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New Star Wars: Episode 7 Rumors. More on Mara Jade, the Star Wars Canon and Michael Arndt Working on Episode 8?

star wars

We received some more tips from the same source who confirmed that there’s some truth in the Mara Jade rumor posted here a few days ago. Hit the jump to find out more on Jade, what’s next for Michael Arndt and more…

First just to clear some things up. After we posted the Mara Jade rumor from the comments section we were contacted by one of our sources who confirmed that there is indeed some truth in it. Then we changed the title of the article from “speculation” to “rumor”. After that the source who we will call from now on “JediDigger” (by his request) shared with us TCW-Rebels-Episode 7 connection through the Yoda arc.

Now the same source shared some clarifications on the Mara Jade rumor and also discussed some other interesting bits surrounding the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Some of the rumors come from discussions between people inside Lucasfilm and it’s licenses. They are production people, writers and so on, but surely nothing is set in stone. The latest bits about Jade came out around Lucasfilm as a reaction to the article we posted here. At least that’s what we were told.

star wars

So according to JediDigger:

Right now they’re looking at using the basic descriptions of EU characters with different names. Luke’s wife will follow the same template as Shira Brie/Mara Jade. Red hair, Green eyes, attitude etc.

The same with the kids of the big three.

Fans should not expect to see Kyle Katarn, Corran Horn or Cilghal, but characters who are very much like them.

This can not be made clearer, the post ROTJ EU launched in 91 is dead.
No story from Outbound flight forward counts. 

That’s why Bob Iger said they would use the 17,000 character for inspiration for new characters.  Shira Brie and Mara Jade are the templates for Luke’s wife/Love interest.

 Jaina will be the inspiration for the Solo daughter, Jacen for the Solo son and Ben for the Skywalker son.

Most of the new characters in the new continuity are based on characters from the old continuity.

So essentially they are taking out characters from the Holocron with the EU names being covers for the characters they match, and adjusting them for the ST and giving them new names. Since Disney is worried about fans expecting movie characters to have gone through the same things as their book counterparts. 

That’s why we won’t see Mara Jade’s name in Rebels or the ST, but instead we will see a replacement resembling Jade in many ways with a different name and see her character’s development.

star wars

JediDigger also pointed out that he heard about this code name rumor yesterday but back in September Jason Ward from makingstarwars made a pretty accurate speculation with one of his articles. Check it out:

Speculation: Are Star Wars Episode VII Characters Getting Code Names?

If the code name rumor is true and Shira Brie and Mara Jade are the prototypes, then in the new continuity we will finally meet the love of Luke Skywalker’s life. A character George Lucas has had since the end of Return of the Jedi.

By the way the code name rumor also gains some credibility especially after the latest Korriban – Moriband name issue with the new TCW bonus content.

JediDigger also confirmed the rumors we’ve heard before that the change of Michael Arndt was due to a change in the story direction. Arndt script was based on the Solo kids as main characters with smaller roles for The Big Three. After Abrams and Kasdan took over the script, J.J. convinced them to go with Ben (or however they call him) since he fits the Skywalker narrative. And if you’re going to have Ben, then you need his mother alive so that the audience can get to know her.

star wars

Also according to JediDigger Arndt was not fired as some other reports suggested. He’s moved on to Episode 8. This really could explain why an Oscar winning writer such as Arndt has not been already snatched up by other movie producers and studios. He still doesn’t have a next project. And really with so many upcoming Star Wars projects (sequel trilogy, spin-offs, TV series and so on) Disney really wouldn’t want to miss on such a great writer as Arndt.

Something else interesting is that the unification of the Star Wars canon was made by the request of Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Howard Roffman. Roffman is best known for his work as head of licensing at Lucasfilm. In early 2012, Roffman transitioned to the role of Senior Advisor, passing the baton to Paul Southern, who had worked for Roffman for 15 years. Later that year he was asked to return full-time to help manage the Star Wars franchise. Remember Kinberg, Hidalgo and Chee have been working on the ST, Spin offs and Rebels. Everything at Lucasfilm is now firmly connected.

