s a chance that does rap, DJing or whatever he does.
      But there’s also a chance that this guy is just on the back or doing something musically that’s not necessarily rap/DJing.
      Let’s take Game of Thrones as an example: some musicians appear doing music, like Will Champion from Coldplay as a musician on s03e09 (but there’s no Coldplay-like music) or the rock band Sigur Rós on s04e02 (that were playing a band, but now their kind of music).
      We have, so far, no indication that he’s playing his kind of music.

    • To AnonymousMay 27, 2014 at 12:08 AM:
      I don’t know, everybody’s going “no rap”, so I was just defending the guy, whatever the music style that he plays.

    • My whole thing is this. Star Wars should stand the test of time. No “in fashion” music should be used. It should be mood music to set the tone of the scene. And nothing more. Sometimes less is more. Feel free to disagree.

    • Anonymous

      ^disagree. Episode IV was dated immediately just listening and looking at it. Same way the prequels looked and felt like something from the late 20th-early 21st Century. Every movie shows the mark of the era it was made in.

      Its not that I don’t like rap music being in Star Wars. What bothers me is that the production crew feels the need to rely on imitating Episode IV for success, down to insignificant cantina scenes. This is the exactly the same reason I complained a few weeks ago when they only cast one new actress in episode 7 (just to be like Episode IV.)

    • I sort of disagree that listening to the OT makes it feel dated. Personally I think that classical music does stand the test of time but I guess opinions could vary. Imagine if they had used disco …

      I do see where you’re coming from with your concern though. If they include a cantina scene just because there was one in Episode IV then it’s a problem. I’ll try to hope that’s not the case though.

    • @ Pope “Star Wars should stand the test of time. No “in fashion” music should be used.” I agree, but the OT did have some “fashion” bits that came in, but altered in a way to make it seem otherwordly. Ep IV handled it a little better, in VI the dance scene had that kind of funk vibe with the clavinet going in the left speaker… I would prefer to see the IV approach of trying to use sounds not identifiable… though I might be alone in this regard because I’m an instrument nerd and can identify most of everything I’m hearing. I don’t think most people know what a clavinet is (stevie wonder used it in his “superstition”). But once you hear it and know that sound you can’t un-hear it… sort of like how you can’t unsee Jar Jar.

      @ anon & rocket, I don’t think the John Williams score is dated, at least not within a decade to decade context. If you listen to Gustave Holst there is a very similar vibe to his and Williams music… I don’t think you could audibly separate the two between eras, unless if it’s one of the more modern pieces using vibraphone or perhaps electronic instruments. If there is some huge natural disaster that wipes out civilization, and afterwards someone was able to find the music for Star Wars and compare it to Holst, I don’t think they’d be able to identify which was written first, or how far apart the time periods were of when those pieces were written.

  • Anonymous

    DJ =/= rapper.

    There will be no rap in Episode 7.

    • Anonymous

      But there may some Hip Hop!

    • I’m thinking dubstep with jedi/sith smooth-criminal-ish dance-off.

    • Anonymous

      That already happens

  • Anonymous

    This is starting ng to sound like a dumpster fire. A DJ and and dancers sounds worse than Jedi rocks.

  • Anonymous

    Yes everyone, because as we ALL know there where no dancers or DJs in the OT, PT, or the CW. None.
    Srsly people, why the hate? I doubt the song in the bar or where ever is going to be in the fore front. It’s just going to be background noise. Calm you tits.

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Why the eff is it that whenever someone has a different opinion or doesn’t like something or is of a dissenting viewpoint, etc., etc. it’s ALWAYS automatically labelled as “hate” or “being a troll”?? Not everything is amazing & terriffic. People are basing thier thoughts based on the information that they’re given at that moment. If later on we find out that these people are just being used as background filler and thier “music” & “dance” & “DJing” WILL NOT actually be used in the movie, well then fine. But until such time that that information becomes available, we’re just reacting to what we see right in front of us RIGHT NOW as that’s all we have to go on presently.

    • Anonymous

      I’m saying it’s hate because people are responding to this news in a negative and aggressive way, to the point I hear people saying that it effects the entire quality of the entire film. Are they just doing to be ironic? Probably, but the thing is I can’t hear their ironic tones through my screen.
      People just need to calm down and look at what the other movies did and how the new ones can improve on or do something different and exiting. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s going to ruin a franchise. Maybe.

    • Anonymous

      ^then shut the f up about midi-chlorians and jar jar and how CG a particular rock looked in the background when you bash Episode I. If you rewatch that film without bias, it wasn’t actually wasn’t bad at all.

    • Anonymous

      Then let me tell you, fine Mr Anon, I LIKED the Prequels! Shocking I know, but I actually found some enjoyment out of I and II, and I thought that III was actually good. Just because I like Star Wars doesn’t mean I hate the Prequels.

    • I think it’s also fine to like the prequels but hate Jar Jar and CGI rocks/Yoda’s walking stick. (Because as we all know sticks are something of a rarity, you just have to CGI it instead of going outside and picking a stick up and bringing it back into the studio)

  • WackyBantha

    I wonder if there will be an outdoor music festival on Tatooine. If this takes place inside a cantina or other indoor venue, I would expect that they would film that at Pinewood Studios. Who knows? I guess we shall see next year.

    Also, if there is music in any of the Abu Dhabi scenes, has the music already been written? If yes, who wrote it? John Williams? Again, as others have pointed out, the music could be written and inserted later. Hmmm…very interesting.

