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UPDATE! Few Tweets from the Star Wars: Episode 7 Set.

star wars

Not much news lately but check out these tweets from the Star Wars: Episode 7 set at Pinewood Studios by Steve Evans, Design Director for Star Wars toys at Hasbro. It’s not much but it feels good to know that things are in motion and really happening…

One more sleep before my visit to pinewood studios tomorrow.
— Steve Evans (@Stevie18) February 26, 2014

What a day on the #starwars set. Met JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy & the legend Lawrence Kasdan ⭐️
— Steve Evans (@Stevie18) February 28, 2014

I met someone in the bathroom while on the EPVII set. Casting rumors abound…
— Steve Evans (@Stevie18) March 8, 2014

And according to the last tweet we could expect an official announcement…. well, soon enough. ;)

@SavageDaddy I’m sure you’ll know soon enough…
— Steve Evans (@Stevie18) March 16, 2014

As I said it’s not much but it’s good to know that the whole team is on set doing what they are best at.


Steve Evans, the guy who posted these tweets has deleted his Twitter account. I don’t know if it was his decision or he was advised to do so by Hasbro. I really think his tweets were harmless, but obviously Disney/Lucasfilm doesn’t want any leaks of any kind. The security is really tight. I just hope I didn’t cause any troubles with this article. Hope everything is OK with Steve.


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  • Anonymous

    So are you ever going to tell us why you posted that tweet about Carrie Fisher not being in the movie?

    • I already explained. It’s not important what the tweet was about, it’s important who posted it…

    • Anonymous

      The blog post was just bringing a load of tweets to our attention. Why are you reading into particular tweets? It wasn’t a rumour or something official. I think fans desperately need some news because people are clearly getting angsty over nothing haha

    • Anonymous

      If some of you fans keep nagging and wanting to know all the things that will be in part 7, how will you be surprised when you see it ? LOL GIT A GRIP !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what country do you live in viral hide?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that lawrence kasdan was on set.

    • Obi Tangin Wann

      Pretty standard. Directors sometimes want to change the script on the set so they have the writers there to bounce ideas off

  • Anonymous

    i remember when the prequels were being made and all the updates that Lucasfilm & the Star Wars Insider magazine gave us. sadly, it doesnt seem Disney is going to be as open as Lucas was with us back in day

    • You do realize there is more than a year before it’s finished?

    • Anonymous

      very true, just saying that lucasfilm kept the fans more informed. but they were a smaller company too which seemed to have a closer relationship to the fans

    • Anonymous

      @R3GAR you do realize that we knew the cast and title for Phantom Menace well over a year before it was released?

      If Disney can release multiple cast announcements and story information for upcoming Marvel movies coming out 2015 and later, surely they can do the same for us Star Wars fans.

    • Anonymous

      well said fellow anon

    • It is tradition to announce Star Wars casts all at once. And the Prequels had rushed scripts, as opposed to re-written scripts.

    • This film release is 10 times more impacting and significant than the Phantom Menace. For God’s sake, this is Disney’s Star Wars! They have to treat this with a delacate hand or it could all very quickly go to shit. It should be much more clear to you impatient, complantive fans why they’re holding the information from us and building our anticipation little by little. We’re all drooling over this, but just trust that the developers of this film have us in their best interest and know what they’re doing. All we can do is wait, not hate and speculate.

    • Anonymous

      I was like 5 years old and not aware of the phantom menace, but big of a deal was it at the time? Was it huge? Bigger and more anticipated than episode 7 or not? Just wandering as I was blissfully unaware haha

    • Of course EpI was very highly anticipated and a huge deal at the time, but everyone knew after ROTJ that more STar Wars was coming. There was no doubt. This is a project that everyone was told would never become reality years ago. Now that we know it’s in production and will be released winter of 2015, we’re all going nuts over what happens next; there are so many possibilities. I believe this will be the biggest premier in the history of cinema.

    • Anonymous

      biggest premier? hope it lives up to the hype. i just wonder at this stage if everything is well since there such a lack of updates, leaks etc. maybe there are no updates because theyre behind schedule & the script is complete?

    • I’ll restate my previous comment, as it is applicable to your misunderstanding:
      “They have to treat this with a delacate hand or it could all very quickly go to shit. It should be much more clear to you impatient, complantive fans why they’re holding the information from us and building our anticipation little by little. We’re all drooling over this, but just trust that the developers of this film have us in their best interest and know what they’re doing. All we can do is wait, not hate and speculate.”

    • Viewing the mass of this project and the influence it could potentially have on the modern film industry, there’s absolutly nothing odd or out of place about the amount of information we’ve recieved at this time. I know it’s hard to wait, but I’d expect Star Wars fans of all people to understand the concept of patience being a virtue.

    • @Anonymous who was 5 when PM came out. PM coming out WAS a big deal. It had been preceded by the theatrical re-release of the OT with the added CGI stuff just a few years before which could have either ramped up the excitement or possibly detracted from the novelty of waiting online for a Star Wars movie. I was about 5 when ANH came out and remember the lines being wrapped around the theater and people dressing up in costume. Most of those people had already seen it a few times and some were watching it dozens of times. My older brother went 5 times, I think. Nobody had ever seen anything like it and there was no home video at the time so they wanted to soak it all in while they could. All the kids who loved the OT were super excited about the release of the PT and some of them had kids they could take to their first Star Wars film. Now with the ST, I have two sons of my own and the youngest will be 5 when the new movies come out. Star Wars is a pretty unique franchise and hopefully will entertain a few more generations so I can take the grandkids one day.

