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Disney CFO Jay Rasulo Talks Star Wars.


Appearing at the 41st Annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo talked about Disney’s plans for the future…

From THR:
When asked about his appetite for acquisitions, he said:
“we don’t have anything on the scale of Marvel or Lucasfilm right now. I don’t feel there is anything we need, but you will continue to see us do acquisitions in the future.”

Discussing key growth drivers for Disney, he said he expected growth contributions from all units in the coming years. After the recent box office successes of Marvel, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars VII, set for a 2015 release, will be a key driver of Disney’s studio performance, Rasulo said. He also said there will be much more in terms of Star Wars consumer products on offer around that release. Overall, he said investors should expect Lucasfilm to follow the successful Marvel path now that it is part of Disney as the company would look to push its content across various Disney and other platforms just like in the case of the Marvel acquisition.


Rasulo also said Tuesday that the firm’s upcoming Shanghai Disneyland theme park could become the company’s second-largest behind Disneyworld. And he signaled that after its planned 2015 launch, the firm could invest in it further. The park is within three hours of 300 million-plus people.

More Star Wars rides are likely to come to the firm’s parks over time, he added as part of a broader theme parks discussion.


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  • Anonymous

    C’mon, I never wanted any Star Wars theme park. What’s the god damn point?

    • Are you joking? Do you have any idea how many people around the world would spend hundreds of dollars to go to a Star Wars theme park? Disney would be stupid not to make plans for this addition to their current parks and resorts.

  • If I had the money I would go

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been saying for years I’d go to a Star Wars theme park. Part of the reason I was stoked when I heard that Disney bought lucasfilm…

  • Anonymous

    Either a Star Wars themed area inside and existing park or an entire “World” of Star Wars. I’m there regardless!!!!

    • Evidently they’re implementing some Star Wars additions to Tomorrowland in California, but not for a few years. I’ve also seen some possible concept drawings for the Star Wars park that’s currently in development floating around the internet, but that could just be some jag pulling our legs.

  • Anonymous

    i want to see a Star Wars themed park where pornographic parodies of all the characters cum to life in full flesh tones…..an orgy of aliens at Jabba’s palace…Padme getting laid on the floor of the Jedi council room by a gang of horny knights…Artoo with dildo attachments being driven into a Grand Moff’s anal opening…..the choices and fantasies are endless

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone ever see that huge goiter that doubles as a second neck and protrudes from the collar of George Lucas’s plaid lumberjack shirt collection….I now see where the inspiration for the creation of Boss Nass came from

  • Anonymous

    George is trying to lose weight now….he’s on a diet of chick peas, lima beans, grits, collard greens, and corn bread…..he’s also doing some serious pumping into that hot meat he just said “I do” to…..dark meat and veggies….he has plenty to be thankful for, the horny bastard

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