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Star Wars: Episode 7 Open Auditions in Bristol.


As reported before open auditions are taking place in Bristol right now about two roles for the new Star Wars movie. According to Lucasfilm so far they had seen 1,000 people and given 75 of them callbacks, while 1,000 others were turned away…

As you already know the audition is for 2 roles. A girl called “Rachel” and a boy called “Thomas”.

“Rachel” is described as “street smart and strong” and “always a survivor, never a victim”; while “Thomas” has “grown up without a father’s influence” but is “smart, capable and shows courage when it is needed”.

The candidates must be good looking and athletic – over 16 for the female role or over 18 for the male role.


Here are some bits of info about the casting process. One of the contenders told news.sky.com:

The casting directors were really nice but did not ask her to recite any lines.

They basically told us where to go, we filled out some forms and sat in front of one person and they asked us a few questions.

They asked me if I had done any acting before … The other thing they wanted to know is what I do for a hobby and how I relax.

We were just engaged in a conversation. It was quite friendly and a nice atmosphere to be yourself.

Each person got about five minutes to talk.

Also some of those who were called back were also given a few script pages. Most likely a script not related to the Episode 7 story.

After Bristol, further open auditions are to take place in Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and London. 

Open auditions also begin this week in the US. Casting directors will be visiting cities including Nashville and Chicago as well as accepting online applications.

Here’s a video with the crowd waiting to be auditioned:

As J.J. Abrams said who by the way won’t attend the auditions:

It wouldn’t be Star Wars unless there were some fantastic actors who happened to be British.


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  • WackyBantha

    BREAKING NEWS: Bristol Palin has been cast in STAR WARS EPISODE VII!!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol oddly that’s the first thing I thought of.

  • Anonymous

    Only two comments? I think people are getting sick of all this news that carries no weight. Sure they’re casting…. but what characters are being casted for, who has roles so far, and a hundred other questions are yet to be answered.

    Maybe Disney should slap the Marvel label on this film. That way they would update fans every other day with official hot-off-the-press news.

    • Anonymous

      “Only two comments? I think people are getting sick of all this news that carries no weight.”
      No, It’s just we knew they were going to be casting, this is just confirming that it’s happened/happening, there’s not much tha tis open for discussion. I mean It’s hardly as big as the release date announced. Like most others, I’m not sick of news at all, I eagerly await it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I am not sick of news at all, but this isn’t news. This is something we knew was going to happen, and they still don’t tell us progress. As of now we don’t know a single character who’s going to be in VII.

    • Anonymous

      Of course they slap the Marvel label on it. Marvel published Star Wars comics for years!

  • Anonymous

    well 3 now….

  • WiLdCaRd

    WiLdCaRd presents………. The Pop Sick El

    A surfer named Dude was feeling on top of the world when he was on his wave. Little did he know that a Hawk was about to fly in front of him and take a deep shit. As the bird let it all go, he lost his balance and goy covered heavily. ” You son of a bitch !!!!! “, the surfer replied as he fell in the waters….. As the wave passed by, he rose back to the top. Breathing heavy and shaking, he saw the bird fly off. Then a shark came out the water and ( Radio Edit )……………signal lost…………

  • I am thankful for the individual(s) who maintain this site and keep us up to date. It saves many of us a good chunk of time and keeps us updated more quickly than we’d usually be. There have been a number of grumpy people over the last month or so…just keep in mind folks – you’re frustrated with Disney’s lack of updates, not the individual(s) behind this site who are doing all they can.

  • Anonymous

    OK, Admit it guys! Most of us fans wants to go to the open audition, but most of us also know we would not fit in & who wants to be responsible for ruining star wars???

    I would LOOOOVE to be in the movie, but i also know that i could possibly be the new “jar jar binks” if i were in it :D

    PS. does anyone know if they will let people from 501st Legion to be in the movie as stormtroopers? that would be a smart move from the producers, it would save them a lot of time & also make fans happy… :)

    • Anonymous

      We don’t even know if there will be stormtroopers in the movie. Isn’t that jumping the gun a bit.

    • Anonymous

      No….it’s already been said last year, when Disney purchased Lucasfilm & Star Wars and the announced that they were going to release Episode 7. “The Empire will still have a big presence” in the Star Wars universe…. And I believe it was Disney, but could be Lucasfilm who made the comment.

  • Anonymous

    There will be storm troopers.

  • Anonymous

    I thought there was going to be dark jedi army that would be next ? well thats what i heard…… i guess that will be added on with the other million rumors….. lol

  • Anonymous

    These are not the actors you are looking for…

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