    • Anonymous

      You all are not kidding when you say that part 7 will be the greatest hype ever in movie cinema. LMFAO !!!! I’m sure the trailer we see will be magic at the start like Man of Steel was. Or Independence Day was. Or Transformers 1 was. Or Avatar was. GEEZE. I’m gettn tears of excitement ready to see this. I just hope in the end, the movie will live up to the hype and be great and not just a boring script with too much CGI. Oh ya, they said they won’t drown this with CGI. lol Hope its good.

  • Anonymous

    “Announcement coming soon” for the 1704th time in the last year.

    • Your wrong. 1705th time!

    • Anonymous

      Oh really? I counted 24,530 times.

    • Anonymous

      ♫ The Big announcement coming soon is C3-P0 will be the official 2nd cast member. ♫

    • What would a droid be doing in the bathroom?

    • Anonymous

      An Artoo D Poo?

  • Considering the time since the script was turned in, and the time until it starts filming… I doubt they would start filming without crucial cast.

  • WackyBantha

    I predict that there will be a sw7 casting announcement special program on ABC similar to the Marvel special that will air soon. At least I hope.

    • Anonymous

      WackyBantha, I appreciate your optimism, but I found it better to stop predicting when or if info will be released. The second we start predicting, our hopes get dashed when nothing happens.

    • Well we’ll definitely have some info on December 18th of next year…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be so sure. Maybe we’ll sit in the theatre. The lights will go down.. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away pops up on screen.. it goes black.. and..
      “we’re not ready to talk about it at this time”

    • Ha. We go into the theatre without the subtitle of the movie or any cast list and then get “Come back tomorrow.” That would be the figurative cock block of the century

  • Is it just me or do i get the feeling that they drag Lawrence Kasdan around as a kind of fan service?

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean?

    • Yes and no.

    • I’m sure Kasdan really enjoys being on the set and observing new Star Wars in the making. What’s wrong with that?

    • DEKKA129

      Since Abrams and Kasdan collaborated on the script rewrite, and since it seems like Abrams is the type of director who likes to tinker with everything during filming (including dialogue if necessary) it makes perfect sense that he’d want to have Kasdan around on the set.

      It seems to show that Abrams is just as serious about getting the story and dialogue right as he is with everything else – and that’s very good news if that’s the case.

    • “i get the feeling that they drag Lawrence Kasdan around as a kind of fan service?”
      This is just more proof that so many Star Wars fans love for their first impressions of new information to be negative, just to give them reason to tear it apart. Think positively, people! Only a little more than a year to go!

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • The Mighty Chewbacca

      I think its possible he was hired as sort of fan service, but as a script writer he needs to occasionally needs to be on set. So no not “dragged around”, whatever that means.

  • “Soon” equals May. I’m 99% sure

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it will be at the last possible moment they can witheld it before shooting. I expect the first week of May.

  • Anonymous

    If I do not get a new Star Wars movie i like; I’m going to start killing younglings.

  • I don’t understand why we need to see the original three reprise their roles in the new trilogy again!! I mean they had a great run. The movies were fantastic. We should find a new big three to play Luke Han n Leia… That way you could make the timeline a little shorter than 30 years after ROTJ.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t understand why we need to see the original three reprise their roles in the new trilogy again”
      “We should find a new big three to play Luke Han n Leia…”
      Recasting the original trilogy is just criminal, not to mention highly stupid.

    • “That won’t be necessary.”

    • How could you even suggest this? How could anyone in the right mind suggest this? It’d be worse than Jar Jar, worse than Ashoka Tano, maybe even worse than Han shooting second.
      Yeah, let’s hire some new actors to portray some of the most important, iconic, vital characters that could potentially drive the entire franchise into the ground and revoke everything Star Wars has been for the past 40 years. I mean, they’ve gotta have good singing voices for Disney’s production of Episode VII so it can hit broadway in 2016, right?

    • DEKKA129

      Mark, Carrie and Harrison are far, far too iconic in their roles as Luke, Leia and Han for audiences to buy other actors playing their parts. It would be far better to write their characters out of the story altogether than to “pull a Darrin” and recast the roles and expect the audience not to notice it.

    • “pull a Darrin”
      Great way to put it.

    • Anonymous

      The answer is BECAUSE IT’S STAR WARS!!!

  • Anonymous

    for the PT there were webcams set up showing the making of the sets. Who remembers this?!? I think it was AOTC when they first started doing it. I swear this was like about 2 years before the movie’s release as well!

    I thought KK said they would be a lot more open about this movie?

  • NOTE: I had to delete some of the last comments because some people thought they were from today. They were posted when this article was posted 3 days ago. Sorry for the confusion. Check the dates of the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Those tweets were no relevant nor important.
    I met this…i met that…casting rumors… Bah
    Probably it’s marketing?
    Someone who has been fired?
    He was nobody?
    Who knows

  • Anonymous

    I think the secrecy is very important here and remember Disney is known for protecting their brand at any and all cost. Also keep in mind Attack of the Clones was leaked to the internet in it’s entirety about a week before the official release. That cost Lucas Millions. I’m sure Disney is aware of the issue and is going to great lengths to protect themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I bet that guy got fired. I almost got fired once for doing something less than that.

  • Viral, I think you should do a Q and A about yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Wedge Antilles:

    He turned down the opportunity to reprise his Star Wars role when George Lucas revisited the story in 2005, but when I ask him about it he just sighs wearily and won’t be drawn. “Honestly, I made the first Star Wars film in 1976 and it doesn’t really interest me. I know it’s interesting to other people but I get really bored talking about it. Sorry.”


  • Anonymous

    This is news? Someone deleting twitter post that had no information in them? Please.

  • Anonymous

    Not post, his account.