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star wars

A photo with Mark Hamill from a few days ago. As you can see he’s not growing a beard as some rumors suggested and he seems to be in pretty good shape.


#benten with #MarkHamil we talked About Miley Cyrus and how he gets all of his pop-culture info from his daughter pic.twitter.com/79mW3RzKFU
— Alexander Polinsky (@AlexPolinsky) December 4, 2013

*(thanks to SHH forum member Octoberist for the image)


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  • Anonymous

    yes he looks in shape. But who are the 2 birds?

    • they are not Star Wars related.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah…but she is an actress…I don’t remember her name…

    • Ashley Johnson

  • Anonymous

    Looks like you beat Latin Review to it. A while ago thaty made a big deal about Hamill growing a beard and said that they would get a photo of him. They called it ‘Project Skywalker’. Just shows you they are full of BS.

    • Yep, you can see their quotes if you click the highlighted “rumors” word in the article. :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Man I wish they would just confirm the big 3 ! It will only take a matter of weeks to grow a beard & there not shooting till spring .

    • Anonymous

      well does mark hamill need to have a beard to be in the movie?

    • Anonymous

      he doesn´t need to, but i hope he has one, since he is having “an obi wan type role, passing on the torch” (Lucas own words) he will probably look more wise with a beard, but as long he is in good shape maybe it doesn´t matter

  • please please please Disney/Lucasfilm…will you just confirm already!!! getting tired of waiting.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god, you can’t see his build but it looks like he has definitely lost weight judging by his face and neck. Eeeee, I’m absolutely dying to see Mark and Carrie in episode 7. I could just about deal with the trauma of Harrison not being there, but I would have an emotional breakdown if Mark and Carrie weren’t envolved. But I’m 90% sure they are all involved and we are just waiting for the announcement. Well I hope that’s the case.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Alexander Polinsky – If you are going to hashtag Mark Hamill in a tweet, please spell his surname correctly! FAIL!

  • Compared to the picture from the Jay Leno show you keep posted to the right of the page, he does seem to have lost a bit of weight. I would say he’s down about 30 pounds. There is still a few months before the shoot starts so he has time to trim down some more if needed.

  • He’s looking like he’s in great shape! I feel we’ll be getting some amount of confirmation on the 18th of this month. At least, I REALLY hope so. We’re all getting tired of Disney prolonging the announcement we all already know they’re going to make.

    • I hope you’re right about the 18th but I’ve a feeling things will be quiet until the new year regarding official news. If we continue with the wednesday tease and go forward, 25th Dec is a wednesday and so is Jan 1st. Perhaps a big announcement to kick off 2014? I agree Mark Hamill looking fit and healthy.

    • He looks like he’s ready to film another masterpiece! But yes, I’d say the 18th, Christmas and New Years day all have the same likelihood of having some official news being announced. They’re all significant days of the year and all are also Wednesdays. I guess we;ll just have to wait and see, as we’ve done for the passed month or so :(

    • Anonymous

      Keep dreaming buddy.

  • Anonymous

    now we just need a picture of Carrie Fisher´s progress :)

  • Anonymous

    Mark hamil is joker!!!!

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