There you have it. Until there’s an official confirmation from Lucasfilm or Disney treat these as rumors and always take them with the regular grain of salt. 

Thanks to JediDigger for the info. 



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  • Anonymous

    “if you’re going to have Ben, then you need his mother alive so that the audience can get to know her.”
    ..No thank you. I’d rather it’s explained that she died or she left or something. Maybe she turned evil. I don’t want to see Luke with a partner. It would be like seeing old-ben or yoda with a partner. It just doesn’t feel right.. Leave the relationship stuff to Han and Leia

    • Anonymous

      Because we needed Luke’s mother alive so we could get to know her in Episode IV. Oh, wait…

    • So you are ok with Luke having a child, but not a wife? She has been around as a character longer than Ben, so not sure what logic you are using here. There have been very few stories in the past decade that didn’t involve her. If this was twenty years ago I would agree he could play as a solo character, but there is no reason to have him be a hermit. If nothing else, lets establish how happy he is in the first movie so if/when she dies later it will be more dramatic.

  • DEKKA129

    “Disney is worried about fans expecting movie characters to have gone through the same things as their book counterparts.”

    That makes a lot of sense, and it’s actually something I’d never considered. I’ve been hoping they’d at least ditch the names if they used EU characters, but that’s because some of them are such common real-world names (Jason and Kyle? Are they gonna stop off for sushi and Karaoke Night on their way to save the galaxy?). It hadn’t occurred to me that using the exact same EU characters with their exact same names would get people expecting them to have the same backstory as what they had in the EU books.

    And to incorporate all of that backstory (or at least to account for it somehow) would hamstring the ST creators to a tremendous degree. They wouldn’t have nearly as much leeway to come up with new stories and characters if they were bound by the characters (if not all of the events) of the EU, but then using the exact same characters from the EU would have EU fans expecting to see the books onscreen and probably getting rather aggro if they don’t. Easier to change things up while keeping certain character or environment elements.

    (Then again, this latest rumor could be a load of space hooey, so…) ;^)

    • TDR

      That all depends on how they handle stuff in Episode VII. For all you know, they could kill off Luke, Han and Leia and Mara Jade and the kids and other Jedi are left alive to carry the movies.

      I’d watch that.

    • Yeah, if they used the exact names, people would expect to see the books themselves, non-book readers would feel confused.

      This way, we can still see a female Han Solo kick ass.

    • TDR

      Not really. Audiences aren’t stupid, they’ll know a lot has happened since ROTJ just by looking at Luke’s face. People do soft-reboots of characters all the time just look at the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers.

    • We really need an announcement about what exactly is happening from the EU. Could it be like the Ultimate Marvel Universe/616 divide?

      But the media don’t care about the EU, just the films.

  • “…in the new continuity we will finally meet the love of Luke Skywalker’s life. A character George Lucas has had since the end of Return of the Jedi.”

    This doesn’t sound right to me. IIRC, Lucas has always scoffed at the idea of Luke finding a partner and having children. I’m pretty sure Lucas wanted Luke to live out his life under the Jedi code (ie, no emmotional commitments).

    • He wrote that Jedi stuff after his divorce. He wrote VII’s outline as he was engaged again…

    • Source?

  • Anonymous

    Change character stories etc i’m fine with.Killing off two of the best star wars names ever with Jaina and Mara is just inzane ! And Korriban is gone ?? Well if they are killing off the EU THEN FUCK YOU DISNEY AND CO !!!

    • Anonymous

      YEA I AGREE!!! if your gonna keep their same personalities why not just keep their real fucking names!?!?

    • At this point, they have no “real names.” The Thrawn trilogy was Timothy Zahn’s interpretation of what comes after ROTJ, with a rough idea of what Lucas originally had in mind. It’s no more canon than any of the other EU material. It’s really for Abrams and Kasdan to decide. Whether their names change or not, it’s the plot and character development that really matter here.