    • Anonymous

      coachella on tattoine sounds about as appealing as the rave scene in Matrix Reloaded

  • Ian

    Actually, the cantina scenes were always pretty raunchy-anything-goes anyway, so it doesn’t really matter what they do,….its not going to effect the quality of the film.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like this is the 1860s and were patiently waiting in the telegraph office news from the front. C’mon guys, just wait and watch the movie, then check out the other stuff on the making-of materials.

    • Anonymous

      you can do that then. Please leave this website and leave the discussion to real Star Wars fans.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the weirdest comment I think I’ve seen in a long time.
      “C’mon guys, just wait and watch the movie”.
      Well what the fuck do you think we’re doing lmao

  • Anonymous

    If these entertainers are slaves then this might be a scene where the new Jedi under Luke finally get around to ending slavery on Tatooine. That would be connect both entertainers and in my mind be a valid reason to return to this too often seen planet.

  • With the popularity of EDM in Pop Music (more than ever) and related festivals EDC, Coachella, etc gaining attendees by the thousands each year. The appearance of EDM DJs on set confirmed (Smookingroove and Go Go dancers, etc) makes a lot of sense, and its logical to project that we will have our very own Star Wars EDM Club/Rave/Carnival. All concepts are going to evolve in this movie from the OT, including the music of course, so I buy that EDM based music is going to make its way into the ST. Not Rap as others have mentioned (love Freestyle) but EDM will make an appearance in Ep VII! And of course we will all be able to go to “Club 1138” on Star Wars Weekends! Now that might be fun if it immerses you in the SW EDM galaxy scene. Maybe we do get that progressive underground 1313 Club after all! :)

  • Anonymous

    Fingers crossed for a Miley Cyrus twerk in this new weird Cantina scene.
    But for real, I’m always a fan of the blue and green hot chick’s with tentacles for hair.

  • Anonymous

    I was also going to point out that this must be an exterior scene as all the interior sets would be at Pinewood. This leaves two likely options: one, that it is a band playing in the evening or night (as they usually do) to add to the festive nature of the “market,” or two, they are all street entertainers/buskers playing various kinds of music to enhance the multicultural texture of the local.

    Of course I’m probable wrong, but no more wrong than anyone else in this thread. These assumptions and harsh critical opinions are based on slim to little information.
    Just because they are all musicians singers and dancers doesn’t mean they are all in a band. Who knows, the twins could have been hired because they wanted look-alikes, the dancer/stilt waker could be playing a tall alien, and the DJ could just be an extra who tried out for a role like every other person who had the chance.

    For example, lets say a friend tells you they bought a cat. You go to their house and hear meowing from a box. You would assume the cat was in the box, when in reality it’s the baby monitor put in there by the kids playing spaceship and the cats in another room.
    Most things may seem straight forward with some information, but until you have it all you can’t judge J.J Abrams for making bad musical choices, and you can’t assume your friends abusing their cat.

  • Anonymous

    Collins does bear a striking resemblance to Ridley.

  • Anonymous

    Just going to throw this out there. It’s entirely possible that various musicians may not be involved, just trying to get publicity via a few false tweets.

  • Anonymous

    No not singer, danser and DJ’s. Please not a Star Wars Holliday.

    Oh well now we know why Billy Dee Williams was on dancing with the stars.

    Please don’t make this a high school musical in space.

    And please don’t let Jar Jar do the gungan fewer………….

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a link to a Carrie fisher interview (unforunately for you it’s in Italian but… hey that’s why you want to use the awful google translate)

    The central part goes like this more or less:

    All the characters in the new film seem a little nuts. We’re working hard to get the right Princess Leia this time. I think it will be less british: I thought it was a bit pretentious to insist on the british accent. At the time it was a kind of “viral accent,” a cadence coming and going [in the OT Fisher had an English accent very strong in the first film, but then had almost disappeared in Return of the Jedi, ed ]. I would have preferred to play Han Solo. When I read the script I thought it was the part that I wanted to play with a character always ironic and mocking. He is always so. Since so much time I feel in the shoes of Leia, and as her I feel I am worried or angry, but thanks to God, even sarcastic. I’m much more worried and pissed than Han Solo has ever been, because sometimes there are not funny scenes to interpret


  • Anonymous

    Just throwing this out there but, Daisy is also a singer, and she is also on set on abu-dhabi. Maybe she’s in a band in a club or something where Luke sees her and senses that the force is strong with her. I hope that’s not the case, I’m just putting two and two together. Personally I think Daisy seems like the perfect fit for Han and Leia’s daughter.

  • if it works , it works ,(whatever IT turns out to be)

  • Black Sabbath are also in Abu-dahbi right now. Hard rock in the cantina? Or the Prince of darknes as the Prince of the Dark side?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Viral I get it….

    This cantina scene is where Han solo dies, the re do the who shot first but with Greedo’s son. But this time Greedo’s son doesn’t miss. And he say’s “Smugglers business go back to your deathsticks and rap”

  • Rap is crap!!

  • Anonymous

    All of this has been in The Clone Wars already and is thus part of the SW canon.

    DJ in Star Wars? Not canonically new:

    • Anonymous

      Heck, there’s even been a rap song somewhere in The Clone Wars…
      If I recall correctly, it was in this taxi and it sounded like some kind of strange
      alien rap-type of thing. And there’s a Star Wars music genre called… jizz.Yes.

  • Anonymous

    Obiwan doesn’t have a biracial daughter: his daughter is Ashoka Tano, the only Jedi to survive order 66.

    Ashoka turns to the dark side, being Anakin’s apprentice. That’s the big surprise and the full circle.

    The person who did Ashoka’s voice was astonished at Ashoka’s future . . .

    That’s why the clone wars are now canon.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you hear all that?

  • Anonymous

    I Don’t think they’ll be playing themselves, i think its worth waiting to see what happens first before making a comment.