    • Anonymous

      True character development is key in this but what kind of development do you think we will see? I mean we already know what happens to there now non-canon counterparts. will they follow the same character development and personalities as they do in the books?

    • Unfortunatly, no one can accuratly predict those details at this point.

    • I don’t think they are going to retcon Korriban and annihilate a huge percentage of the pre-rotj EU. SWTOR is still going in that era, at the very least.

      Well I love the post-ROTJ canon as much as anyone, but it is kind of… completely… impossible to keep it AND make a movie. At least Luke won’t become a Machiavellian, cold-hearted or control-freaky over the jedi, like he has in the recent books.

    • Anonymous

      dont change shit like that, just dont do it it disney…

    • Anonymous

      can people please be civil on this site (you do know they are reading everything posted here) there is no reason to write “F**K YOU”

      Try to be supportive instead, this is the movie(s) everyone has waited for since ROTJ, you can´t go ballistic on every little rumour detail, that is not a good way to show appreciation for the people working hard to make the movie.

      It is not up to us to decide what will be in it, George Lucas had ideas & outlines for the ST looong before the EU. Don´t you want to see what was originally planned?

    • Anonymous

      “..This is the movie(s) everyone has been waiting for..” Wait what? No I’m dreading these films. An as for seeing what Lucas “originally” planned, Star Wars would’ve been awful. Yeah, Han Solo frog-man and Luke Starkiller the 65 year old cyborg sound great.

      On the subject of keeping EU stuff, anyone who’s not an asshole could save everything pre-Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty *MOSTLY* intact, as the films are, supposedly about the Solo&Skywalker kids as Jaina and Jacen were only like 10 at the time and I doubt JJ’s going to make the mistake of having little kids be in Star Wars again. Disney changing characters names but keeping the same general templates would just piss fans off more then anything, better they exist in ST world then not at all. I’m not one of those people that want them to turn a book into a movie nor do I expect them to be able to change absolutely nothing, but fingers crossed for the best case scenario only screwing over the Vong War and having the films roughly follow the fall of Jacen Solo.

    • Anonymous

      ^ I agree that Jaina, Jacen, Anakin and co is a good idea and that they should scrap the Vong war.

      But if you think about it like this you will see that if they stray from EU only begining at the Vong War there would be no returning to EU- What was it that started Jacen’s turn to the dark-side? The death of his younger brother, which would not happen if the Vong War ceases to exist. therefor the Darth Caedeus arc would cease to exist as well.

      if this happened i would be very pleased as the introduction of the Vong to SW is like the single blast that blows up the death-star.

      PS-Given that this movie is around 35 ABY (After Battle Yavin for non obsessed fans)or 30 post ROTJ- Jaina and Jacen would be older teens not 10yr olds.

  • Maybe KK&JJ should go to SW events and slap kids in the face named after jacen and jaina and tell em sry you no longer exist…..

  • Anonymous

    this is how the new story will go “Luke, after falling in love, has had an awakening. After experiencing a touch from the darkside at the hands of Darth Disney, Luke learnt the forbidden technique of force fuck, which in turn produced him a son. Luke now continues his quest to expand his knowledge and power to force fuck the entire galaxy”

  • Moriband… not Korriban? Sigh, hopefully they put more effort into Mara’s new name… can she still be an agent for the Emperor codenamed Jade atleast, please? I like they she’ll still be the same arc type, she was always a great foil to Luke and and insanely strong female character… plus now we don’t have to worry about the MJ jokes on the plus side.

    Oh well, I can adapt to new names… especially if they’re 95% the same characters (at introduction) I’ve adapeted to countless name changes to superheroes and such before in other verses, I can do so here too.

    • Agree.

      Star Wars can really make a difference by having more than one female character. Leia was a huge boost to women. Padme was alright, until episode III, where she was a disservice to women. We NEED at least two female lead characters, and you won’t find a stronger or more defiant woman than Mara.

    • Anonymous


    • Shit, Puke

  • I realy like this rumor

    This can not be made clearer, the post ROTJ EU launched in 91 is dead.
    No story from Outbound flight forward counts.

    So sweet. besides why tell a storry that has been told.
    Please let twilda swinton have a big role in the movie.

    • “besides why tell a storry that has been told” – That’s my feelings as well. I didn’t get into the PT as much because I already knew pretty much how things were going to end up. I always felt that a ST is much better than a PT because of the unknowns.

    • Again, agreed. Star Wars is a saga that strives on the elements of surprise and anticipation. How can that be achieved if the story has been told before? I’d really rather not see Star Wars turned into LOTR. I don’t want to know what happens until I’m in the theater experiencing the story for myself.

    • Anonymous

      Seems like a good compromise to me. The fans that have followed the stories all along get to keep the characters but there will be a new story for everyone. Now we’ve just got to hope that the story is any good. The rumor that JJ consulted with Zahn (possibly multiple times) and the confidence I have in characters like Tara Sade and Syle Datarn has actually given me hope going forward.

    • This follow-up rumor is the best case scenario, as far as I am concerned as an EU fan. Books don’t always translate well to film (especially bad ones, like the post- NJO books). And knowing what is going to happen in a film inside-and-out takes a lot of the fun away.

  • Anonymous

    I have never understood what’s so special about “Mara Jade”. Dumb character. Dumb name. End of story.

    • Anonymous

      I always thought the artwork made her look pretty badass and the name mara jade is pretty badass too. I have no idea what her character is even like because I’ve never read anything from of the EU, yet she seems pretty interesting. What’s so dumb about her???

    • I suggest reading the Thrawn trilogy. The ST will most likely be barrowing a lot of concepts from those books. It’ll give you the most accurate idea of what comes after ROTJ as far as the continuation of the Solos, Skywalkers and the NJO is concerned. I highly doubt the Vong will be involved in the ST, however, no one can be too sure at this point.

    • Anonymous

      If you’ve neverunderstood whats so great about Mara Jade you’re definitely missing something. Awesome character, awesome name. Quit being such a hater.

    • I agree that her name could be better, but at this point it really doesn’t matter to me as long as the characters and plot are developed well aren’t cut and pasted from the Thrawn trilogy or other EU series.

      • Anonymous

        “Zahn picked the name “Mara” very deliberately, with the Hebrew word “Mara” meaning bitterness. Also, one of Zahn’s dictionaries had “discarded woman” as a meaning for Jade. Thus, the name Mara Jade was born.[ ” – wookieepedia. with her role as the “Emperor’s hand” this fits perfectly.

        Mara Jade is a beloved character for over 20 years; from novels to comic books she has a loyal fan following. Just because she did not spring from the mind of G. Lucas doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be apart of the film universe. while “the powers that be” were dormant in the ST canon, many writers were inspired by the Star Wars universe to create the EU. Zahn is my favorite because of Mara Jade’s creation, because the Heir to the Empire Trilogy is SO well done. Thrawn is a great Villain and it’s a shame we couldn’t have had these films as the 1999 release from Lucas.

        If Mara Jade isn’t in the films as she was in the books, I will be sorely disappointed! from these rumors, it seems I should prepare for disappointment again.

    • The Thrawn trilogy were good books. I did like the Mara Jade character. However, for the movies, which should be considered true, concrete canon, I believe that a new story will be written and will borrow from the EU. However, following the EU is not a requirement. I

      On a side note, everyone seems to be dissing Disney. I’m sure they’re doing this for the money. However, if it weren’t for Disney, there would be no Episode 7 on it’s way. I applaud them for finally bring to the theatres what I’ve been waiting for since ’83. If it were still completely in Lucas’ hands, we’d be getting nothing but rehashed, EDITED versions of the movies we love.

    • I completely agree, @Rebel Scum. I’ve never really had a problem with the idea of Disney taking over rights to my favorite franchise of all time. It’s not like Mickey and Donald are going to be in it just because it’s Disney; they respect the fact that the worldwide fanbase takes Star Wars very seriously and will not stand by and watch the saga crash and burn. That, I believe, is why they handed the job over to Abrams. They know he’s going to give the fans and movie-goers as a whole what they want in a new Star Wars film.

    • I am inclined to think he is just a film purist trying to troll us.

    • Anonymous

      ^ which is still better than a trolling Star Wars fanatic.

    • Who’s trolling? My goodness. Some people just have different opinions and like to express those. If someone has a different point of view than you do that does not make them a troll. A troll is someone who pops in and says “F you Star Wars fans, you’re all nerds!”

  • This is precisely what I’ve been mentioning on passed threads, only to have so many butthurt fans accuse me of “bashing” the EU. If this is really how Rebels/EpVII is going to be laid out (using EU character concepts, but creating something new out of what already exists), I say that’s a great way to satisfy OT and EU fans alike. PT fans have gotten so much new material since the turn of the century and they can deal with broadening their horizons a bit. The purpose of a SEQUEL trilogy is to focus on what happens next. Yes, that does mean carrying classic OT characters over (at least for EpVII), but it also means seeing how the generation that comes after those characters will combat the new opposing forces and carry on the Star Wars legacy through another three movies. I’m not sure exactly what’s so bad about that; seeing as how they’re turning something that’s been loved by the world for decades into something fresh that we’ve never seen before, that will also be partially familiar to dedicated fans of the franchise while offering new surprises and twists to continue entertaining us. With that all being said, what reason do any of you have to say the ST will be shit, without sounding like a self-centered prick?

    • Anonymous

      Definitely. I don’t lile the idea of changing names though. Thats kind of stupid. Keep Jaina and Mara Jade and Ben at least. Dont mess with those 3.

    • Personally, I could care less about the changing of names, as long as the story doesn’t reflect the exact events in the Thrawn trilogy. Whether or not the names are changed, the movie will still kick ass if the plot is structured well.

    • DEKKA129

      I think the idea behind changing the names would be, as Viral Hide suggested, to not create expectations in the mind of EU fans that the ST stories are going to reflect EU events.

      IMHO, this isn’t a bad idea at all. We’ve already seen a lot of posts here from fans who insist that the ST must take the entire EU into account, including that whole “Chewbacca was crushed by a moon” scenario. In that sense, the EU could serve as a huge distraction from whatever the ST crew comes up with if the new characters are all named for their EU counterparts but the stories don’t follow EU events.

      Hell, the PT often made mincemeat out of established backstory elements from the OT films (changing Obi Wan’s mentor from Yoda to Qui Gon Jinn, Anakin having no actual relationship with Owen Lars, contentious or otherwise, etc.) and that was distracting enough. I can see the ST production team not wanting to go there at all with the EU.

      That’s assuming, of course, that there’s any substance to this rumor. But it does make a good bit of practical sense in terms of the freedom for Abrams and company to tell a fresh new story.

    • I agree that it’s a good idea to change the names. You cannot have an original story line if you just act out the EU. I know the EU has a lot of good stories and concepts, but in order to tell a new story, you will have to burn some bridges with the EU. This all just rumor, anyway. It could turn out that none of the EU is used. It could be that Luke never married and had kids. We don’t know. That is one of the cool and exciting things about the PT, unlike the ST.

    • I think you may have gotten those mixed up.
      “That is one of the cool and exciting things about the ST, unlike the PT.

    • Yep, ST and PT were switched. Thanks for catching my error!

    • No problem, and I agree with you 100%.

    • As someone who religiously read 100% of material released between ROTJ and NJO, and a most of the NJO, and liked most of that, I don’t want to see films of those. A film is a film first; Catching Fire shows that a film can be better than a book.

    • Anonymous

      Boy, DopeyJoe is really quick when it comes to making sure nothing good is said about the PT, even if the compliments were given by accident.

    • “Boy, DopeyJoe is really quick when it comes to making sure nothing good is said about the PT, even if the compliments were given by accident.”

      At least I’m adding more to the conversation than popping in to bash the opinions of others on a Star Wars fan blog…

  • Anonymous

    At this point I’m open to anything. I found out recently that the prequel fans are actually quite numerous. Apparently a lot of young kids watched those awful movies and now have nostalgia tied to them. Making them “classics” ugh. At least in their minds. So they can’t be completely ignored… if that’s the case I don’t even care what happens regarding EU.

    All I want is a decent storyline with real character motivations set in the SW universe. If that involves R2’s with rockets and renamed EU characters… FINE. Just make it awesome and not a bunch of nonsensical contradictory crap!

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping this rumor is true. Love the idea of getting rid of all the EU that came before and “starting fresh”. It was convoluted and for the most part inconsistent. Can’t wait for LFL to release the official canon! I do have reservations about this being true though based on the comment that Luke’s wife is a character that Lucas has had since ROTJ. I would much prefer that Luke never marry or have a love interest, and sticks to the Jedi code. Always hated the idea that he “settled down” and had a family. Not the Jedi way.

    • DEKKA129

      I think there’s a good argument to be made that the old Jedi way did not end up serving the order particularly well, and that Luke would be wise to not simply pick up where the old Jedi order left off.

      The Jedi order as it was in the Republic years developed some blind spots that ended up proving fatal to them. First, they were unable to spot a Sith Lord who was operating right under their noses. Now, personally I found this to be more a matter of bad writing on Lucas’ part than anything deliberate, but since it’s movie canon it’s certainly up for discussion in terms of how it would affect the post-Empire Jedi order.

      The Republic-era Jedi were part of a large, complex and ultimately corrupt bureaucracy where you had Jedi Masters isolated in a high tower “discussing matters in committee”. I think an argument can be made that the fact that they were somewhat detached and isolated from the world around them may have contributed to certain assumptions on their part that Palpatine exploited in order to hide in plain sight. It never occurred to the Jedi that the Sith threat might come from within the Senate, and even when they learned that the Senate may be under Sith control, they STILL didn’t take the “who benefits?” line of thought and consider that the Chancellor could be the problem.

      In other words, the Jedi order had become so institutionalized that they didn’t have the perspective to spot the source of the rot that they were all smelling.

      Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the old Jedi order never learned how to deal with basic human interpersonal relationships. In fact, they seemed to deliberately run away from the concept rather than learn how to incorporate their understanding of the Force into a deeper understanding of emotional connections. They took children from their families before they had had much chance to emotionally bond with their families, and then they spent the rest of their lives avoiding emotional connections with other beings as though it were a point of honor to do so.

      This had two effects that led directly to the order’s own destruction. First and most obviously, Anakin Skywalker never learned how to incorporate his feelings for his mother and for Padme into his deeper understanding of the Force because the Jedi Code forced him to hide those feelings. And ultimately, that’s what Palpatine used to turn him to the dark side.

      Along those same lines, though, the prohibition against Jedi marrying and having families of their own ensured that each Jedi’s family line died with him or her. This (if we’re going to go with Lucas’ rather cheap cop-out that Force sensitivity is purely genetic, based on “midichlorian” levels) resulted in there being far fewer Jedi in the galaxy than were needed to meet the threat of the Separatists, and it made it that much easier for Palpatine to eradicate them.

      That being said… why would Luke simply re-establish the old Jedi order with the same fatal flaws that doomed the original order? Seems more logical to me that he would bring a new perspective to the whole thing that took the failures of the past into account and tried to prevent them happening again. And that would certainly involve taking a more healthy, worldly approach to dealing with the issue of human emotional relationships than the old Jedi did.

      (Just my two cents…)

    • People DO NOT GET the jedi don’t marry thing. Two important points:

      1: Lucas wrote ‘jedi don’t marry’ because he was going through a divorce and disillusionment with romance.

      2: The theme of the prequels was corruption. Corrupt business, corrupt government, corrupt JEDI ORDER. Not marrying, and forcing people to hide love, was part of the problem that starting fresh should be free of.

    • Anonymous

      JEDI were like MONKS! A religious order of protector of the peace and justice all devoted to THE FORCE!
      Just immagine Ben Kenobi in his retirement on Tatooine with wife, sons, grand sons…

      And Luke the LAST of the Jedi, the one that still has to learn so much about the Force, that still has to defeat the rest of the Empire, that has to rebuilt a New Repubblic, rebuilt a New Jedi Order, find force-sensititve people around the galaxy… With a wife, a son, etc…
      This is ridiculous!
      This is SW or a soap opera?
      J.J., what are you doing to SW? Why are you changing the original story-line?
      I have bad feeling about all this.

  • Here’s something to think about: In both trilogies, a wise, older Jedi is killed. Will Luke be the next in line for the new movie? How would that make you feel? Luke is one of my favorite all-time characters and it would really be an emotional, heart-ripping out of my chest moments. Much more than Obi-wan and Qui-Gon just because we went through an entire trilogy with Luke before this one. It’s been said that the ST characters are handing it off to the new generation for the later two movies in the trilogy. It certainly looks like this is a real possibility. To be clear, I’m definately not pulling for it.

    • Seeing as how the OT is primarily based on Luke learning the truth about himself and his joruney to becoming a powerful Jedi knight, I can see the ST killing him off sooner or later, simply because it’d be an easy tear-jerker and he could still show up in the other films as a force ghost. I really wouldn’t have a problem with some of the OT characters being killed off, as long as it’s done in a way that fits well with the story and truly makes sense. If anyone’s going to die in the ST, I’m almost certain it’d be Han.

    • Anonymous

      As bad as it is to kill off one of the most beloved characters ever, I don’t think I would mind it if they killed him off. ONLY if he died in an extremely heroic way that doesn’t make him seem like a whiney little brat like he was in ANH. I hope he becomes the wise old figure we saw in Ben and Yoda in the OT but just like them he would have to be brave and go into his demise head first like ben did.

      That being said does anyone else notice how whiney the Skywalker men as teenagers are? I really hope Ben Skywalker or whatever they decide to name him doesn’t complain as much as Anakin and Luke did when they were teens

    • You probably get Harrison Ford’s vote for that.

    • Another storyline could possibly be Luke’s search for Jedi around the Galaxy. There were no other Jedi, as far as we know, at the end of ROTJ. Perhaps in his search he finds a Sith, instead? Just throwing out ideas, here. The search for Jedi would be a parallel to his father’s search for him in ESB.

    • Anonymous

      ehhh I can see where your going with the search for jedi thing @rebelscum but remember yoda said that after he died the last of the jedi you will be. so maybe he’s not looking for more jedi but training them when one of his pupils, lets just say Jacens counterpart, turns to the dark side? or maybe that will be the plot of Episode VIII?

    • It’d be a bit of a pointless search if Yoda was very clear that after he died, Luke would be the last of the Jedi. I like the idea of having him train Leia in the 30 years between ROTJ and EpVII and beginning to train the children during the later years of that gap. That way, the threat could present itself by Yoda vaguely speaking to Luke through the force, warning him of the danger at hand. The thought could fester in Luke’s mind, continuously troubling him for weeks, knowing there’s unrest in the galaxy and not being able to pin point where it is, when finally, the threat strikes brutally and Luke’s fears of underestimating his former masters warning will result in a brand new war ensuing.

    • Good thinking. Or how about Luke feels a disturbance in the Force or has a vision like he did in ESB. Luke has shown before to rush into things and goes looking what he felt or what was in the vision. I know he probably mastered not rushing into things before ROTJ but maybe he’s not got it completely out of his system. We all fall into old habits from time to time. So Luke rushes to find out what it is and is in trouble again (like in ESB) and Leia comes to bail him out, again. Just shooting off the hip for fun.

    • DEKKA129

      Remember, it’s also been 30 years since the fall of the Empire. I think it’s reasonable to assume that Luke’s person